hello monday {enjoy cupcakes}

Hello friends! Today I’m sharing pics of Enjoy Cupcakes. They are a local business {located right near Solvang} and oh my gosh! They are amazing. Their cupcake shop is a wine and cupcake tasting room. And they recommend pairings. So fun, right?! Check out their gorgeous blog here. And if you’re anywhere between Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo, I highly recommend stopping in for a sweet treat!

How about some hellos?

Hello inspiration. We’ve been doing some MAJOR planning for 2013 and I am very VERY excited.

Hello charm bracelet. Have you seen January’s new charm? It’s simply adorable.

Hello trailer. We just made a camping reservation for July. Now I need to find a trailer for us to use!

Hello UCLA. David is visiting his pulmonologist today. {We love Dr. Woo!}

Hello sugar. December brought lots of sweet and I didn’t hold back. It’s time to munch on carrots instead of candy.

Hello books. I’m just about to start reading this autobiography. What are you reading?

Hello cleaning. Hello organizing. I can’t keep up–but I’m trying!

Hello typewriter. Matthias got an early birthday gift–a vintage electric typewriter. He is LOVING it.

Hello rascal. David has been energetic. Like crazy energetic. It’s funny and it’s also messy. That kid is like a hurricane moving through the house.

Hello party planning. I have a certain 8 year old who is getting very very close to being nine. Wow.

Hello Monday! It’s a back-to-school-back-to-the-workshop-vacation-is-over-brand-new-week. Are you ready? Let’s GO!


  1. That looks like such a good book! I have finally started The Night Circus and am hooked after four pages. Giving up on some magazines is bringing me back to books, which is just what I had hoped for.

    Love that camper! If I won the lotto, a cute, vintage trailer would be my first purchase. Maybe even before paying off the house and finishing saving for my girls’ college!

    So glad David’s appt. was fabulous!!!

    Hello, Monday! Hello, rain. Hello to a nice solo breakfast out! Hello to new wood floors in our master bedroom, courtesy of my ever-more-handy hubster. Hello to lots of play dates and work meetings and grading and…dare I say? Hot buttered rum from scratch?

    1. That would be one of my first purchases too if I won the lottery, it was SO cute! Have a great week Kelli, always enjoy your ‘hello’s’. 🙂

  2. Hello Lisa!
    hope you are enjoying Lauren Scruggs book.
    I just starting reading my husband’s new book, ‘Parables & Parallels.’ It uses parables and stories to show how the Christian faith matters in our world today.
    super excited and proud of him.
    happy monday!

  3. love the amazing trailer! are you looking for something like that? are you going to rent or buy? we love camping too! it’s the best of times (even in diluges and downpours that last for hours)

  4. Busy week you’re going to have! I love all of your pictures, so much fun. My new week (it’s linked up there) is mostly going to revolve around my new business, which I adore. 😀 Happy week everyone!

  5. Getting ready to write my hello Monday post. But I just started a new book called How Lucky You Are. I think I’m going to love it. It was recommended by Working Mother Magazine. Happy Reading. Happy Monday!

  6. We have a beautiful little trailer that is brand new and has been only used one time for sale. We took it to Morro State Park. Perfect for a family of four.

  7. Mmmm…that cupcake shop looks absolutely delightful. My hubby goes nutty over cupcakes. He would love that place.

    I’m saying hello to this Monday right along with you. Linked my blog, The Domestic Fringe. Thanks for hosting and letting us join you on Mondays.


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