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wedding week, day three (yippppee!)

May 12th | weddings


yay for wedding week. this is so fun!!

today’s wedding features grace and cody.

they started out with pictures in morro bay

and married at a darling chapel in san luis obispo.




amazing pics taken by cabe creative.

and if you’re local and planning a wedding-

they have a special right now on their wedding package for $800!




the weather the was gorgeous

and the bride was so dang relaxed!

yep, that pretty much paves the way for a perfect wedding.




grace planned the wedding on a budget (although you would never guess!).

her dress was borrowed from her sister in law, friends made her wedding cake,

the photographer is a friend, too.

being on a budget makes you more creative, i think!




all the music for the wedding and reception was sung by friends or

from the playlist grace and cody worked months to create.




each of the bridesmaids wore one of our vintage frames necklaces.

and they looked stunning.

i love the simplicity of this necklace

and oh, the price point. they start at $38. nice!

but wait, there’s more! THEY’RE ON SALE TODAY {see below}.




i love tall grass in the sunlight.

well, i just love the beach.

and a pewter heart to keep their wedding memories close.





grace has such a sweet spirit and always has a smile

and cody obviously loves her with his whole heart.

i think they’re going to do juuust fine.




at the reception every time the guests tapped their glasses,

cody leaned over and gently kissed grace.

so sweet. so sincere.




grace and cody, thank you for sharing your beautiful wedding with us.

you’ve captured the day so perfectly!

and we wish you years of joy.



* * * * *


our vintage frames necklace is only $34 today. yikes!

i know!! click here to see more details!!

* * * * *



and today’s question…

did anything go wrong on your wedding day

and how did you handle it?


have you ever been to a wedding

where something went wrong?

60 Responses

  1. Dan says:

    Do you remember at my wedding, when we went to light the unity candle, we snuffed each other’s candles out? Janine had a look of sheer panic on her face. But I calmly told her to relight her candle from a side candleabra, then I lit the unity canlde and her candle was just near mine. Not a great omen to start a marriage, but it shows our adaptability to life’s curveballs, right?

  2. Judi Robinson says:

    I just love your blog, and your jewelry, and especially your testimony of faith in our God.
    But can I just say that as a mother of 5 daughters, I am so enjoying reading about these beautiful, creative weddings done on a budget. I’m a stay at home mom, my husband is a pastor, and as my girls are getting older the fear of managing 5 weddings creeps in sometimes. My oldest daughter and I have been loving the ideas we have seen from your featured brides~thanks so much!

  3. Sarah says:

    I love the Wedding Week theme. I’m really enjoying reading everyone’s stories. Nothing went really wrong at our wedding, but what almost went wrong turned out very right: It was very important to me to get married outside. We woke up to rain, which continued until half an hour before the ceremony was supposed to begin. Just as we were planning to move things inside, the skies cleared, the ushers wiped down the chairs, and the ceremony began in the sun.

    The other thing that strikes me about the gorgeous photos of all of these weddings is that the bride’s maids dresses are a lot prettier in 2010 than they were in 1990!!!!!!!!!

  4. Beautiful wedding! I love the photos, so classy. I eloped to Denmark to get married and everything went beautifully :)

  5. Joanna says:

    Nothing went “catastrophically” wrong but my husband noticed right before the ceremony that the ice sculpture set up for cocktail hour had the wrong Monogram.

    Our first initals are C and J and our last name begins with an O. Should have been cOj. It was cJo.

    Also, the DJ screwed up our first dance. We were supposed to dance to “How Sweet it is” and then have him discreetly change the music to the jack rabbit slim dance contest from Pulp Fiction. We had been practicing for weeks and it was to be a fun surprise since it is totally out of character for my husband. We went over this with the DJ several times. Yet as soon as we walked in he “announced” that we would be dancing to the jack rabbit slim twist contest. It sucked that he announced it, but everyone still loved it just the same!

  6. Our wedding itself went off without a hitch. However, my husband left his wallet with is other belongings in the grooms room at the venue, and someone stole about $500 in cash while we were getting married! Can you believe that? We assume it was someone who worked at the venue or catering company, not one of our guests since they were all outside at the ceremony with us. When we figured it out, we called the venue to let them know (several times), and they never even called us back. Clearly, he shouldn’t have left his wallet back there, but who really expects to be stolen from at their own wedding?

    Thanks for featuring this beautiful bride! What lovely photos.

  7. Nothing went wrong on my wedding day. I did, however, get Montezuma’s revenge 2 days into my honeymoon in Cozumel! yikes!

  8. I love that you are having Wedding Week this week! Me and my husbands’ one year anniversary is coming up on Sunday!!! I am posting my engagement, wedding photos all this week leading up to Sunday hehe. As for our wedding… I don’t think anything went wrong, but things definitely could have been better! I wanted an outdoor wedding, but it had rained the night before so we had to use the backup indoor space. It was still lovely but I would have rather had it outdoors b/c I love outdoor natural lighting!! Other things were that I didn’t allot enough time for anything… we ran late with getting ready pictures in the beginning of the day which cut out our time for other pictures later in the day! Also, we didn’t have time for a bouquet/garter toss either!! So point being… always allot more time than you think you’ll need, brides!!!!

  9. Gina says:

    Our wedding day was BEAUTIFUL. Except for the multiple car crash that left a man with several broken limbs and destroyed a vintage car.

    As we were leaving mass and taking pictures in front of the beautiful stairs of the church we heard tires screeching – then we all turned and saw a car which was parked in front of the church lurch violently backwards into the 56 Packard we had rented (which was pushed into the grill of the limo as well) – all you could hear was metal on metal and it was awful. But the worst was yet to come – the out of control car then sped forward and to the left – crossing 2 lanes of traffic on one of the busiest roads in town. Passersby scrambled into buildings, but one elderly gentleman wasn’t quick enough. He was hit and flew into the air almost in slow motion. He hit the pavement, hard. The out of control car eventually came to a stop when it crashed into a brick building across the street from the church. My poor little flower girls were screaming they were so scared. My guests and other churchgoers were in shock of what they just saw.

    My photographer and videographer ran to the aid of the injured man (as did several good Samaritans). My father, a former police officer, went into cop mode and started blocking/directing traffic. It was a crazy scene. Turns out, the driver of the out of control car was an elderly man who confused the brake and gas pedal. He was uninjured. The poor man that was hit suffered several broken bones and road rash, but he thankfully made a full recovery. The limo company dispatched 2 new cars to get my crew to the reception and a tow truck came and took away the Packard and damaged limo.

    The vintage 56 Packard was beyond repair. It had to be scrapped. I felt horrible – we rented it from a friend who owned a limo business and this was his only Packard in his fleet. The damaged limo was able to be repaired.

    Needless to say, that was the talk of the reception!

  10. Ang says:

    My brother was involved in a serious car accident two days before my wedding in 1998; he was released from ICU the morning we got married but still unable to attend. I loved the way my pastor paused before we started the ceremony to pray for him. My brother’s life was spared that day, but he died a year ago in a different accident, and even though I miss him terribly, I cherish the “extra” decade that we had together.

  11. One of the spaghetti straps on my dress broke during the reception. My Mother-in-law had a sewing kit (ha ha!) and fixed it for me in the bathroom while the guests ate the first course of dinner.

  12. I LOST my wedding ring!
    I wore gloves, so I had to hold my ring on my pinky finger till I took the gloves off. I also got married barefoot – which will be relevant in a minute. In the rush of signing the marriage license and putting my shoes on to leave for the reception I unclenched my pinky finger and dropped my ring in the wedding chapel. I didn’t notice it was missing until my husband & I were en route to the reception…after I’d been throwing the streamers I was covered in out the sunroof of our car. I panicked – sure i’d thrown my wedding ring onto the street. We drove back to the church, to the surprise of everyone still there, and as I was rushing inside my dad ran up to me yelling, “They found it! Your mom has it!”
    It was quite the beginning to married life. :)

  13. oh yes. we forgot the wedding certificate at the hotel room so we had to go to the ladies house the next day to have her sign it! we were married on oahu, so we had to do some navigating to find her house, but we did and she was sweet enough to sign it on the day we actually were married. but i remember being in tears before the ceremony thinking that she wasn’t going to marry us without that piece of paper!

  14. Kimiko says:

    my sister got REALLY sick the day of her wedding and barely made it down the aisle. instead of standing at the alter, her mother-in-law had the great idea of putting this BEAUTIFUL antique sofa at the front and so they sat their during the ceremony. it was great because the congregation got to see her and her husband’s expressions! BUT, at the reception my sis passed out (3 times!) during the best man’s speech … and then … well … threw up … even through all that, my sis looked beautiful, composed, and hardly scathed by the whole ordeal! It’s not a wedding i’ll ever forget

  15. Bethany says:

    during my cousin’s wedding, the priest forgot the part of the ceremony where the bride & groom exchange rings!!! he would have completely left it out, except my other cousin (the groom’s brother), urgently whispered “the rings! the rings! don’t forget the rings!” hahahaha! however, the reception more than made up for the awkward glitch in the ceremony.

  16. Naomi says:

    I wasn’t planning on adding any of my wedding stories to this series but this question really grabbed me. Three days before my wedding my best friend who was supposed to make our grandiose wedding cake had a serious mental breakdown (for real) and disappeared.

    Aside from worrying about my best friend like crazy, we (me and the to-be husband) now had the added burden of finding someone last minute to make a cake for 250 people. I relinquished the burden of worrying about the cake entirely. I opted to worry about other more important things, like my best friend and some other more pressing wedding details.

    My to-be husband gladly took on the cake responsibility and managed to have a dainty but gloriously delicious cake made by a friend from our church just for the wedding party and he also ordered a lovely cake from a store for the remainder of our guests.

    And, (as an added bonus) my best friend hitch-hiked over 300kms from where she disappeared to for our wedding and surprised me as I was walking down the aisle. She also gave us the cardboard sign she used to hitch-hike with that read “Trenton: For Best Friends Wedding”

  17. LK says:

    I was soooo nervous, that right before the chapel doors opened for my dad and me to walk down the aisle, I whispered to him, “Daddy, I have to go diarrhea.” He said, “No you don’t, let’s go.” The doors opened, and I did not have any “problems.” :) Thanks, Daddy!

    The only issue (that sounds so petty now), was that my colors were silver and pink, and my mom wore a gross GOLD dress that she had shortened to look like an 80’s prom dress. It looked white in all the pics. Thanks, Mom.

  18. Anne says:

    The wedding that went wrong was my cousins.
    We were all staying in a gorgeous little bed and breakfast and the ceremony was to be in the gardens in the back. As we were just finishing getting ready, we heard loud banging on our door and someone yelling ‘fire.’
    We all had to evacuate and watch the whole building burn to the ground. It was very emotional for everyone, especially the bride and groom. They did end up getting married that day, in a small room in another hotel. The bride didn’t have her flowers or shoes if I remember correctly.
    Their passports and luggage they were taking on their honeymoon was also destroyed. They made the newspapers too.
    It is and I am sure will remain one of the most memorable weddings that I have attended.

  19. Chelsea Sanford (Heath) says:

    Only small things went wrong on my wedding day. The recessional song was wrong as we walked down the aisle after the ceremony. I just let it go. Also at the end of the reception the DJ announced per the request of the wedding coordinators that the guests should take the centerpieces. They weren’t floral centerpieces and it would have been better for us to have all the pieces together, now we have random bits and pieces. I didn’t know it happened until afterward. There’s not much you can do about it though. We do have some funny photographs of people with large pieces of wood walking out of the reception. I was also calm all morning even though everything was running late. The makeup artist was 45 minutes late I was late stepping into my dress and we weren’t able to get as many photos as we would have liked because we were short on time. It was an amazingly blessed day…one of the best. Praise God!

  20. Kristen says:

    our wedding day was the longest day of my life, starting with a private ceremony at 5:30am! We had a wonderful day, a bit blurry, but amazing even in all the chaos. I just thought that I’d share that as we were saying vowes in the afternoon the candles on the reception tables caught the lodge on fire and there with fire trucks cruising behind us during the ceremony. AND I didn’t even notice this until we watched the wedding video weeks later. Talk about “caught up in the moment”. Thanks for bringing this memory back. =)

  21. kim says:

    they messed up my cake. at the time, baking was my world, and so it was one of the bigger “smaller details” that i needed to go right! well, the tier shapes were completely off and all i did was pout. no tears, just frustration. if i couldn’t handle THAT with grace & composure, i’m sure marriage would be rough haha

    nothing traumatic….but it was hurricane weekend so it rained all day. that’s “good luck,” though, right? :)

  22. Robbin says:

    Since I was focused on Dan, I didn’t notice anything wrong if anything did go wrong. The only cute thing I remember is when Karen McLain was about to take our pic with our hands stretched out with our toasting glasses and Dan’s grandma said “It’s going to be fuzzy.” We told her that’s what we wanted…it was a different type of picture. She was okay with that. It was just funny.
    Lisa, I love how your business is just blossoming. I pray God will continue to bless it and bring glory to Him as you and Steve work together.

  23. Kristi says:

    My husband is from a VERY large family (youngest of 13 kids) and we were pretty broke – so we decided to get married at the local park. I had it sprayed for mosquitoes but I hadn’t thought about other insects or the temperature of an outdoor wedding. at 6pm. in September. in Kansas.
    No major problems but…There weren’t enough chairs for everyone and so the younger parents and their children danced and played at the far area of the green during the ceremony. The music coordinator (a volunteered brother-in-law) played the wrong side of the cassette tape during our candle lighting – a break up song! But the piece de resistance: It was 104 in the shade – no clouds, and of course no trees where the ceremony was held. My husband-to-be and I were gently blowing the gnats out of each others eyes trying to look composed as we were melting under the sun. My poor husband-to-be was wearing a 3-piece tux and sweat was rolling down his face. Just at the most “opportune” time, a big ball of sweat rolled off the tip of his nose as he was blowing the gnats out of my eyes – to the guests it looked as if he spit on me. We were both laughing so hard we were barely able to hear the priest continue the ceremony. It’ll be 20 years this September 1st and the memory of that day still makes me giggle!

  24. Lori-Anne says:

    Who needs a DJ? I argued. We can put together our own collection of music, stick it on the stereo and it can take care of itself, saving a nice chunk of cash. I burned the CD myself, full of all our favourite dance-able tunes. Being somewhat (ahem) inexperienced with such business, I was surprised that I could fit some 30-odd songs on one CD, but just thought, wow, that’s pretty good. It wasn’t until it was time for the first dance and one of the groomsmen put the CD in the sound system that it was revealed they were all MP3s, which – of course! – don’t just play on a regular stereo! Fortunately, this groomsmen came to the rescue to open the files and get the party started, but there was such a delay that guests had already started dispersing and there was a much smaller group left! My advice is definitely to leave such matters in the hands of those who know what they’re doing 😉

  25. Ingrid says:

    Where to start?
    My husband & I were to be married by my childhood pastor of 15 years and about a week before the wedding he called to tell me he had another offer that day so he would need at least $200 or he would marry the other couple instead (we were planning on giving him $ anyway- but still a total shock).
    A customer of mine begged me to let her be our wedding photographer, that was her dream job and she needed a portfolio to get started. The day of our wedding she came in and asked me what I wanted her to do. I asked her to take polaroids of all of the guests for the guest book and that we would be leaving to go to the park for pictures as soon as my hair was done. When we were leaving for the park nobody could find her! It turned out that she had left & gone home- I never found out why. My sister’s friend ended up being our photographer and I have like 5 good pictures from our wedding day.
    We were married at my parent’s house and they have a STEEP driveway- our cake slid into the lap of the baker on their way up but she was able to fix it (mostly).
    I also forgot to buy a veil and shoes so I went without!
    But the important part is the marriage not the wedding! We’ve been happily married for 5 1/2 years :)

  26. marcea says:

    ahh wedding memories! There was a few little problems but ONE big problem. Overall it went great. The biggest thing that went wrong was that two days BEFORE the wedding, the dress came home to Mom in laws house from being pressed. I came by to inspect it and I found like 10 burn holes in my dress! I was so upset and there was nothing I could do. The seamstress was able to cover it up and you couldnt tell after it was done because the layer that goes over the burnt holes was thick enough to cover the covered holes. I was so upset!
    But I got through it and laugh about it now even though it still pains me a little. :)

  27. The song I’d picked to “tell” my of my love to my husband, was accidentally skipped over! For me the saddest part is, while I remember the words to the song in my head, I can NOT find it ANYWHERE on the internet! BWAAA.

  28. Southern Gal says:

    I’ll have to go with my daughter’s wedding again. (Forgive me. Mine was almost 30 years ago. Hers was last year and still fresh in my mind.) My son was lighting the tealights in votive cups right before the ceremony and one fell to the floor and broke. He just swept it under the bench there (old church) and kept going. Also, the cellist was supposed to start the video camera when they started the music. Only the camera was already on and she switched it off. So no video. Otherwise it was great!

  29. Sallie says:

    Nothing went wrong, but there were thunderstorms all night the night before our outdoor, 6am wedding. I just knew we were going to get married in the rain. The only alternate plan was “bring your umbrella”. It cleared up and there was a beautiful sunrise. :) By 10am we were on our way to the mountains for our honeymoon.

  30. Becky says:

    I had made soaps to go with a card at each setting that said something about us making a clean start with a picture and the address of our new house.

    At least one guest at each table took a bite out of a soap.

    I think that was the worst thing that happened all day. We laughed then, and we’re still laughing now :)

  31. Good question!
    We got married at 6:30 in our church which is actually the chapel of a convent nursing home. So the sisters are not up after dark and they have a doorbell on the outside doors that people can ring to be admitted after hours. We had talked to the staff to leave the doors unlocked until after our service, but they must have forgot. Someone arrived late and rang the doorbell at the exact moment that the priest was raising the bread and wine for the consecration!!! I remember that he looked at me and we laughed. I am sure there is a big BING-BONG on the video (that we never had edited, but that is another story!). Thanks for the walk down memory lane!
    Enjoy the day!

  32. Miaja says:

    I wanted my cake to be very simple and in fact, I said that I just wanted it completely plain and I would have the florist put fresh flowers on top of it. The ONE thing I hated the most was foil leaves on frosting roses. Apparently the person who made it just could not leave it plain for some reason. They put frosting roses all over it with FOIL leaves! At first I was upset, then I though, “Who cares?” If that is the worst thing that could go wrong, then I was good.

  33. Wendy says:

    During the middle of our wedding my husband’s cell phone rang. We laughed but I was devastated. Our friends & family laughed and my soon to be husband scrambled to turn it off.

  34. e&b says:

    well…two years later and my “wedding disaster” story still isn’t funny…but it’s part of the best day of our lives so I have learned to live with it. the wedding was perfect, reception was going smoothly…until my mother-in-law had a few too many drinks decided to come up to me in all my bridal glory and raise her voice at me and basically tell me in her own words she wasn’t thrilled about our marriage (we had been dating over three years so she had plenty of time to say something prior instead of waiting for our wedding reception). my husband was very upset and asked her to talk about it the following day, but she wouldn’t…so she proceeded to go to the entrance of the tent and cry for over an hour for everyone to see. she has refused to apologize for her behavior and because of this it has created a divide in my husband’s family ever since. we handled it the best we could and tried to forget about what was going on outside of the tent…and proceeded to have a wonderful rest of the reception and honeymoon. unfortunately, she still won’t speak to us. but due to the dramatic details, in some ways I think that it’s all for the best. my advice to all of you out there is treasure your relationships with your mother-in-laws if they are good…and enjoy your wedding day no matter what goes wrong…in the end it is only about you and your husband…no one can ruin your day if you don’t allow them too!

  35. shanon says:

    I moved to KY to be with my then boyfriend, he surprised me by proposing that weekend. We looked at a calendar & knew he had “block leave” in 5 weeks and knew that a pending deployment would follow shortly thereafter. I called my mom back in CA & asked her if we could get married at the end of June, she said I think it would be possible. I flew back home 2 weeks later, found the wedding dress that I fell in love with online, Josh followed me out after 1 week and we got married that next Sunday. God opened every door for a perfect & beautiful ceremony. We are about to celebrate our 5th Wedding Anniversary and we frequently talk about what a gorgeous day June 26, 2005 was in our lives.

    I’ve loved looking at all of your pics & reading everyone’s stories. So fun!!


  36. Jan says:

    Nothing, nada went wrong. One of my daughters married a Brazilian, whose father promised to be at the wedding, but no-showed. What a shame for our young son-in-law

  37. Robin says:

    We got married at Christmas (the 28th) and it was in 1974 and we live way, way up in UP of Michigan. Two weeks before the wedding I went for my final appt with the florist and was told that “no way” could we have roses for the wedding. “After all it was a holiday” After quite a few tears and calling around and finding florists already booked, I talked with a woman who would do my wedding with silk flowers! I think I was her first wedding with silk! And they were gorgeous!! In the receiving line, there were even a couple of people who wanted to smell my roses cuz they looked so pretty!! I still have them today too, 35 1/2 years later, hung on the wall in our bedroom!!!

  38. Kelli says:

    One of my guy friends in college apparently quietly punched another of our college friends in the face (!!) behind a big dahlia bed to the side of the outdoor reception!! Never got an explanation, though I asked. Thankfully, there was no big scene. Very mysterious!

  39. john says:

    brady is the Bomb! He is becoming a great photographer! damn.

  40. Philippa says:

    The day and the ceremony itself were perfect… when we got to our reception (which had to be moved because the gorgeous vineyard buildings we were going to got burned down 2 months before our wedding) the room wasn’t decorated the way it was meant to be and neither was our wedding cake. I was SO disappointed as we’d spent a lot of time and money that we didn’t expect to make it just perfect….. then I swallowed that disappointment – THE MOST IMPORTANT THINGS WERE MY HUSBAND AND I AND OUR FRIENDS AND FAMILY. Big smiles…

  41. oh the stories I could tell :)

  42. Sasha says:

    My husband and I were blessed to have two weddings. We were scheduled to have a lovely June wedding back home in the Central Coast. However, my husband was notified on Valentine’s Day that he would be deploying. We “eloped” with our parents 2 weeks before he deployed. When he got home, we had a much larger party for the renewal of our vows. We were taking pictures on the grass and I suddenly felt an uncomfortable sting on my lower backside! The ceremony was scheduled to start, but instead I was in a room with family members and a windex bottle (cue my Big Fat Greek Wedding as windex cures everything, right??) Everything was fine and once the stinger was removed I was ready to go. Nothing to dramatic, but my own little memory!

  43. yes! several things went wrong. but one was the wrong name was read at the reception when our emcee was introducing our godparents :(. it was my fault, i was up late the night before and send the wedding coordinator an incorrect name which i fixed and emailed again later, but i guess she didn’t get it. (and i had originally given the emcee the right one too! but i told him to go with the coordinator’s list… which was out of date). we had the emcee correct it and had him stand up and my godfather got his own special applause. so embarrassing.

  44. Paige says:

    First I LOVE your blog!! It is always so pretty and upbeat and a definite pick me up when I need it! Lots of funny little things happened on my wedding day but the one that I love the most is when the very sweet but very old and forgetful priest went to announce us he loudly proclaimed “I now introduce Mr. and Mr. Montanio” It was really funny and the whole church was laughing, although the priest didn’t have the slightest clue what he just said.

  45. Stephanie R says:

    On our wedding day, my husband got a bloody nose right before I came down the aisle. His best friend started stuffing toilet paper up his nose, so everyone in the audience was laughing while I was walking down the aisle! I didn’t know what was going on, so I was thinking, “Wait, I don’t remember this happening at other weddings…why are they laughing at me?”. I was so nervous then, that I kept asking him if he was sure he wanted to marry me. He thought I was a little nuts for that :)

    It didn’t end there….during communion, I started to laugh at something he said to help me stop being so nervous, and I started choking! I was hoping no one noticed, but they did…

    To top it all off, it started raining so hard that it came down the sides of the tent, and we ended up dancing barefoot in the rainwater on the dance floor. I did love that part!

  46. grace says:

    We had planned a fancy barefoot outdoor wedding. Good thing it rained through the rehearsal then right? Well, that’s what I was thinking. And sure enough the next morning the rain had stopped. I was getting ready at the hotel when I started getting phone calls from the girls who were decorating the outside for me. They were complaining about bugs. Bugs?!–seriously, find a better excuse. That was my thought at least.
    Come to find out, the rain the day before happened to quicken the hatching of the cicada’s–that’s a 17 year locust. as in, those suckers only come out ONCE every 17 years–it was supposed to happen two weeks later, but instead we got the enjoyment of their hatching at our wedding site. After my husband-to-be checked out the site and decided that those girls weren’t just being–ahem–girls we moved the whole wedding inside. No big deal.
    Not the end.
    On the way inside, Josh-aka husband-to-be, experienced something no one should ever get to enjoy. A happy little bird, happily pooping on his shirt. awesome.
    happens to everyone right?!
    After the locust plague and the bird poop, our wedding turned out awesome, and I have to say the fresh air from the rain fall made for some amazing pictures–and those are the memory holders, ^_^

  47. Stacy says:

    I would say officially that nothing went wrong on our wedding day, because in the end we got married, and that was the whole idea, right?

    Our keyboardist was late, which in turn made our temperamental vocalist irate, but I didn’t know about it until after the wedding because my bridesmaids were awesome.

    I had several spiders (eeeek!) land on me during the outdoor ceremony, but we laughed it off and took “spider breaks.”

    There were sirens in the background that happened during my husbands vows, which was ironic b/c he is an EMT.

    The DJ played the wrong song for the mother/son dance (no doubt my proctrasinating hubby’s mistake!), but I liked the song he played better, lol.

    All the little quirks are things we laughed at at the time and still smile about now. They are part what made our wedding our own!

  48. Linda Mills says:

    Ya, I married the wrong guy! Does it get any worse? This has since been rectified however. Thank Goodness.

  49. Pam M says:

    The thing that went wrong started the night before. My husband and I got married in my hometown which was over 600 hundred miles from where we lived. His brother was bringing family members including my mother-in-law with him the day before and wasn’t expected to arrive until late evening. I never mentioned the unofficial rehearsal supper my mother was having because I didn’t think they would make it and I didn’t want to make my mother-in-law feel bad for not offering to help financially with a rehearsal supper. Huge mistake! They arrived three hours earlier than we expected and then I didn’t know what to do. My husband and I quickly arranged to get the families together for breakfast the next morning at the hotel they were staying at but we didn’t mention the supper. A friend of my mother’s was talking to my mother-in-law at the reception. When she found out they arrived the evening before, she tells her they should have joined us at the supper. My mother-in-law never forgot about it. The worse part is that it was my fault.

    I also upset my mother as well because I asked my uncle to perform the wedding. No one told me they had a falling out. My aunt did the silk flowers for the wedding and that upset my mother for variety of reasons. She had already told me that people had other things to do that summer. I guess we should have just eloped because I couldn’t seem to handle the wedding plans very well.

    Needless to say, our wedding was a sore subject on both sides of the family. On a brighter note, we will celebrate our 19th anniversary this summer

  50. Jaime says:

    My husband, our 2 children and I went to Jamaica to get married.

    The morning of our wedding I went to get my hair done, brought a picture and said, “No curls.” The hairdresser took out the curling iron and started to curl my hair. So I told her once again, “No curls.” I hate confrontation and so I just went with what she was doing as she told me it was just to get a little more body in my hair. My step daughter and I walked out of the salon… her looking like a cutie flower girl all full of curls and me following behind totally upset as I had the exact same hairdo. I went back to my room and pinned it all up and was annoyed but thought oh well…

    So I then went to get into my dress… I had sent my dress out the day before to get steamed and was told that it would be delivered the morning of the wedding only it hadn’t been! Our wedding was to begin at 10:30am and by 10:20am I had still not received my dress! I put in a frantic call for my dress and was told, “No worries. No problems. In all the years we have done this no bride has not gotten her dress in time!”.

    With 7 minutes to spare I jumped into my dress and ran down to the beach only to be told that the song we had chosen to walk down the aisle to had been taken by another coordinator to use at a wedding later in the day…. ahh… “No worries, no problems!”

    I looked down and saw my husband to be and my young son and knew that none of it really mattered in the long run. We were there to get married and all the rest was fluff!

    We will celebrate our 4th “No worries, no problems.” anniversary on the 24th of May!
    It just keeps getting better!

  51. Denise C. says:

    When my husband and I married it was just us. We married in The Cayman Islands. I have naturally curly hair. The Cayman Islands have humidity. Need I say more?. The hotel salon was able to do something with my ‘do so I looked beautiful. I was marrying the man of my dreams and wanted to look my best for him. :)

  52. jeannett says:

    1. wrong roses. (they were way too small and not the big full roses i had wanted).
    2. which caused the cake to be all wrong.
    3. and the bouquets to be tiny and not what i wanted.
    4. as a joke, i had set out a cow bride and groom figurine riding a john deere tractor…left it out at the reception venue, the cake lady thought it was my cake topper. so my beautiful wedding reception had a cow on the cake.
    5. i found out afterward that one of our groomsmen almost (like, really almost) backed his truck off the side of a cliff a few minutes before the event. (we got married in the mountains).

    But all of that doesn’t compare to the wedding where we were guests and during the outdoor reception, someone stole ALL of the DJ equipment from the reception venue. Every. single. thing. They had to quickly find another DJ at the last minute.

  53. Sara says:

    No problems, except one guest didn’t make it because she got too drunk before the wedding! Ah, the perils of a Vegas wedding…

  54. Jen P says:

    At my sister’s wedding, my cousin has a LOT too much to drink and threw up all over the floor and the bathroom. And then ran away. In the city. Which is also right next to a large river. We found her, and she is now properly ashamed but there were a few stressful moments.

    At my wedding, my mother in law and my father in laws girlfriend almost threw downin the parking lot, but I didn’t find out about that until much later. Thank goodness!

  55. Kristin says:

    Well my nephew was in our wedding…and about 5 at the time. Right before the procession down the aisle started, he was so nervous he HAD to go to the bathroom. He told his mom, who proceeded to tell him “you are NOT going to ruin this day for your aunt”. I was mortified that this little boy was going to blame me for scarring him at such a young age, so I immediately made sure that he got to go to the bathroom and joined us at the altar after getting rid of his “nerves”! :) We still tease him about his “stage fright”…and he is 17. Poor kid!

  56. clare says:

    My flowers never arrived, it didnt really matter, the lady who organised the wedding went to a flower shop & made me a bouquet of flowers, we got married in Leu gardens in florida, Im from England but we were having a family holiday.

  57. Nicole-Lynn says:

    Hmm what to tell? :) I am not married yet, next April we will be married. I’ve been to a lot of friends weddings and one of my friends that recently got married had a really bad dj. They didn’t play any good music and hardly anyone danced. I felt so bad so a few of us girls basically danced by ourselves all night! :)

  58. Jeannine Jacob says:

    It rained so bad at the end of March…very unusual for Scottsdale AZ. Bu train brings good luck. :)

  59. Andrea says:

    My husband’s best friends wedding… everything went wrong! Someone didn’t fill their Communion bread, so they took communion with Tic Tacs, and he spilled the grape juice down her dress. At the reception, they drove away with their mountain bikes on the roof of their car, but forgot, so they drove under the carport of their hotel and ripped them off, causing all sort of damage to both bikes and car.

  60. Pam says:

    our beautiful hand-picked champagne glasses got broken so we had to toast w/ ice cream float glasses. i didn’t know until the actual moment of toasting. they handed these horrible glasses to me and i had this WTH look and my hubby says- just go with it…i’ll tell you later…smile….click!

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