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what i wore wednesday

January 19th | what i wore wednesday

hello friends! i’m linking up with lindsey for what i wore wednesday. click here to see her cute blog! above, navy dress and yellow scarf,  both on sale at gap. boots, anthropologie, sweater, target.

above, dress and boots anthropologie. {that dress was a christmas gift from matthias–with some help from daddy of course!} aqua cardi, target. brown braided belt, boutique.

above, jeans, belt and green cardi, all anthropologie. gray dress, gap. black flats, target.

today’s question is a TOUGH one ha! if you had to pick one store to shop for clothing for the rest of your life, what store would you chose?

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  1. Ali says:

    If I had unlimited funds, Anthropologie, but if limited, Gap…

  2. i too want to say Anthropologie but in reality Gap as well.

  3. I would love to say Anthropologie too, but that’s just a bit stretching for my budget. I would honestly say Target, or Gap, or American Eagle. This is an impossible question!

  4. Andrea L. says:

    Well, style wise, I’d pick Ann Taylor/Ann Taylor Loft stores. But if it is for the rest of of my life, those stores may not be logical when I am 85! So, I guess for a ‘good for any age’ store, I’d pick Macys.

  5. abby says:

    I would go with Loft! {I really like your first outfit! I’m going to have to try a long sweater with a dress!}

  6. Jennifer says:

    I’d have to say Ann Taylor Loft, but I love your anthropologie finds!! :) Super cute outfits!

  7. Allison says:

    I would say Target. I know I can always find something there for all occasions!

    Happy Wednesday!

  8. Susan says:

    I think maybe PrAna. If not looking good on my 85 year old body, it’ll be comfortable! :)

  9. Katie says:

    Love your outfits!! Wish I spent more time in Anthro — think it fits my personality more than Target :)

  10. Tamara says:

    …..that’s a hard one. hmmm…i think i would go with the boden catalog. i love bright colors and it never disappoints! (closely followed by sundance catalog and anthropologie!)

  11. I always love to see your boots…and today you’ve show some cute sweaters in great colors for winter!
    It I had lots of money, I would buy all of my clothes from Anthropologie or a cute little boutique called Tallulah’s locally owned that buys eclectic things from ALL over the world!
    I joined in today….wasn’t easy to do it for the first time! lol Hugs! ♥

  12. Stacy says:

    love. all your looks!

    if money weren’t an issue? anthro all the way.

  13. FoxyMomma says:

    this is a hard one! but probably gap! worked there for a year & love it! and their jeans fit me the best!

  14. Sheila says:

    Looking good Lis (as always!) To answer the question: Nordstrom! :)

  15. Cindy says:

    Found a new website with the most adorable clothes –Ruche ( I think it’s pretty similar to Anthro, but cheaper :)

    Soooo many cute things!

  16. Michaela says:

    Loft, beacuse they have a great petite section and these legs aren’t getting any longer!

  17. Gussy says:

    I would probably shop at… Target. I bought some skinny jeans there last weekend and I can’t believe how good they make my butt look! hah!

  18. KarenSue says:


  19. Shanna says:

    That is a hard question! For me, it would probably be J Crew…
    I do have a question, what hair products do you use to get your curls to looks so nice and soft? I have tried several different products, but I really like the way your curls look. I’m sure some of it has to do with the hairstyle.

  20. Tiffany says:

    Oh gosh this is a tough one!!!! I shop at so many! Probably at Ruche. They have adorable clothes that are totally my style. And the shoes…oh my gosh the shoes!

  21. Vera says:

    Sorry, but I can’t choose just one. I suppose if I had to, I’d stick with Talbots. I love the long cardi, and the blue cardi with the brown dress looks great!

  22. oo I love those all!! I want to raid your wardrobe;)

    Love me some Anthro and Ruche!!

  23. Traci says:

    I’d have to say Nordstrom….that way I could still get shoes, skincare and undies lol!

  24. Paige Anderson says:

    Target, budget friendly and wide selection.

  25. Kim says:

    Well, it’d probably be Target where I already live since I do all my grocery shopping there.

    But boy would I love to be able to afford Anthropologie all the time!

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  27. Ami says:

    Love your outfits!

    That’s an easy one…Anthropologie! :)

  28. Nicole says:

    Anthropologie! Target would probably be second!

  29. Jenny says:

    With an unlimited budget? Definitely Antrhopologie, but if not then probably Gap or Target :) Very cute outfits this week by the way, I wish I could go shopping with you!!!

  30. peachgirl says:

    Talbots. They have everything from casual to dressy in nice, tailored shapes.

  31. In the last two years I’ve had the best luck and nicest customer service, at my local Dress Barn. So I would pick them as my “go to” store. Van Heusen would be a close second runner up though. GREAT sales!

  32. Kristen says:

    What a doll you are!

    I’d pick jcrew, even though most of the time it is a bit out of my price range. Love their styles!

  33. allison says:

    Athleta catolog and Anthro as well.

  34. Andra hepler says:

    Gap. They always have something.

  35. Claudine says:

    Oh, I think I would go for the resale shop in town that benefits a non-profit organization.

    Though I admit it might have its challenges when I would need something very specific, it would be good for so many reasons: discovering neat and unique items, re-using in a good way, and knowing that it benefits a good cause!

  36. Brenna says:

    With the budget to accommodate, I’d have to say J. Crew. It’s hard to choose just one place, but they have enough classic/modern all smooshed together that I could make it work.
    Your outfits are always so cute. Take me shopping with you! :)

  37. Colleen says:

    Hi Lisa-

    Love reading your blog, so many neat ideas! Also, I look forward to see your fashion ideas each Wednesday. I’ve looked at my wardrobe in a whole new way. TY. To pick one store would be hard. Yes, I love anthropologie (esp. the sale rack!) so realistically, Gap and Target are more in my budget. Plus, I love hitting TJ Maxx and Marshalls. Can always find some great bcbg, theory or sweet pea there!!

  38. Dania says:

    Old Navy for sure, but I’d be willing to make it Macy’s if I was sure they would carry I.N.C. for ever.

  39. Kelli says:

    1st place: GAP
    2nd place: Ann Taylor
    3rd place: Boden

    But right now I am heading to Target with the gift card I got for Christmas to find some cute dresses like yours to put over my skinny jeans!

  40. Anne says:

    Anthropologie is my fun answer…love the unique styles and always like looking around the whole store…but I probably have found most of the clothes I currently own at Dillard’s. (they have great does Anthropologie)

  41. Shelly says:

    If I had the money, I would say Anthropology …. But, since I’m on a budget, it would be Target ! Love your outfits … You are so adorable. I too have a special needs son … I feel a bit of a bond with you :) . Have a fabulous day !

  42. Alli says:

    Ummmm…..Anthropology :-).

  43. Kelly says:

    I would choose Target, cute clothes for any occasion and fits my budget. Your outfits are adorable as usual!

  44. Iowamom says:

    JCREW hands down! I just bought some items when the sale was an extra 40% off. How could I resist? It’s my weakness!

  45. Erin M. says:

    I’d have to pick Target! They seem to have everything these days and great prices!

  46. Lisa P. says:

    Value Village… never ending supply of greatness :)

  47. Gosh, just one store! I really like Loft. But Anthro and Ruche are a close second! =)

  48. Stacy says:

    If I had unlimited funds, I would surely pick Anthropologie. But under any other financial circumstance, I would say Gap. Their stuff is good quality, goes on sale really quick, usually fits, and covers a wide range of style (work, casual, and dressy). I’ve been absolutely LOVING their extra percentages off of sale items this past year (I usually hold out for their extra 40% off) :-0 They’ve also been offering tons of 40-45% off coupons for regular price items (which is great for jeans ’cause those things hardly ever go on sale … especially the maternity ones I need right now) 😉 And LOFT comes in a very close second (also fantastic sales)!!

    p.s. your outfits are super cute (as usual) – you really make me wanna find some fantastic dresses :-)

  49. susanne says:

    I love the Boden and the Gap, but my all time fave is Marshalls! I would chose that store any day of the week, I can go in daily and find so many good and different deals for the whole family and the home too!!!

  50. elz says:

    Anthropologie-no question! Well, maybe Boden…hmm…people seem to get scared by the prices, but there are cheap ways of shopping both. So, I’d be stylish, unique, and have money in the bank!

    Love the boots. Saw those online, but wasn’t sure about them. Now I wish I had gotten a pair.

  51. jen downer says:

    HANDMADE!!!!! i would hone my sewing skills and make everything myself… just like georgia o’keefe. even my underwear… though i think i’d buy bras.

  52. Becki says:

    Your hair is beautiful! Cute outfits as well!

    Target is my go-to store for just about everything.

  53. Rae says:

    Target, or Goodwill- I’d love to pretend I’m always on and would dress from Ann Taylor, but these give good variety for both hot days and schlumpy days.

    Love the turqoise sweater, it’s just stunning.

  54. Ruth Yoder says:

    so cute! now I need to check out my closet!

  55. kelly says:

    target! i like old navy and banana republic too but i can always find something cute at target from capris to shorts to a tshirt to my nicest dresses!

  56. Stacie says:

    do i have unlimited money? then anthropologie. my guilty pleasure. if money is an issue (like normal life)? then i vacillate between old navy, gap, forever 21 and target.
    what about you?

  57. Kerry says:

    I love those anthropology boots!!!!!

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