Hello friends! We just got back from a couple weeks in England and a long weekend at Lake Arrowhead with family. We had a fabulous time! But we were gone for three weeks–which is kind of crazy! Traveling is exhausting and traveling with David is, well, it takes everything we have. But it’s so FUN! But it’s so much work. I go back and forth {especially when I’m tired!} weighing the work and the fun. I’m so thankful for the opportunity to travel and he was a trooper on this long trip.

The hardest parts of traveling with David are managing his food and meds. There are certain things he can’t eat and all of his food has to be blended. And of course he gets a variety of medications {many that are prescription} over the course of a day. Everything is slightly different in the UK and we all flex to make sure David has everything he needs. And of course, he has to be flexible too! All of this to say, when I packed for myself for our time abroad, I kept it very, very simple.

Here is a list of what I packed:
2 pairs of jeans
8 black tee shirts {that’s right, eight of the exact same tee}
black maxi skirt
espadrilles, low boots and flip flops
chunky sweater
light jacket with hood

There were a couple other random things I threw in, like a navy striped tee and jammies. And of course underwear. But basically, I wore jeans and a black tee shirt every, single day! We did laundry twice. It may have been a bit boring, but I’m sold on keeping it super simple when I travel. There is just too much to think about–I don’t have energy to decide what to wear!

I’m linking up with Lindsey at The Pleated Poppy for some fashion inspiration.

Here I am in my jeans and black tee. This could have been taken on any day of our trip–since this is basically what I wore every day!

I only wanted to bring my very favorite things–the pieces I feel most comfortable in. I already had 4-5 black tees from Target, but I picked a few more before the trip since they are so easy to wear.

I also kept my hair simple–I wore it up with a braid almost every day. I only washed it a handful of times while we were in England.

I brought three pairs of shoes–these espadrilles, flip flops and booties. The weather was very warm, so I hardly wore the boots at all.

Above is the light coat and booties that I wore only a couple times. Usually England is rainy and chilly, but we had unusually warm weather.

I loved being able to streamline getting ready. I reserved my energy for taking care of David and seeing the sights!

I’ve been wearing my hair up a lot more recently and it’s so easy!

Outfit details: Jeans, Lucky brand {I sized up one size to a 10/30}. Black tee, Target {I sized up to a large}. Espadrilles, TJ Maxx. Leather belt, thrifted. Black bag, Target. Classic buckle cuff, my shop.

Would you travel with such a simple wardrobe or do you like to mix it up more?