we were married on july 24, 1999.

11 years this summer {wow!}

i have never been so sure about anything. i knew he was the one.

i had no idea that our life together would be so much harder and so much better than i hoped.




my wedding budget was $2,000.

i wore my mom’s wedding dress, which was sewn my grandmother.

my friends put beautiful bouquets together for us,

and another friend took our wedding pictures.

my mom and her talented friends coordinated all the food

and dessert was a variety of cheesecakes.




the centerpieces were antique teapots with potted flowers

that my mom had collected from thrift shops and garage sales.




that’s my nephew, rhys, giving my bouquet a good sniff.

he’s gonna be in high school soon. crazy!




the day was filled with family and lot of good friends.

it was a simple party.

but important. one of the most important days of my life.

i love you, babe! i’m so glad i married you.



* * * * *


yay! we are giving away 6 items in celebration of wedding week

which has been sooo much fun!!

2 people will win a pewter heart

2 people will win a petite crest necklace


2 people will win a $100 gift certificate

***leave a comment telling us

what colors you chose (or would choose) for your wedding***

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