WIWW {break the rules}

Hello friends! It’s Wednesday and I’m linking up with Lindsey at the Pleated Poppy for some fashion inspiration. When you read this, I’ll be on a plane back to the states. It’s been about 90* in Thailand–so looking at this outfit makes me break out in a sweat! But it should be nice and chilly when we get home {and it’s probably cold where you are!}
I remember reading in a magazine a loooong time ago, that your hose or socks should always be lighter than your shoes. But rules are made to be broken right?! So I felt free to layer dark gray tights with my light camel colored boots.

Dress and tights, both Target. Denim Jacket, Old Navy {gift from a friend}. Scarf, Anthropologie. Boots, Fossil {gift from my husband}. Bracelet, my shop.

Other fashion rules I love to break…1. Don’t mix gold and silver metals. 2. Only wear white after labor day {isn’t white a pretty color for winter?} and 3. Save a pretty dress for a special occasion. I say wear your pretty dress with jeans and a cardigan–and have fun, any time!

Any fashion rules you love to break? Please share!


  1. Okay first off I have been to 2 Target stores trying to find that spectacular dress!! I am so in love with it! Where I live the closest Target is 1.5 hrs away but I traveled all over trying to find that dress!! So if you want to sell =) Fashoin rules are ment to be broken! I wear gold AND silver I wear white and I wear all my summer dresses in the winter with a cardi or jean jacket and boots!! LOVE your look! Always inspires me!

  2. Winter white is my favorite rule to break. But “no white shoes/sandles before Memorial Day” is a rule I always follow 🙂

  3. This whole new thing of mixing brown and black is killing me! I embraced it a few weeks ago on a Saturday and felt self-conscious all day long.

    I love it on others but feel funny on me.

    I’m pretty much a fashion rule follower BUT WIWW posts have forced me to branch out some.

  4. I break the rules a lot with my leopard print ballet flats – I don’t know how to wear them beyond dressing in all black from head to toe – I look like I should be reciting poetry at some night club some where with a beret on my head. Any suggestions on what you wear these shoes with would be much appreciated:-)

    1. The other day I wore a striped grey&white top with a brown skirt & grey sweater – put on a leopard skinny belt around the cardigan & it was adorable 🙂 I’ve also seen red dress worn with leopard ballet flats – cute, cute!! Lots of options – just be creative – and willing!

  5. Love the dress….my daughter just purchased this dress and has been wearing it everytime I see her, with grey books and black tights and a black sweater….by the way I am going to order the LOVE cake topper for her wedding cake…she loved it and put it on pinterest….I hope you have lots of these cake toppers made!!

  6. I’ve also heard your shoes should never be lighter than your hem! Love the light boots with that dark outfit. I break the rules all the time too.

    Wishing you a safe trip home!

  7. I don’t feel compelled to match my purse to my shoes. I will wear grey boots with a silver or black bag, or black shoes with a red or purple bag. I do match my bag to the overall feel and color scheme of my outfit. With Miche bags that’s super easy to do. I love my Miche!!

  8. Absolutely adorable!!! Who cares about the fashion “rules” ?! 🙂 Glad you’ve had a wonderful trip!!! Safe travels home!

  9. I love reading about your breaking these fashion rules!!
    Rules are meant to be broken.
    I remember something about blue and green not being worn together, but I do that often.
    I also wear gold and silver together- why not?!

  10. I totally agree… fashion rules are meant to be broken! You look beautiful! Love the boots and tights… I’ve recently added boot socks to my boots and they are often darker than the boots. 🙂 Looking forward to reading more about your trip… God Bless in your travels…..

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