some of you have asked how we’re doing on the south beach diet–so here’s an update!

the first two weeks are called phase one and it’s fairly strict–mainly lean meats, cheeses and lots of vegetables. i got creative with lots of spices and yummy cheeses. we ate zucchini lasagna, grilled chicken on the bbq and had salads with spinach, fresh basil and mozzarella. the food was delicious but the sugar withdrawls were pretty painful. on day two i almost didn’t think i could go into the workshop because i felt to nauseous.  i ate breakfast and took a couple tylenol and then i felt a lot better. after the first week i actually felt more energetic.

now we are in phase two. we’re adding fruits and whole grains back into our menu. i am surprised how flavorful {and sweet} the fruit tastes–it’s such a treat.  i’ve lost about 4 pounds and steve’s lost at least 12 pounds.  we’re going strong! my favorite foods these days are homemade granola with plain yogurt and berries, scrambled eggs with fresh basil and mozzarella and grilled salmon. yum!

do you try to watch your sugar intake or do you just indulge?

p.s. sugar, i still love you and i miss you!