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day four {jessie + charlie}

May 13th | weddings



this is such a fun wedding to share

since jessie and charlie are close friends of ours.

and we LOVE them!

it’s so fun to see two people marry, when you know it’s a great match!




they were married at casa real event center at ruby hill winery in pleasanton,

surrounded by friends and family.

it was such a lovely ceremony and a sweet time together at the reception.

even david and matthias joined us {and had so much fun!}.




jessica gave each of the bridesmaids a petite crest necklace.


click here to see more about the petite crest necklace.

oh my goodness, the bridesmaids were so beautiful!




jessie and charlie met in grad school

at a music-in-education class.

jessie thought charlie was cute, so she walked up and said hi.

{i wouldn’t describe jessie as shy!}

after a trip to starbucks, well, the rest is history.




love how the flowergirl is covering her face.

“too much love-can’t take it all in!!”




jessie told me her favorite part of the wedding was

turing around to face friends and family after being introduced as husband and wife.

being surrounded by loving friends and family who have profoundly impacted

each of their lives {on such a huge occasion} was just so moving.




check out the pastor–isn’t he cute??

yeah, that’s my husband!

steve had the honor marrying them. so fun!




jessie and charlie we love you

and we were so happy to celebrate with you on your wedding day.

may God bless your marriage and help you love each other well.

{click here to see the pewter heart}



today’s question…

{and btw, yesterday’s comments were hilarious. i was CRACKING up}

What is your all-time, favorite love song?

Mine is ‘You fill up my senses’ by John Denver.

cheesy maybe, but I love it!

okay your turn to share…

62 Responses

  1. elz says:

    I have to go with L-O-V-E by Nat King Cole, it’s our song and always gets me. Beautiful pictures from this wedding, by the way.

  2. Pam M says:

    I would have to say I Can’t Fight this Feeling by REO Speedwagon. It has been fun to see the lovely pictures from each wedding this week.

  3. Southern Gal says:

    I love Annie’s Song, too. We had “My Sweet Lady” sung at our wedding. (Love John Denver.) I have to say “When You Say Nothing at All” by Alison Krauss also.

    By the way, your link isn’t working for the necklace.

  4. Tammy says:

    “I’ll Be” by Edwin McCain…still become a softy when I hear it!

  5. Erin says:

    “Chasing Cars” by Snow Patrol. It is our song because they day he called to ask me out for the first time (even though we grew up together- I was at his 4th b-day party-, but our first date was when we were 35!!!), it was playing on the radio, and I had never heard it before. It talks about a garden bursting into life, and my husband is an avid gardener. Then, the song was playing on the radio in the jewelry store when we were picking out our wedding rings. So neat!

  6. “The Luckiest” by Ben Folds. We danced to it at our wedding. Loveeee it!

  7. Misti says:

    My favorite love song also happens to my favorite song of all time: “Lady in Red” by Chris DeBurgh. I just melt every time I hear it.

  8. courtney says:

    The Van Morrison version of “Have I Told You Lately”. Ahhhhh …

  9. Sarah says:

    Rod Stewart “Have I Told You Lately” although I’m definitely going to have to check out the Van Morrison version!

  10. Ang says:

    “Always” by Atlantic Starr … I had to transfer it from a 45 in order to play it at our wedding.

  11. Betty says:

    Oh my goodness! i love that song – get chills every time I hear it :) And, yes, everyone and their mother make fun of me, so it’s usually blasted in my car alone :)
    My husband and I love “You Make Me Feel So Young” by Frank Sinatra, and we love to belt out (both of us horribly off-key) songs from Moulin Rouge. Especially “Come What May”. Sigh. Love love songs :)

  12. Sheila says:

    I had that song at my wedding back in the 80s (gosh that makes me sound old!) but I think the favorite is The Wedding Song by Paul Stookey. I also had “Turn Around” which always make me sob. My mom sang it to me when I was little. “Turn around, turn around, turn around and your a young wife, with a babe all your own”. Oh, I tear up just writing it!!!

  13. Kathy says:

    My song with my husband–God Bless the Broken Road-Rascal Flats. We didn’t have a wedding dance-We got married in Vegas and my husband knew it was bothing me a bit to miss out on that. Close to 5am weget back to our suite from our after party- he said he had surprise for me. He grabs his phone and it begins to play our song. We danced barefoot in our room as the sun rose. I couldn’t have asked for a better dance ever:)

  14. Donna Norton says:

    “Longer Than” by Dan Fogelburg

  15. I LOVE that song! John Denver Rocks!
    Our song was ‘In My Life’ by the Beatles
    But I am loving ‘The Luckiest’ by Ben Folds Five

  16. “Throw Your Arms Around Me” by Pearl Jam. I remember when I first started dating and he was in the middle of moving…he put the song, bent down to ask for my hand in the dance (I was sitting on the floor) and we danced in the middle of the room amidst all of the moving boxes, so romantic! It was our wedding song a few years later!

  17. “because you loved me” by celine dion from the movie “up close and personal”.

    you didn’t ask, but my husband’s current favorite is “your love is my drug” by Kesha.

  18. Kristin says:

    I love John Denver. We had Dan Folgelberg’s “Longer” sung at our wedding.

    We danced our first dance to Led Zeppelin’s “Thank You”~first lines are “if the sun refused to shine; I would still be loving you; if mountains crumbled to the sea; there would still be you and me”

    Almost 13 years later and it still gets me teary.

  19. A Kiss to Build a Dream On by Louis Armstrong. That was my husband and My first dance song.

  20. “You Fill Up My Senses” was my parents’ wedding song, and I absolutely love it too! My favorite love song that we had playing at our wedding when our wedding party walked down the aisle is “The Luckiest” by Ben Folds.

  21. Kristi F says:

    Too many to list, but a few are: (I love you) For Sentimental Reasons, Everything (Michael Buble’ makes my day), and You’re the Cream in My Coffee. I also love A Kiss to Build a Dream On; what a nice song for your first dance.

  22. Paige says:

    Oooohhhh, my favorite…well, here are a few of my all time favs: After All (Cher and Peter Cetera), Just the Way You Are (Billy Joel), How Deep is Your Love (Bee Gees), Your Song (Elton John). I LOVE wedding week, Lisa. Fabulous! Share some of your wedding photos!!!!!

  23. Mari says:

    I Want To Walk You Home- Fats Domino, but also Adam Sandler singing I Wanna Grow Old With You in The Wedding Singer. Ooo ooo how about Wonderful Tonight by Eric Clapton! Can I have 3?

  24. Sallie says:

    “I Will Be Here” by Steven Curtis Chapman.

  25. Denise C. says:

    Mine is not so much of a love song, it’s very close though. “Pour Some Sugar On Me” by Def Leppard. Btw…I had no idea your husband was a pastor!

  26. Cait says:

    Always on my Mind, sung by Elvis (of course) and but in particular when sung by an adorable little Danish girl, Sidsel.

  27. Kristin says:

    yay! someone else likes John Denver! listened to him growing up and know all his songs by heart…my kids love grandma’s feather bed song!!
    My wedding song was “The Gift” by Colin Raye.

  28. Kelli says:

    John Denver reminds me of my dad. He loved him! While moving, I just found tapes he’d dubbed off his records for me to send me off to college with. So sweet to see his writing and feel his sentiment after he’s been gone for 7 years! Great pick, Lisa!

    I LOVE Billy Joel, so “To Make You Feel My Love” is my fave. Hubby didn’t go for it at the wedding. We danced to “Harvest Moon” by Neil Young.

  29. Heather N says:

    I LOVE “Annie’s Song” by John Denver. I also love my wedding song, which was “Grow Old Along with Me” (Mary Chapin Carpenter version). So touching!

  30. Philippa says:

    Oh just has to be ‘The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face’ by Roberta Flack… that is exactly how I felt the first time I saw my gorgeous gorgeous John in 1993!!! Love you honey with all my heart, no matter what!!! and even though I drive you crazy because I’m artistic and not a domestic goddess!! Giggle….

  31. April says:

    We danced to “Come What May” from the Moulin Rouge soundtrack. Great song!

    I also love “The Luckiest”, so awesome!

  32. Lisa says:

    OMG I LOVE that song too… LOVE John Denver- don’t care how cheesy that is, it is true!!!

  33. erin says:

    Our wedding song was “God Bless the Broken Road” by Rascal Flatts, but it was a toss up between that and “Leather & Lace” by Stevie Nicks– i absolutely love that song!! :)

  34. Cathy says:

    oh my gosh….mine too is Van Morrison’s Have I told You Lately? ahhhhhh….

  35. Rach says:

    I can’t decide between Your Song by Elton John (mine and my husband’s song) or More than Words by Extreme. They both get me every time!

  36. Nicole says:

    Oh man. Just one? I think that Paul McCartney’s “Maybe I’m Amazed” has to be my most favorite. But runners up include:

    “Something” The Beatles
    “In Your Eyes” Peter Gabriel
    “The Luckiest” Ben Folds
    “More Than Words” Extreme
    “Love of a Lifetime” Firehouse
    “How Deep Is Your Love” BeeGees
    “Love Will Keep Us Alive” Eagles

  37. Sophie says:

    “What a Wonderful World” the Louis Armstrong version. But we danced to “When You Wish Upon a Star”….

  38. Barb says:

    I’ve got two – “Longer” by Dan Fogelberg and “Bless the Broken Road” by Rascal Flatts

  39. Sara says:

    “Steady as We Go” by Dave Matthews Band

  40. Beth says:

    I had “Follow Me” by John Denver in my Wedding…It was such a great reminder to think about that today!

  41. Laura says:

    Annie’s Song by John Denver was my wedding song!!!!! I love it!

    PS We share the same irthday 8/19 and you are an id twin and I HAVE id twin girls! Random facts of the day heehee


  42. Oh how neat! I grew up in Pleasanton so what a treat this was to check your blog today!! So my favorite love song was our wedding song, Billy Joel’s “Just The Way You Are.”

  43. Melissa says:

    I HAVE to order a heart once my new baby girl Regan is here…. I just love them!!

  44. caroline says:

    Our song was ‘All I Want Is You” by U2. My husband plays it for me on the guitar and I melt!

  45. Morgan says:

    What fun to post about weddings!! I love all of your jewelry!

  46. Kristin says:

    Are you sure we aren’t long lost relatives or something? My favorite wedding song (sang at my wedding) is “Perhaps Love” also by John Denver. Still takes my breath away when I hear it!

  47. Jennifer says:

    We had John Denver’s “Annies Song “at our wedding in 1985 and I still love it. Another oldie love song that’s a favorite of mine is “You’re My Best Friend “by Don Williams.

  48. Dawn says:

    Gorgeous photos what a beautiful day.

  49. EMILY says:

    love your blog…

  50. debhall says:

    hope that you took all the picts at the wedding. those you showed are AWESOME! we had “from this moment” (shania twain) sung at our wedding. “dancin in the dark” (tim mcgraw) was what we danced to.

  51. Nicole-Lynn says:

    Loving this wedding week :) My favorite love song is “Endless Love”, Luther Vandross & Mariah Carey’s version. It describes my fiance and I’s relationship…we’ve been dating since high school and are getting married soon. So exciting :)

  52. LibraryGirl62 says:

    Truly Madly Deeply by Savage Garden…sigh….

  53. Shannen says:

    Our wedding song was The Luckiest b Ben Folds. But, I walked down the aisle to my husband’s father singing I’ll Be Your Lover Too by Van Morrison. They both still make me melt.

  54. Katie says:

    It Had To Be You, the Harry Connick Jr. version from When Harry Met Sally. It was our wedding song and still makes me swoon each time I hear it. :)

  55. Casey says:

    My favorite is Lullaby by The Dixie Chicks. Unforgettable by Nat King Cole and Natalie Cole is up there too.

  56. Andrea says:

    Have You Ever Loved a Woman & Everything I Do, I do it for You, BOTH by Bryan Adams

  57. Pam says:

    at last -by etta james- we danced our first dance to it. from this moment by shania twain was in our wedding. we also LOVE ice cream by sarah mclachlan!

  58. Laury Booy Hoganson says:

    “Now I know how the river feels” by Diamond Rio :)

  59. Verona H says:

    The last 17 years, is has been “You are the wind beneath my wings”. Up till then we claimed the theme “Lara’s Song” from Dr. Zhivago. I love the pewter heart, and ordered 3 of them from you and gave one each to my children and to my husband.

  60. Lisa says:

    We waltzed to this very John Denver song that you speak of here. You Fill Up My Senses, and yes I married my knight. Chheesy maybe, but to this day I still love it too, and it is still as timeless today as it was 20 years ago when we danced to it. This weeding series sure has been fun… thanks.

  61. Lindsay says:

    My hubby and I danced to “This Day” by Jadon Lavik. We just got married in October and are loving it. It’s awesome to have a husband!

  62. glee stormont says:

    chicago’s Only the Beginning.
    How could it not be after my husband (of 22 years) told me just the other day that everytime he hears this song he thinks of our life together and that if he’d realized there was such such a thing (duh!) he would have chosen it as “our song” for our wedding!

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