It was beautiful

When I was nine years old my mom took me shopping for new shoes. Mine were worn out and too small and it was time for a new pair. As we entered our local Payless shoe store, I spotted a pair of emerald green flats and fell in love. These shoes were going to change my life.
“Please mom?” I asked.
“They’re not very practical.” She answered. “Do you promise you’ll wear them?”
“I promise.” I said
We drove home and I skipped into the house thrilled with my new green shoes. I could hardly believe I owned something so beautiful. They were mine, all mine.
I wore them even though they gave me blisters. I wore them when the color scuffed off around the toes. Eventually they wore out completely.  No matter how tightly I tried to hold on, their beauty faded.
I felt a little sad when we cleaned out my closet and bagged them up along with other too small or not needed items. But soon something else caught my eye.
A couple weeks later, my friend Marie invited me to her house to play.  When she opened her bedroom door I saw a four poster bed with a white ruffle canopy. I had never seen anything so fancy.  It was so beautiful I could hardly stand it.
It is the first time I remember feeling jealous.
I wanted that bed to be mine. But I matter how much I begged and pleaded, I knew my parents would never buy my a four poster bed with a ruffle canopy.
The green shoes wouldn’t be the last time I would try to own beauty and hold it tightly.
Marie’s four poster bed with a ruffle canopy wouldn’t be the last time a would feel jealousy and longing.
As I became an adult I still craved beauty. When Steve and I were engaged I was sure i could find something–incredible wedding photos or the perfect couch or the right lipstick–to satisfy my craving. For a short time I would enjoy these things but their beauty faded. Nothing seemed to keep that jealous ache away for long.
When I was 38 weeks pregnant, we learned something was wrong with our baby. I was quickly admitted to the hospital and two days later, Steve and I held our first son, David.  He was 4 lbs, 2 oz and had only had two fingers on his left hand. We were told he had a rare genetic disorder called Cornelia de Lange Syndrome This wasn’t the baby I dreamed about. The beautiful life I had planned was slipping through my fingers. I imagined years filled with doctor visits and wheelchairs and feeding tubes. We loved David dearly, but in those first days, I couldn’t imagine beauty as part of our story. The pain of losing the baby we expected combined with navigating David’s physical needs was almost unbearable.
I was fully aware for the first time in my life that I was not in control. I began to understand I had never been in control.
I worried a lot less about finding the right lipstick and spent that energy taking care of our new baby.
I wasn’t as concerned about having the perfect home. Instead I focused on rare quiet moments with my husband while our baby was sleeping.
When David was ten weeks old he smiled for the first time. His smile was like glue healing the cracks in my broken heart.
It was beautiful.
When he was three months old he laughed for the first time. It was a rolling giggle and it was the most incredible sound we had ever heard. Steve and I looked at each other with unbridled joy.
It was beautiful.
When David was eighteen months old, his brother Matthias was born. We were relieved to meet our healthy, happy baby. Matthias balanced out our family. He was exactly what we needed.
Steve and I had two boys.
They were beautiful.
We bought our first house and filled it with thrifted furniture we sanded and painted.
It was beautiful.
Money was tight those first years. We paid our bills every month but had little left over for fun.
Sometimes we would splurge and go to Dairy Queen for chili cheese dogs. I treasure those memories with the four of us sitting in the booth at DQ.
It was beautiful.
During a particularly difficult financial time, someone from our church slipped $500 into Steve’s briefcase. We were in shock. To this day we have no idea who gave us that money.
It was one of the most humbling gifts we ever received.
It was beautiful.
Last week I stood on the beach staring at the glittering ocean waves. I let the salty ocean air fill my lungs. My heart was happy.
It was beautiful.
There is beauty in a hot cup of coffee.
There is beauty in sitting with a friend and sharing our hearts.
There is beauty in sunlight coming through the window.
There is beauty in slowing down to rest.
There is beauty in an impromptu dinner with friends.
There is beauty when my arms are tired from holding my boys.
There is beauty in the emptiness of loss, because loss means I have loved.
There is beauty in the dark places–where we least expect to find it. I have found on the hardest days, beauty shows up in real and miraculous ways.
The tighter I try to hold onto beauty, the more it slips through my fingers.
When I look to my outward beauty, my home and material things to fill me I become frustrated.
Beauty cannot be owned or possessed.
Beauty comes to me when I open my eyes and open my heart.
Beauty comes to me when I stop trying to control things and let them be what they are–messy and amazing.
There is nothing wrong with green shoes or four poster beds with a ruffle canopy. There is nothing wrong with a new couch or the perfect shade of lipstick. These things are beautiful gifts–ours to enjoy for a while. But the little things; a smile, a tiny giggle, an anonymous gift, a small hand in mine, the ocean waves, the sun warming my shoulders, these are the most beautiful gifts of all.
I want to hold beauty with open hands. I want to remind myself although I cannot own it, there is no shortage of beauty. It’s impossible to run out of beauty because the God of the Universe has filled his creation with beautiful things. He gives us gifts to enjoy, to soak up and to share with others. There is an endless supply of beauty around me. My arms and my heart are full.
In fact, this very moment, right now, is beautiful.


  1. I have tears in my eyes. I always say its all about the cinnamon. It’s all about the small stuff, which is the big stuff. All those gifts you might miss if you don’t open your heart to God.

  2. Lisa, by your honesty and beautiful sharing I have been blessed. Thank you so very much. I wish God’s continued blessings be poured out on you and your wonderful family. And I thank God for you.

  3. Lisa, Thanks for sharing your story. While our story was similar to yours, unfortunately our first little boy was born in January and died in December. Life is short and beautiful. You made me three rings awhile back…one for Rhett, the first child who passed away and the other two for Taylor and Smith, I enjoy wearing them so much as I always feel like he is still with us.

  4. What a beautifully uplifting story about your son, David. Our Lord knows what He is doing when he sends these special gifts to us. We find the beauty and grace in life we would have otherwise missed. You are a brave soul. God chose you for very significant reasons to be blessed with David. Thank you for sharing your heart and not sugar-coating it. My first of four sons was born with a facial deformity, also, and it wasn’t not easy helping him through all of life’s heartaches due to it. But we are stronger because of it. May God continue to bless your beautiful family.
    ~ Marie, who grew up with a four-poster bed with a ruffled canopy.

  5. My maiden name was Lisa Leonard. I walked into a store in Franklin TN and was taken that my name was a jewelry line. Of course I had to buy a piece.

    My life too has been challenged by my own dreams shattered but from the ashes God has a new path for my life. It is no surprise I love your name but your writing is amazing. I encourage you to keep writing it will impact those who need their own heart redesigned too.

  6. Thank you Lisa for your beautifully articulated and insightful story. From all of the comments following, it obviously touched many lives in a very positive way. Please see my wife’s, Kathy’s, comments and story as to how it was so meaningful to us.
    Thank you for sharing that story with us!

    1. Lisa,
      Thank you for sharing your thoughts of love! All our desires and dreams are put aside when we have a family ♥️ For me I was in awe the day I became a mother! There was nothing like it… I’ve created two masterpieces, my heart is full! Thanks be to God for such blessings bestowed upon me!
      Blessings to you sweet lady.
      ♥️ Cheryl

  7. Your inspiring story, told so beautifully, reminds me of an event, an experience and an adventure in learning the truth which your story illustrates so beautifully. On January 24, 1991, my treasured 19 year old son shot himself. My husband and I were shocked and disabled by the confusion and pain our son must have been suffering as well as the bottomless hole his unexpected loss left in our lives. The questions of “Where had he gone?” and “Was he all right?” tortured me. I asked him, “Robbie, if you are all right, please let one funny thing and one beautiful thing come into my life everyday”. I asked these things of him through God who was my only comfort. Immediately, a trickle, then a stream and finally a river of the most bizarrely funny and breathtakingly beautiful experiences flooded our lives. I knew then that our beautiful child was in the loving arms of his Father, his Creator and his Savior; that Robbie was safe, that he was home. Healing has come although sometimes, still, the scars of his loss hurt when they are stretched unexpectedly, There is beauty all around us and laughter to be freely given and received. Pope Francis tells us to expect God to send us little surprises everyday. Love to you and your family.

    1. So glad that you were able to receive the messages from your son!Thank you for sharing this BEAUTIFUL message God Bless your family! Lee

  8. 29 years ago next month we lost our beautiful and perfect son, Jeffrey, to brain cancer. He was just three days shy of his 8th birthday. And while his diagnosis and passing was devastating, he taught us so many lessons that have allowed us to live a fuller, more fulfilling life. But first I had to not only deal with the death of my oldest child but get over the death of the dream, the dream of what my life was supposed to look like. Not unlike your search for beauty, it wasn’t an easy task. Thank you for your thoughtful and thought-provoking insights on just how beautiful this world really is when you look close enough.

    1. Beautiful story Terri , I have faced a lot of grief it’s not easy honey ! If we can use it to help others as you and Lisa have it’s a tiny blessing ! Much love from Sharon down under !

  9. Dear Lisa, Thank you, oh so much, for sharing the story of how you came to realize the beauty of God’s universe and also, the beauty of the gift you were given—-your cherished son. I too, was given the gift of a son, born with Down Syndrome and challenging special needs, on August 28, 1983. We grew in faith and unconditional love during the years that Phillip Michael was withh us. We gave him back to our precious Lord on May 29, 2015—just shy 3 months of turning 32 years. We still , of course , miss Phillip so very much but know exactly where he is and that he has ‘new life’ with Jesus and is enjoying his heavenly home with his grandfathers!!!!! Oh what joy awaits all of us when we see our Lord face to face . Until that time, I am also looking and experiencing God’s beauty and amazing ‘peace and joy’ as He directs my life daily . He is teaching me to move ahead and start life again —–Beauty from sorrow. God bless you and your family.

  10. When you learn your baby will have special needs your heart breaks and you wonder why you won’t get to have the perfect life you had envisioned. Then, after a bit, you realize that that perfect life was a selfish and ridiculous thing to expect. Then, you learn to find and appreciate the beauty. That is when the joy and gratefulness arrive. For my child, I would love for their special needs to be gone, so they could have a “normal” childhood. But, for me, I am grateful for those special needs, as I know I have a richer, fuller life because of them.

  11. This is truth. Beautiful, wondrous truth. My husband and I also have a child with multiple illnesses, and the littlest of milestones are the most beautiful and wonderful moments on Earth. No “thing” can compare.

  12. Thank you for your beautiful story. This has really made me think about my own life and seeing the beauty instead of what I don’t have. God bless you and your family. ❤️

  13. Thank you for sharing your story, Lisa. My tears flow freely as I too have experienced similar life events. As a young girl, I envied my classmates who had brand new Keds. Of course, I too wanted those Keds but had WT Grant sneakers instead. I always thought to myself how happy they were and how their lives were “perfect”. One classmate came over one day and said you live here? From that point forward I had very few friends over. I decided that I wasn’t going to let people judge me by my clothes or where I lived. I smiled, I laughed, and enjoyed even the smalllest of things. A beautiful sunset, a walk on the beach, and an appreciated all that my parents did for me.

    As years past, I married and had 3 beautiful children. When giving birth to my third child, I envisioned that things would go as smoothly as my prior births.

    I was mistaken and after losing 57 units of blood and having died on the operating table, I remained in the hospital for almost a month. I had 4 year old and a 2 and 1/2 year old at home. How was I to cope? How was I to manage?

    Once out of intensive care, I was given the news. It was Easter Sunday and my husband and other children were at my sisters trying to celebrate this wonderful religious holiday as best they could.

    It was that Easter Sunday that my doctors came into my hospital room to give me the news that my beautiful baby girl was born with Down Syndrome. I couldn’t understand all that had happened to me and could I have the strength to go on?

    My Heather is now 31 years old. She lives home with me and is truly my angel here on Earth. She amazes me every day with her achievements. It is I who am blessed. She has won the Eunice Kennedy Shriver Award for all her hard work in Special Olympics. The love she has to give to all she meets brings joy and happiness to people who may need a hug or may need to find the beauty which surrounds us every day.

    Life is too short. Say I love you, smile at strangers and be kind❤️

    1. Having a cousin and neighbor with Down Syndrome, I can tell you that they are the happiest most loving beings on this earth! I always say that they are God’s perfect people and the rest of us are the imperfect ones! Hugs to you! ?

      1. Love this. The rest of us are messed up. Only gods greatest get to have plug in disease or disability here… O ly God’s best get to care for them. While that phrase is meant to lift and complimentary. It is not meant to be taken fighting brain tumors and seizure s. So staying positive helps me get through with the love and prayers of everyone around me.ministering. blessings

  14. My husband is an Agent Orange vet. He has colon cancer and dementia. I am his wife, his life and his caregiver. He asked me a year or so ago what did I want for Christmas. I showed him a picture of your ring with the star and diamond in the center. He said I would love for you to have that. I ordered it. I love it. I think I wrote all of this before…but after reading this again….I needed to write this again. I have lived your life. You so inspire me. Thank you, Lisa. You made me cry…in a good way for me. God Bless you and your beauty family.

  15. Thanks for this story. Lisa! It was something I really needed to hear this morning and a great reminder to find beauty in all of the things around me instead of always wanting more and thinking of the things I don’t have! THANK YOU!!!

  16. I’m the mother of 3 grown sons, 2 living, one with his Heavenly Father. That is one of the most beautiful collection of words I’ve ever read. Feels like they came from Gods mind through your fingertips! Thank you so much for sharing. My life has been filled with pain & heartbreak but also incredible love and beauty. I am grateful for both.

    1. I agree with Sue. What beautiful words. God knew I needed to read those this morning.
      I too have pain and a broken heart. I lost my only son in a tragic accident. But I am so grateful for the 29 years that I had him. I also have an adorable granddaughter to love. She is so much like her daddy. My little piece of my son.
      Yesterday I was going through pictures of my son and daughter’s childhood. I was looking for Easter pictures to share. I cried and smiled as I looked at them. You are so right! It’s the little things that mean the most. There is beauty in everything. Live your life to the fullest. You never know what tomorrow might bring. I wish I could go back and hug and hold my 29 year old son a little longer.
      Thank you for sharing such powerful words.
      God sent them to me. May God bless you and your family.

  17. Having 2 perfectly angelic children (literal angels in heaven) and 2 perfectly imperfect boys I’ve raised to young adulthood,I thank you for sharing your story. I needed to read it. Thanks so much

  18. What a beautiful story and the part that impacted me was “Beauty comes to me when I stop trying to control things and let them be what they are–messy and amazing” … this is helpful to me these days and after reading your story I feel full of hope and positivity regarding my anxiety because I see how you believe and leave everything in God’s hands. Stopping to find answers for everything, never losing the precious time that can be used sharing with our family and enjoying every single moment…everything looks easier that way. I would like to live only guided by my faith and conviction, that all that happens is for the best.

  19. This is exactly what I needed to read! When times are tough and you are struggling to find the beauty in things it is a must. Finding the beauty in difficult times is hard but your story so vividly shows how to. I am having a hard time finding it because I am also, like you once, having a hard time financially. It seems like every odd is against me. I must remind myself to find beauty in the simple thing. I love your Jewlery & wish I could afford it. It is beautiful! I follow you on Facebook and read your stories for motivation. God bless ♡

    1. This is a beautiful article, Thank you! My Grandmother and my parents would always say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, I have learned the correct meaning to this after living life!

    1. Thank you Lisa thank you thank you thank you with the loss of my husband I was loss of happiness the biggest hole I have ever felt in my heart but and time the Lord brought these amazing people into my life who are now called friends and I trust in the Lord that was time for my husband at the age of 48 to go home he even called me he didn’t want to leave me but if he had to there was no better place for him to be there with his Lord and Savior , I am speechless from this beautiful beautiful stories that you shared and I have a few of your pieces plus I bought a piece for my friend my new friend who God has blessed me with , And I know it brought her so much joy and that was the whole meaning because to see her smile every day she lights up the world just like her mama did, merry Christmas Lisa merry Christmas to you and your family

  20. This is the second blog I have read of yours&always touched by them. I really needed to read this tonight,my 4 year old son is special needs &I’m a constant worrier. I need to relax more &enjoy my beautiful family. Thanks again ?

  21. “There’s beauty in loss,… it means I have loved”. I said goodbye to my mom last year and she went to be with her King Jesus after a very long and difficult time with Alzheimer’s. I love her so very much. I so want to be just like her, loved God with all of her heart. Thank you for writing.

      1. Beautiful… that touched my heart too. I lost my dad this year and a few weeks ago my beloved dog. Thank you for sharing❤️❤️

    1. That line is so powerful to me too … I lost my son 18 months ago…I can feel the beauty and the pain of loving him ❤️❤️

  22. My husband and I live a simple life. No we aren’t rich. We have furniture we grew up with and they aren’t stylish. My husband said to me . Aren’t you mad that you got nothing once momma died. My brother got it all! I’m not mad because he made sure momma never needed anything. He has the biggest heart.
    I learned that you make your happiness. I learned it from a child that wasn’t supposed to live past 5 yrs of age. She had myofibromytosis a deformity of tumors. One became cancerous. She died at the age of 15. This angel on earth , is what I called her. She had a wonderful connection with animals. She had hair past her bum. She lost it all with chemo. We took her too camp, her mother and I and they started to coddle her right away. She had breathing machines and would use a wheelchair. When we left her there, I turned to her mother and said. Boy is she going to give them a run for their money. Nothing kept her down. She loved the stories I told her about when I grew up. So did my daughter. Friendly even when people would stare at her. She amazed me! If someone stared at her she’d say “ Take a picture it lasts longer!” I was giving them the evil eye. This child had brain surgery which they didn’t know if she would make it. Ten days later my daughter took her out trick or treating. Happiness is what you make it. Lessons are learned when you do not even notice. Well until she left this earth. I loved you Mandy girl.❤️

  23. “There is beauty in the dark places–where we least expect to find it. I have found on the hardest days, beauty shows up in real and miraculous ways.” We had a dark time that rushed up on us and it left us breathless and completely broken for a time. We couldn’t see past the twisted and broken wreckage that had once been a satisfying and blessed life. We were jobless! But God in his most graciousness brought sunshine through the rain and showed us many wonderful lessons and blessings that could only have been seen and learned if we were broken. The complete healing and forgiveness has taken awhile but with each step God has lead us through the brokenness into His light. We are now thankful for the time of brokenness. His light breaks through all darkness!
    Thank you all for sharing and especially thank you Lisa for the encouragement.

    1. You’re story is amazing Nina. Thank you for sharing it. I too had an unexpected loss 8 months ago that has impacted me first moment to moment, now daily or several times a week.
      The comment about the brokenness, and being thankful for it, as you are now changed and grateful was very powerful to me.
      I’m working on that. It’s an incredible struggle, but I keep telling myself there has to be a very big reason that God choose my family to deal with our journey, and I’m trying to let him guide me through it.
      Thank you again for sharing.

    2. We can never be filled until we are empty. Until you’re broken, you’ll never be whole. Until the Potter has tried your vessel with fire you’ll never come forth as pure gold. I didn’t know Jesus was all that I needed until He was all I had.

  24. I love the phrase, “I want to hold beauty with open hands.” The Lord has pressed this very attitude on my heart many times. Thank you for sharing your heart and beauty with us.

    1. My cousin John had CdLS, we grew up together and became very close. We played “farm” on the living room floorwith all his wonderful toys when I was at my aunt and uncles home. He always had the greatest love for farming and loved tractors. He loved everyone and never failed to say “I LOVE YOU” to let them know it. His hugs were so tight you were left breathless. He taught me and my children how to overlook disabilities and see their inner beauty. I thank God every day for placing Johnny in our family.

  25. There is beauty in loss..Your words were very moving to me..Thank you so much for sharing your story and your heart

  26. “There is beauty in the emptiness of loss, because loss means I have loved.”

    Yesterday we held a Celebration of Life Service for both of our daughters. Bethany, who died last November at the age of 30 had Angelman’s Syndrome. What wondrous life lessons my “angel” taught me. Holly just died two weeks ago at age 38. The tributes that have come from all around the world for her have filled my heart to overflowing. Oh how she was loved! My arms are now empty, but my heart is full. Yes, there is beauty even in the emptiness of loss. It’s a bittersweet beauty, but beauty nonetheless.

      1. Thank you Lisa. My words were inspired by your words. Are you a Tennesseean? (I noticed you’d been shopping in Nashville on another post.) We are in Chattanooga.

        1. I was reading through the comments and noticed you are from
          Chattanooga. I live in Hixson so we are neighbors. God bless you. You’ve gone through a lot. I go to
          Stuart Heights Baptist Church if you would ever like to visit. There are 3 churches. I go to the traditional service at 8:30 at the Chattanooga Church on the S curves on Hixson Pike.

    1. The scars left behind on the heart of a mother who has lost a child are deep Debra your scars are still healing they are so fresh. Keep your heart full even on your darkest days My son Jordan died 24 years ago He was born at 27 weeks and put on a respirator to never come off it. He died at 6 years living all 6 years in hospitals. My son never talked but he taught so many lessons about love ❤️ and empathy. I thank God every day for sending me an Angel. I know God sent you 2 Debra Bethany & Holly what beautiful names. Celebrate their lives every day.

    2. May you feel his continued love & arms around you today & always. Thankful that our Hope is in Heaven. I have discovered that some wounds will only be healed in Heaven. But until that day we must continue to live & love. Because He loves us.
      God Bless you and yours, Debra.

    3. To Lisa,who shared her beautiful story and to Debra who posted above… as I read these words with a smile, I decided to look at some comments and saw yours..we have two boys, our youngest,Matthew, age 21 is an Angelman Guy…I know you got many smiles and hugs from your girls. Wishing you much peace & beauty today and always.

    4. I am truly sorry for the loss of your two daughters! As a Mother of two daughters, I can’t even begin to fathom the loss of my two precious girls! Debra, you will be in my daily prayers, always”

  27. Beautiful story – your search for real beauty is quenched only by things of God – a miracle of a child’s smile, his laugh …

    God created this ache in you so that you would seek him.

    Praying for your beautiful family and each of those who have (or will) share their story here, bless you all!

  28. I’m a guy, with a tear in my eye,
    reminding me what’s best to see
    and worthy of desire
    So thanks for your story,
    To God be the glory
    And relighting my life’s fire.

  29. My 21 year old daughter has CdLS as well and I couldn’t agree with you more about the beauty found in the little things. The first time she said Mom at 3, when she took her first unaided step at 2.5. When we were able to have her g-tube site surgically closed at 16. And the same things with my typical boys. The first step, the first day of school, graduations and when my oldest said “I do”. My children add beauty to my life. Thank you for that reminder and your beautiful writing.

  30. Thank you Lisa. I needed this today. In the wake of such a horrible act on humanity, I needed to be reminded that there really is still beauty to be found in this world of ours.

  31. Thank you so very much for opening your heart❤ We learn through experience that life doesn’t have to BE perfect to FEEL perfect!! Your family is beautiful because of love❤

  32. I’d had an incredibly challenging week with several painful events occurring within 7 daya, that will be expensive and time consuming to dig out from. I was feeling sorry for myself and mourning my lack of control in life AND feeling critical of our home last night. I needed to read this and it was a blessing, a gift, that it arrived in my FB feed. Thank you for reminding me of the beauty around me.

  33. Oh my! I could have written this myself. My third child and first son is autistic. Initially I felt the helpless worry and loss of control. But what a blessing he has been to our family. He has shown us love and beauty we could have otherwise never known. I thank God every day for my gift of a child. He is 5 now and has brought so much joy to our family, friends, and all who come to know him. God bless you and yours. What a truly beautiful family and life you have!

  34. You have captured the meaning of beauty in such a loving way. What a gift you have shared. And I love your jewelry too.

  35. Very beatiful! It reminds me of a poem I read years ago about having this dream vacation to Paris planned, but the plane stops in Holland. If you don’t decide to accept this change of plans, you’ll never appreciate the beauty that Holland has to offer you.

  36. This is just lovelier than lovely. Made my mindful self even MORE mindful of where beauty can be found. (I never thought of tired arms from holding my sons as beautiful but it is). Thank you for the enlightenment. I am changed because of this piece.

  37. I taught a student with Cornelia De Lange Syndrome 36 years ago and remember him dearly. I see him very clearly when I see the picture of your son. Embrace the moments and know he Will touch others’ lives!

  38. I’m crying….. absolutely beautiful. Funny how a little smile from a person YOU created can change your life forever. It puts it all in perspective.
    We all have “why me” days. The unconditional love from a child makes up for all those days.

  39. My neice also has Cornelia de Lange syndrome. She’s 10 now. It has been such a learning experience for the whole family. We have all been blessed by having her in our family, as you are with your little David. Continue keeping up the amazing work.

  40. I am a painter, a teacher, and a writer. I am also the mother of a wonderful son who was born with Fragile X. I got a diagnosis only when he was 19 because the syndrome was only discovered about that time… I would love to send you a copy of my book. It’s a memoir of sorts, with poetry and illustrations. As you might guess, a great deal of the book is about Jeffrey. I’d love to share it with you, but I would need your “snail mail” address for that. I promise you that the address will only be used to send the book. I love your blog and I come to the site often. Hug your wonderful boy for me.

    1. I have a son and daughter born with Fragile X as well. I never heard of it until my son was sent in for genetic testing when he was almost 5. A couple months later, after asking the doctor to have my youngest tested as well (she had some similar “delays “), we learned she also has Fragile X.

  41. Lisa have you thought of putting all your Blog into a book. I’d like to reread sometimes. All the hard times seem to draw us to God and lean on His strength. Not being in control- beautiful wisdom

  42. This made me cry. I try everyday to appreciate small things and realize how lucky I am. You sound like a beautiful person.

    1. How beautiful your family is. God bless you.
      We lost our son Jason at 15 years old. The unimaginable happened. His best friend accidentally shot him. He died 8 hours later. No hate in my heart. My husband of 40 years died December 2015. Now a beautiful Grandson. 2 daughters!

  43. Such a beautiful story, such a beautiful heart…….thank you for sharing and reminding me to see the beauty in all of life.

  44. Beautifully said. I wear my two rings you made with my grandsons names, Gino and Louie every day. They are more precious to me than any of my diamond rings. You have to know what’s truly precious in this life.

  45. Hi Lisa , I wish I could of found your business phone no. I love your rings & bought one for my daughter for her birthday in July this year and I’m sorry to say the stone fell out, it was the star burst ring in s/s setting with simulated stone, I was hopeful u could either exchange ring or fix hers. My address is. [email protected] please advise how this will be handled thanks a lot

  46. Thank you Lisa for sharing your story! I am so glad I ordered 3 bracelets with the names of my grandchildren. One for my daughter-in-law, her mother & me! The last name “Ruby” is my grand-daughter who is due around Thanksgiving! She as my mother’s name! Beauty is everywhere if you open your eyes to it! God truly is in control! Thank goodness! Blessings to you & your sweet family! ❤️?

  47. This is so beautiful and puts it all in perspective. I read this at exactly the right time. God Bless You and your gorgeous family and thank you for sharing your wisdom.

  48. So beautiful Lisa. The simple times can carry just at much beauty as an extravagant vacation–sometimes even more. Cherish the little moments. Like when I told my sixth grade students each one of them is special, valuable and unique. A boy said, “No one has ever told me that before.”

    1. Lisa,
      Courageous of you to share your self awareness and journey. I am excited to wear my new rings knowing that your cup over floweth onto mine.

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