my heart can move mountains


My heart is the truest part of me.

My heart resides in the center of my being

and extends into every part of who I am.

Through my eyes my heart can see the beauty surrounding me.

Through my ears my heart can hear whispers of truth.

Through my mouth my heart can speak words of love.

Through my shoulders my heart can carry unwavering hope.

Through my arms my heart can embrace indescribable peace.


Through my hands my heart can hold limitless amounts of joy.

Through my feet my heart can journey into the beautiful unknown.

My body is an extension of my heart.

With this body my heart can move mountains.


  1. I purchased two bracelets for my daughters with their childrens names on them. I never received an email regarding the purchase and I did received the items before Xmas, BUT they made a misspelling on one of the bracelet and they are not the easiest business to contact.

  2. Where as I understand the high demand of your products, I am dismayed at the customer service and lack of anticipation on your company’s part of people ordering your merchandise. I would prefer to have my wife open her gift not to find a card that says “your gift is on the way”. The fact that I can’t find an order status, and the fact that your team will not take phone calls is really troubling. Please don’t spread hope and joy when you know that you can’t meet demand for the holidays.

  3. I ordered your personalized stacking rings on 15th of November and I have not received them. Please let me know how long shipping usually takes. Wondering if they are lost somewhere? ?Thanks

  4. Your sentiments are lovely. However, I have been waiting for my order since November 15, when your customer service said it was in production. I see no record of it on my accounts page and I cannot get anyone to respond to my calls or emails. HELP!!! It’s a Christmas gift that is going overseas.
    Thank you…

  5. I ordered (or thought I did!) a sunburst ring and a thin bracelet with five names on it several weeks ago. When I didn’t receive them in a timely manner, I inquired and was messaged that they were nearly ready to send. I had tried to reorder, but was told that I had indeed ordered the two items and should expect them in the near future. I checked on the website today and it says I’ve never ordered anything. I would really like this jewelry, but I’m giving up on Lisa Leonard unless I get some promising information. Help, please!!

  6. Lisa, I feel like you express what so many of us feel deeply. I love your work… I think this heart as Drawn with your words would make an amazing piece of statement jewelry (hint hint, wink wink)

  7. Lisa, do you mind if I share your poem with my friends? I live in Sevier County, Tennessee, and the devestating fire last week has left us very, very, sad. I have friends that have lost everything. My granddaughter (she’s 12), lost a friend. I think your poem would be like a candle in the darkness. Thanks so much, Kathleen Cole

  8. Losing a child recently to tragedy I am learning that a mountain can represent all forms of challenges, including healing profound grief. There is a saying that a broken heart is also an open heart. Standing in this pain requires a warriors spirit to carry on with more love for the world, more passionate purpose, and more understanding that time is precious. My heart can endure more because of what’s been lost. I want to shout out to be present in the mundane everyday tasks of life. Embrace your relationships and do this always with an open heart.

    1. I am so very sorry for your loss. I am also the mother who has ‘lost’ a child.
      I am ([email protected])
      If you can have a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, or what ever it is you celebrate.
      Charlotte Rushing Roberts

  9. I love your heart! It makes me know how much my own heart feels the love in my life. The spirituality of your jewelry relates to my life so deeply. Each piece that makes me feel something I have to get. I get so many compliments on the jewelry. When I tell them how special it makes me feel, some have left with tears of joy in there eyes and tell me how lucky I am. YOU ARE A VERY SPECIAL PERSON AND HAVE A WONDERFUL FAMILY. I love reading your blog.

  10. Love it… Wise words I needed to hear or read…. Now I need the perfect handmade piece to accompany this….

  11. I hope you can help me. I ordered stacking rings for my daughterinlaw for Christmas….a few days too late for black friday sale and too early for your 25% off sale.? Is there any way I can cancel the order and re-order today so I can get the sale?? I wanted to order a third ring for her, but sine they were not on sale, I only got 2. Let me know if u can help….I so wish I had waited to order. I was waiting for my son to get her ring size?
    Gail Butts

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