yay for wedding week. this is so fun!!

today’s wedding features grace and cody.

they started out with pictures in morro bay

and married at a darling chapel in san luis obispo.




amazing pics taken by cabe creative.

and if you’re local and planning a wedding-

they have a special right now on their wedding package for $800!




the weather the was gorgeous

and the bride was so dang relaxed!

yep, that pretty much paves the way for a perfect wedding.




grace planned the wedding on a budget (although you would never guess!).

her dress was borrowed from her sister in law, friends made her wedding cake,

the photographer is a friend, too.

being on a budget makes you more creative, i think!




all the music for the wedding and reception was sung by friends or

from the playlist grace and cody worked months to create.




each of the bridesmaids wore one of our vintage frames necklaces.

and they looked stunning.

i love the simplicity of this necklace

and oh, the price point. they start at $38. nice!

but wait, there’s more! THEY’RE ON SALE TODAY {see below}.




i love tall grass in the sunlight.

well, i just love the beach.

and a pewter heart to keep their wedding memories close.





grace has such a sweet spirit and always has a smile

and cody obviously loves her with his whole heart.

i think they’re going to do juuust fine.




at the reception every time the guests tapped their glasses,

cody leaned over and gently kissed grace.

so sweet. so sincere.




grace and cody, thank you for sharing your beautiful wedding with us.

you’ve captured the day so perfectly!

and we wish you years of joy.



* * * * *


our vintage frames necklace is only $34 today. yikes!

i know!! click here to see more details!!

* * * * *



and today’s question…

did anything go wrong on your wedding day

and how did you handle it?


have you ever been to a wedding

where something went wrong?