Steve and I are in Thailand visitng some of our dear friends! This Monday, I woke on the other side of the world. Here’s what is around me.Hello 30 hours of travel. Wow–about hour 28 I began to wonder why we had planned this trip. But after a yummy dinner and a good night’s sleep, I remembered why!

Hello Starbucks in Hong Kong. You were a very welcome treat!

Hello white, fluffy clouds above China.

Hello grilled chicken stand by the side of the road. Kind like El Pollo Loco but Thai-style. {And twice as yummy!}

Hello seeing some of our oldest friends, and feeling like not a day has passed.

Hello tour of the neighborhood with three curly headed girls who are willing to dish all the details on each house, neighbor, swimming pool and dog.

Hello pink flowers.

Hello Eva with a bowl of soup as big as her head. And plenty of personality to go with that spunky face. Love.

Hello orchids growing everywhere.

Hello handmade market.

Hello sticky rice with coconut milk.

Hello long talks with dear friends.

Hello laughing and crying and sharing from the heart.

Hello Monday–this week is going to be an adventure! What are you saying hello to on this shiny, new Monday? Leave a comment or better yet, link up your own hello monday post in the comments!

{More pics from Thailand coming soon!}