We had another wonderful day in Thailand. Here are a few snippets from our day.
Bougainvillea grows wild everywhere. So pretty.

We visited the Buddhist temple in Khon Kaen and there were so many beautiful things to see–and so much culture represented here.

Hand-painted signs with a sense of humor and statues as big as a house.

This fountain was also at the Buddhist temple. Gorgeous. Everything is so colorful and detailed.

Our friends have been showing us around and introducing us to all kinds of new things.

The night market was fascinating. So many beautiful handmade things and new sites to take in!

I didn’t try the salted fish with lemongrass but I hear it’s delicious.

I love these lanterns glowing in the nighttime sky.

This is by far the farthest I have traveled. We have one more day here and then we make the long 30 hour journey home to see my sweet boys. I can’t wait to hold them. Where is the furthest place you have ever traveled?