gorgeous day in morro bay

Last weekend we spent the afternoon in Morro Bay. The weather was insanely pretty. My mom left yesterday, but we had her with us for a week. And it was wonderful!

Steve road his bike to Morro Bay and we met him at Taco Temple. Yum.

We walked the path to the rock and saw otters playing.

I love my boys.

The squirrels {chipmunks?} were extra friendly.

Steve went into a music shop and when David saw this piano painting, he really wanted it to make noise!

I hopped next door to the bead shop, looking for inspiration.

Then we got Thrifty ice cream and came home.

That night we had leftovers and played scrabble. Pretty much a perfect day!

Come back soon, grandma! We love you!

And now the weekend is here again. Thank goodness! What do you have planned?

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