pretending to be love

Steve, my husband, and I recently flew to Seattle for a conference. The trip left some room for sightseeing and relaxing. On the plane ride over I said, “Let’s pretend we are madly in love. Let’s act like newlyweds and hold hands and kiss a lot. Let’s have fun!”  Our marriage is strong but life is busy and it seems we are constantly fighting the distance that wants to creep in.

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  1. So important to remember to BE in love with your spouse. We too try and remember to hold hands, kiss hello and always say I love you. Nothing is more fun than dating your husband 🙂 What a great reminder of that!

  2. Lisa, I love how you do Life. I love how you find the beautiful and share it. I love how you do these things amid your challenges with your special son. I’d like the same to be said of me. I think it can….Cheers….

  3. Thanks for such an honest post. We’ve only been married a year and we already feel that disconnect when we’re going through the drudgery of the work-week. We just had a discussion last week that we need to try harder EVERY DAY to keep the romance alive and the butterflies in our stomachs… whether we’re tired after working a long day or not. We so often take the most important things for granted because they’re always constant.

  4. I love this post.One thing my husband and I do each morning is when he leaves for work he always comes and gives me a kiss and tells me he loves me.Its smoething we do every morning I think it keeps our marriage special.And if something were to happen to him he knows I love and Iknow he loves me!


  5. You are a smart woman! We ALL need to keep the romance alive in our marriages – especially if we have children!

  6. Like I always say to my kids….smile and the rest of your body will follow! Pretending has funny consequences….way to love on each other 🙂 🙂

  7. Your weekend reminds me of one time my parents were going somewhere for a weekend, leaving 7 children behind. Their good friends who volunteered to see them off to the train station brought along rice, champagne and who knows what. They threw the rice a t my mom and dad and cheered as if they were leaving on their honeymoon. My parents had a blast and for many weeks afterwards we found pieces of rice around their it fell out of the shoes and clothing that had been on the trip. Everytime my mom found rice somewhere…she smiled. Have fun!

  8. I can certainly relate to the disconnect at times. Great idea, Lisa! My sweetie and I used to cook together but with other commitments now like job, kid, house, etc., there isn’t any time or energy to “enjoy” cooking together any more. But you have to MAKE time so I would like to encourage everyone to try this very easy, quick, and yummy ice cream recipe at my blog today. Just click on LOVD and it’ll get you there. Hubby and I made this last weekend and it was fun to be chopping and pureeing together again, even if it was just ice cream.

  9. Can I say….I just love this post!! It is so hard after kids, and work, and life to capture that first love feeling. So glad you guys got to do this! Hope it was a great time for you!

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