hello christmas time

These pups are eager to please. I can’t believe how still they sit for photos! We have our house decorated {mostly} for Christmas. I love twinkly lights. So fun! It’s Monday–how about some hellos for a new week?

hello-christmas-time-lisa-leonard-01 Hello Louis and Beasley. We love you!

hello-christmas-time-lisa-leonard-02 Hello getting the house ready for the holidays but finding it impossible to keep clean! Oh well.

hello-christmas-time-lisa-leonard-03Hello head tilt. Such a heart melter.

Hello moving through our Christmas movie list. Two of our favorites are Polar Express and Elf. How about you?

Hello making a gingerbread house this week. It’s a tradition.

Hello busy busy in the shop. We have a sale going AND you can still get it in time for Christmas!

Hello reading this book. It’s by the ladies who started Juicy Couture.

Hello loving this sweater. Isn’t it adorable? I love love the zippered back.

Hello teenage boys. I can’t believe how much my boys are eating. It’s insane! They’re both having a growth spurt.

Hello thinking about starting the show This Is Us. Do you watch it?

Hello meetings this week. Lots of planning to do!

Hello wrapping up my Christmas shopping. I think I’m almost done!

Hello to you! It’s a brand new week with beauty to be found. What are you saying hello to this week?



  1. Hi Lisa! I am saying hello to a snow day! And hello to finally feeling peace with all the ways my family has changed over the last few months. Matt has the girls this week, and I enjoyed watching the snow fall last night past the lights of my tree and out the window, all while I read a book. I’m trying to notice the moments I miss them when we aren’t together, but to then notice the moments I have to myself and see the beauty and opportunity for quiet reflection and soul care. And so this morning I have been catching up with your blog and listening to A Very She & Him Christmas and looking at the snow. So…hello, dear friend! I’m back ;). And that feels good. xoxoxox

  2. Lisa, I got the email about delays in the deliveries of orders and at first I was sad, but then I realized, this is my sister, this is a woman working just as hard as I am, this is someone who created something that captured my heart. And I was not sad anymore, these are first world problems having to wait for your jewelry to arrive! I will share the picture with my four children when we get to reunite for Christmas, and I will encourage them all to keep on loving and doing what they love and that one day, they too may have to graciously tell someone that they need time and understanding because they have so much wonderful work! Blessing and puppy head tilts for all!

  3. Hi Lisa,
    I am very excited that you have sent out the 25% off and expedited shipping offer. However, It seems like I placed my order one day to soon! I ordered 2 gold stacking rings on Saturday (at full price) and had them shipped 1-2 weeks (expedited) and then on Sunday I received the coupon. I am wondering if I can get this offer applied to my order?
    Please let me know.
    Thanks in advance,
    Christian Anguish

  4. Hi Lisa! Merry and beautiful Christmas to you! Your pups are adorable! And great job on getting some festive decor up and about! I relate, most of our Christmas cheer is up but our house is a mess! Oh well..a perfect house isn’t what this season is about anyway!? To answer your question, yes, I have watched every episode of This is Us! It is a delight from start to finish! Full of heart and real vulnerability….can’t recommend enough! In this season of mine I find myself spending many more days on the couch as I am fighting breast cancer, so a refreshing, well written and acted story about messy family every Tuesday evening is a delight!
    Thank you for your beautiful blog and story! God is using your gifts and talents in mighty ways! Blessings!

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