this is such a fun wedding to share

since jessie and charlie are close friends of ours.

and we LOVE them!

it’s so fun to see two people marry, when you know it’s a great match!




they were married at casa real event center at ruby hill winery in pleasanton,

surrounded by friends and family.

it was such a lovely ceremony and a sweet time together at the reception.

even david and matthias joined us {and had so much fun!}.




jessica gave each of the bridesmaids a petite crest necklace.


click here to see more about the petite crest necklace.

oh my goodness, the bridesmaids were so beautiful!




jessie and charlie met in grad school

at a music-in-education class.

jessie thought charlie was cute, so she walked up and said hi.

{i wouldn’t describe jessie as shy!}

after a trip to starbucks, well, the rest is history.




love how the flowergirl is covering her face.

“too much love-can’t take it all in!!”




jessie told me her favorite part of the wedding was

turing around to face friends and family after being introduced as husband and wife.

being surrounded by loving friends and family who have profoundly impacted

each of their lives {on such a huge occasion} was just so moving.




check out the pastor–isn’t he cute??

yeah, that’s my husband!

steve had the honor marrying them. so fun!




jessie and charlie we love you

and we were so happy to celebrate with you on your wedding day.

may God bless your marriage and help you love each other well.

{click here to see the pewter heart}



today’s question…

{and btw, yesterday’s comments were hilarious. i was CRACKING up}

What is your all-time, favorite love song?

Mine is ‘You fill up my senses’ by John Denver.

cheesy maybe, but I love it!

okay your turn to share…