what i wore wednesday

it’s wednesday and i’m linking up with lindsey over at the pleated poppy!

as i mentioned yesterday, i’ve lost about 4 lbs on the south beach diet. it feels really good! all my clothes still fit, but everything’s a little more comfortable. this week’s outfit is super simple and easy to wear. it’s been a mild summer here on the central coast of caolifornia–low 70’s. i like to layer because our workshop gets chilly, too! the black denim leggings are from target. black ruffle top, local boutique. denim jacket, gap. black wedge sandals, old navy.

i made the aqua stones necklace {no longer available} and i’m wearing my favorite molded heart bracelet.

today’s very, very important question…{totally hypothetical and kind of random}

you won a free plane ticket to anywhere in the world. you leave tomorrow and you can take one person with you!

who are you taking and what is your destination?


  1. I totally love your style. I come to see what you wear every week. 😉 As for the question…St John, USVI with my husband!! Love that place and love that man!!

  2. I love that you’re changing your outfits up. I’m also super jealous of your summer weather…..it’s only on the 50th day of being in the 100’s here in Dallas. Blech.
    I would take my husband and go to Hawaii. We’ve never been on a trip together alone since our honeymoon 9 years ago and we love the beach!
    Glad you got some time with your honey. We all need that 🙂

  3. I’d be taking my hubs and we’d go back to Grand Cayman – but stay there instead of cruise there! Now I’m wishing we were packing for vacay!

  4. I would grab my sister & we’d fly to Ireland ~ we both have always said it’d be the trip of our lifetime & since we just recently lost our dear sweet Mom( Alzheimer’s) we think we should go now while we still know each other! So, tomorrow would work! 🙂
    Love you Lisa ~ hope to see you at The Creative Connection if I can swing it ~ hmmm, can I take a raincheck on that plane ticket & my sister & I will come to Minneapolis instead! 🙂

  5. I’m taking my cousin Ryan to Germany 🙂 [I’d take a parent, but that would make the other jealous!]

  6. Easy peasy.

    I would take my husband to Cannes for the Film Festival to
    enjoy the glamour, the movies, and the food.

  7. You are just so cute!

    I would love to go to New Zealand with my best friend Tonya! We’re trying to figure out our 40th birthday trip right now. Scheduled for October and we can’t figure out where the heck to go!

  8. I am totally appreciating the friendship of my brother these days, so I would take him with me to Germany to see where our dad grew up before immigrating to the US in the 50’s. We have always wanted to see it! Plus, we never get time alone together with two lively spouses and four boisterous girls between us!

  9. I would go to England/Ireland/the Wales with my husband (leaving the kiddo behind with a loving, responsible caregiver – which in my case is the most hypothetical part of the whole proposition!). Oh well…

  10. I love your WIWW photo, Lisa!

    I’d take my husband and I’d go to one of the islands in the South Pacific. We’d rent a hut right over the water so we could literally walk out and get into the warm water! However, I’m so blessed to soon be fulfilling another trip of a lifetime. We’ll be spending 2 weeks in Italy in Tuscany and Umbria this fall! Life is very good and we are so blessed!

  11. I’d take this adorable young man I have a thing for and go to Turkey and Greece. I like to dream. 🙂

  12. lovely outfit!
    I would take my friend ben and we would go to Iceland and france. or, i would take my sister and we would see all of europe =)

  13. Oh, I’ve never been to Paris, so how can I not choose there? And with my lovah, of course. 🙂

    Can I just tell you? It may be “only” 4 pounds, but you look AMAZING and things are shifting or something because it looks like more. Not that you needed one ounce to leave you, but I just love how glowy you are.

    I was so excited to do my first wiww this week – yay!

    Hoping I’m seeing you next month…xoxo

  14. I would take my husband and we’d be leaving on a jet plane to…South Africa.
    Cute outfit…I LOVE Target : ) I always find something there. Last week it was three pair of summer sandals (on clearance).

  15. Australia! and whoever wants to go! without complaining about how long the flight is. Actually without any complaining at all!

  16. i would take my husband by the hand and we would go to uganda to see firsthand the ministry of katie davis and amazima ministries.

    google her. amazing amazing life, sold out to God.

    1. Googled Katie Davis and Amazima Ministries and you are so very right-amazing life! What an inspiring story of love!
      PS I LOVE your description of “sold out to God!”
      Thanks for sharing!

  17. Paris with my husby.

    i can’t think of anything more perfect or that I’d hope for more <3 (its literally a lifelong dream—ever since I gave up living in Italy for six months to get married ;D)

    AND you are presh. I'm not doing a diet per say but I've recently cut out all synthetic beverages and am doing these superfood power smoothies and they are seriously helping me healthwise. Now if I could just get the rest of my life sorted out ……. le sigh.

    Love you much,

  18. Easy peasy! Provence with my husband….lavender, sunflowers, farm markets, wine and goat cheese!!! Bliss!!

  19. cute outfit,, Anywhere?? ,, I think me and my husband would find somewhere that has cooler temps right now and go off by ourself for a honeymoon we never had. We’re having 100 degree temps here and its getting really old.

  20. I would take one of my sisters (don’t know how I’d pick..haha) and head of to Greece. I think in one of the old James Bond movies some action took place there…and I’ve wanted to see it ever since.

  21. very very easy! Florence Italy….I studied renaissance history in university and I have been dying to get there ever since!

  22. I would head to Italy with my hubby!
    p.s Do they still have those black jeans at Target? I have been looking for just the right pair and those look great! I may have to hit our new Target in SLO

  23. Looks like lots of people are yearning for a tropical island vacation! I would load up my pack and my husband and I would backpack across Wales. Second on my list would be Norway. Then I would have to jump on the tropical island bandwagon and head to Palau to swim in Jellyfish Lake.

  24. Wow, you’ve got a little Olivia Newton John vibe going on today! You look great. 🙂

    I’d probably be off to Kona with my husband. 🙂

  25. i’d grab my husband and we’d head off somewhere with water! preferably the dominican republic, hawaii, or even bora bora – i’m not picky!

  26. I’m pretty homesick at the moment so I would go to Ireland to see my parents and siblings and take my toddler (I’d sneak my hubby too, somehow).

  27. Although there are many fabulous places in the world that I would go, I’d have to pick Seattle. My daughter, her husband and their precious little baby girl (our first grand baby) just moved there and my hubby and I have yet to visit them. So I’d grab his hand and run, run RUN to the airport in a heartbeat. We miss them so. These days, if I picked anywhere else in the world, I’d only be thinking of them!

  28. If you haven’t before, you might like to stop in at J Woeste garden shop in Los Olivos…I thought of you there yesterday as wandered through their garden and house snapping pictures and oohing and ahhing. I highly recommend it as a sanctuary stop!

  29. totally forgot to answer your question…i would jump on a plane to greece and definitely bring my husband!

  30. love your outfit! so totally jealous because here is texas (where it is forecasted to be 110 today, thank you very much) we are wearing only as many clothes as we have to to not be indecent. it is the worst summer i’ve experienced in recent times. the thought of a jean jacket right now makes a few beads of perspiration form on my head as i type! can’t wait for fall!!!

  31. I would take two around the world tickets. My first stop would be Phoenix to pick up my fiance! The next stops would be san francisco, seattle, hawaii, australia, italy, london, boston/cape cod, new york, chicago, and home. 🙂

  32. Cute look, Lisa! I wish our summer temps were more moderate.

    Let’s say I would go to Italy, and I would take my husband.

  33. Great outfit, by the way.

    I would TOTALLY take my friend Lynn (because my husband won’t fly) and we would go to AUSTRALIA! I have always wanted to go…and Lynn makes me laugh til my sides and cheeks hurt…


  34. Loving the outfit. Makes me want to find something cute in my closet to wear. As far as a place? the east or west coast would work…and with my husband and i’ll sneak my daughter too! she’s small, heheh. and I can’t leave without her!

  35. Seeing that I’m taking my munchkin to the grandparents today for an overnight, I’d say that’s perfect timing. Hubby and I would go back to our honeymoon spot – Petit St. Vincent – a tiny 114-acre island in the Grenadines. It’s absolutely magical!

  36. Great outfit! You look wonderful!
    I would take my hubby and go to Spain! Sounds exotic doesn’t it?! Exotic and warm and relaxing!!! Great question!

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