Hello friends! Today I’m sharing pics of Enjoy Cupcakes. They are a local business {located right near Solvang} and oh my gosh! They are amazing. Their cupcake shop is a wine and cupcake tasting room. And they recommend pairings. So fun, right?! Check out their gorgeous blog here. And if you’re anywhere between Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo, I highly recommend stopping in for a sweet treat!

How about some hellos?

Hello inspiration. We’ve been doing some MAJOR planning for 2013 and I am very VERY excited.

Hello charm bracelet. Have you seen January’s new charm? It’s simply adorable.

Hello trailer. We just made a camping reservation for July. Now I need to find a trailer for us to use!

Hello UCLA. David is visiting his pulmonologist today. {We love Dr. Woo!}

Hello sugar. December brought lots of sweet and I didn’t hold back. It’s time to munch on carrots instead of candy.

Hello books. I’m just about to start reading this autobiography. What are you reading?

Hello cleaning. Hello organizing. I can’t keep up–but I’m trying!

Hello typewriter. Matthias got an early birthday gift–a vintage electric typewriter. He is LOVING it.

Hello rascal. David has been energetic. Like crazy energetic. It’s funny and it’s also messy. That kid is like a hurricane moving through the house.

Hello party planning. I have a certain 8 year old who is getting very very close to being nine. Wow.

Hello Monday! It’s a back-to-school-back-to-the-workshop-vacation-is-over-brand-new-week. Are you ready? Let’s GO!