taco temple, morro bay

my absolute favorite mexican food place around here is taco temple. somehow on friday i got to chose where we went out to eat. and of course, i chose taco temple.

it’s right off highway one in morro bay and it’s definitely a local fave.

super casual, kid-friendly, near the beach, mango salsa–what’s not to love?

and it was a gorgeous sunset too.

make sure to save room for their homemade dessert. heaven.

after dinner everyone was happy {i might be implying that some of us were a little grumpy before dinner!} so i snapped a few pics of the four of us. i love these silly pics and how they show each personality. so thankful for crazy, little family!

what’s your favorite hangout spot?


  1. The local hangout spot for us in Indialantic ,FL is
    LongDoggers….(Radically Relaxed Grill & Brew).
    It’s right across the street from the beach, kid-friendly, reasonably priced…and we ALWAYS see people we know when we go. *We always bring people there when they visit too. It’s just fun.

  2. You have one of the most beautiful families I have ever seen! Your Spirits light up every picture, and I always look forward to your next post!
    xoxo, ashley

  3. Okay, we have a house in Morro Bay and have never eaten at Taco Temple. Although we go to Spencers for groceries when we are there. I guess we will have to try it next time. Thanks for giving us a new place to try.

  4. I’m loving these new things! I’d love to win the banner with “happy” in it. No wedding now, but definitely something I’d like for the future!! beautiful work.

  5. so it’s 8 in the morning and my mouth is watering for salsa. is that weird? love the photos, but even more i LOVE your family and the love you have for one another. it’s a beautiful thing.

  6. Love the family pictures and I think all four of you look alike! How cool! We were often told that as a family too. Always enjoy stopping by!

  7. Looks like a fun place! We don’t really have a hangout like that, but there’s a restaurant called Bombay Bistro that my husband and I love. The kids would probably vote for the water ice stand that is outside a nearby supermarket during the warm months.

  8. OMG Taco Temple is my most favorite place too. And the bread pudding I cannot leave without having it no matter how full I am. And I love the lemonaide. Now I am so hungry.

  9. Lisa,
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  10. We have a local pizza place that has the BEST wood fire oven pizzas and flatbreads. It’s my son’s favorite because you get to make your own pizza and then watch them cook it. In the summer they roll up their garage doors for indoor/outdoor dining. Love it … it makes us all happy!!

  11. I LOVE the photo . . and I LOVE TACO TEMPLE!! When I’m visiting the CC, I always make a stop there for all the reasons you listed. The food is totally good. My fav’s are the guacamole salad (I think it’s called??) and the black bean taquitos. And the carrot cake is out of this world!! Hmmm . . here in So. Cal . . . I can’t think of a local fav . . .my son would say In-in-Out!! Have a great week 🙂

  12. Fresh mango salsa sounds exotic and divine! We have a favorite little Mexican place here, too, The Taco House, and you can buy fresh grilled corn on the cob in the summer- yum!

  13. cute lisa.

    our favorite hang out is the local mexican restaurant, el cid. it’s a “sometimes you wanna go where everybody knows your name… and they’re always glad you came” kind of place.

    however, i wanted you to know about our new favorite place in fresno (you HAVE to take the kids there next time you are visiting family), Batter Up. It’s a brunch place and has you written all over it- apple crisp pancakes, oreo cookie pancakes, m&m pancakes… DELICIOUS! and cuuuuute atmosphere. i’ll be blogging about it soon and will definitely send you a link.

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