our wedding day story {+ a giveaway}



we were married on july 24, 1999.

11 years this summer {wow!}

i have never been so sure about anything. i knew he was the one.

i had no idea that our life together would be so much harder and so much better than i hoped.




my wedding budget was $2,000.

i wore my mom’s wedding dress, which was sewn my grandmother.

my friends put beautiful bouquets together for us,

and another friend took our wedding pictures.

my mom and her talented friends coordinated all the food

and dessert was a variety of cheesecakes.




the centerpieces were antique teapots with potted flowers

that my mom had collected from thrift shops and garage sales.




that’s my nephew, rhys, giving my bouquet a good sniff.

he’s gonna be in high school soon. crazy!




the day was filled with family and lot of good friends.

it was a simple party.

but important. one of the most important days of my life.

i love you, babe! i’m so glad i married you.



* * * * *


yay! we are giving away 6 items in celebration of wedding week

which has been sooo much fun!!

2 people will win a pewter heart

2 people will win a petite crest necklace


2 people will win a $100 gift certificate

***leave a comment telling us

what colors you chose (or would choose) for your wedding***

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{leave a comment for each entry!!}


  1. I chose black ,white and mauve pink for my wedding. I loved the flowers against the girls black dresses. If I had to do it again I would still choose black and white but maybe accent with something else like a lime green and hot pink.

  2. I’m an antique white on white girl so mostly whites with pops of peacock blue, chocolate brown and pink! Touches of lace & antiqued gold finished it of for a purely romantic setting!

  3. I choose light blue and then had lots of wild flowers in all different colors. It was beautiful!

  4. I chose red, silver, black and white for my wedding… I loved it… simple and classic. I’d probably do the same again if I had the chance. Or I might opt for brighter color. Not sure! My girls wore black dresses and I loved that – it was simple and elegant.

  5. The color for our wedding was red! I wore a red dress and had red extensions in my hair. I know it may sound strange, but it was done beautifully.

  6. Well I met my boyfriend on the 24th of july last year, so the day you were married for ten years to you big love! Right away i knew that he was the one that i would marry! I don’t know when and in what colour, couse my dream is to marry in Australia and have a simple but elegant wedding, while his dream is to marry in the football stadium of his favorite footbalclub here in the Netherlands probably in the colours of the club red and white…. So we haven’t set a date yet, or actualy he didn’t even ask me yet, so i still have time to come up with a middle way to have a dream wedding for both of us!

    baci Patricia

  7. I found my dress in a little store run by two designers for next to nothing- What a find! It had tiny flowers and vines embroidered all over it and I absolutely loved it- the bridesmaid dresses were a wine colour and luckily (weirdly?) ending up matching the flowers on my dress perfectly….
    The boys wore black tartan kilts. It was almost 40 degrees that day and we all sweat our butts off- it was fantastic!

  8. I had an October Wedding and our color was a dark plum. The girls dresses were dark plum (purple is my favorite color) and the flowers were wildflowers that were ties together with plum ribbon. It was the perfect day!

  9. I know time is flying for us also, married almost 19 years! Red & Black were our colors! What a lovely blog you have, I will bookmark it!

  10. The weddings you have posted have been so beautiful. Love them all.
    I have been married 20 years this month. We had all Antique white at ours. If I were to chose today what colors to have it would be all beachy colors, Soft seafoam and soft turquiose mixed with whites. Love those colors
    thanks Lisa, hope I win

  11. I would choose Navy and a bright, yet dark pink or Navy and Turquoise or Navy and Yellow. My boyfriend is in the Army, so I would need something that goes well with dress blues!

  12. Our wedding was very low-key, but if I had to do it again I might choose blue and chocolate brown.

  13. We had lots of colors, pinks, yellows, greens. My flowers were Gerber Daisies so we had lots of pretty colors πŸ™‚

  14. We had a small civil wedding. Our colors were brown & taupe; flowers were really bright orange, yellow, green. We just celebrated our 2 month wedding anniversary (although we’ve been together for almost 9 years)… Love your wedding pics & all the others too! πŸ™‚

  15. Wow, Lisa! You have 838 comments before me, would you read each one of them? I am impressed!
    My wedding day was the most blessed but also most saddest day of my life. I had flown from Japan the day before the wedding despite of my family’s protest of not to marry this “American guy”, went to Reno, NV, with my husband and his family, and got married at “The Heart of Reno Chapel”! We chose to get married In Nevada because of my immigrant issues, which resulted not requiring lots of paper works. I was so sad because I had left my family to marry the man I loved(he was stationed in Japan and that was where we met), but I somehow knew this was God’s will. I was jet-lagged, confused, and so overwhelmed! Of course this was the first time to meet his side of family, on the day of my wedding. I didn’t even have a wedding dress, a real flower bouquet, nothing. But I had my new family celebrating the begging of out life, and it was beautiful. That was almost 18 years ago, and God has blessed our marriage, and with three beautiful daughters. We are in love with each other more than ever! I hope to have a renew our wedding on 25th anniversary. I would choose sage/pale green.
    Thanks for reading my long comment. I felt like sharing as I love reading your blog often and feel like I know you. Love your wedding pictures, it’s beautiful. May God bless your marriage tremendously!

  16. We got married in the early 90’s… and I chose peach for a theme color. Looking back, I wish I’d never chosen that color. If I had the chance to do it over again, I’d choose a maroon red. But, I wouldn’t change anything else, for I was lucky enough to have married my best friend!

  17. My husband and I have been married 13 years this July. Our bridesmaids wore simple black dresses. Our colors were mainly white, and black with an accent of red. It was very regal and timeless. I can say I would still choose those same colors again today!

  18. Our wedding colors were periwinkle and white with touches of pink in the flowers. Just got back from my little sister’s wedding πŸ™‚

  19. My original colors were lilac and silver, but for some reason we just could never find the dresses we all wanted in lilac. So I went with a crisp navy and silver with ivory accents. My dress was immaculate with glass beading hand sewed all over the body, skirt and train. If I had one thing to change now it’d be that dress. Whew was that thing heavy and hot….in September no less !

  20. We had a winter wedding, so we had a more limited “design theme” than summer weddings… we used plum purple with silver and white accents. It actually turned out beautiful!

  21. We eloped so I had a bouquet of yellow roses but I would have loved to use lime green some how.

  22. we were married in may. we had purple and yellow as our colors. 8 years ago! i wonder if i would have chose something different now. πŸ™‚

  23. Our wedding was in October & we chose burgundy as our color. Your wedding pictures are absolutely beautiful! I especially love the one of your sweet nephew! The expression on his face is so adorable!

  24. I’ve known my husband for 11 years, but we’ve only been married for 3.

    Our colors were emerald green and yellow, with an Irish/earthy theme. We used potted herbs as centerpieces, and stenciled the pots ourselves. Good times!

  25. Oh, I remember the tight budget! We made it work though, and are a month shy of our 24th anniversary! I was busy waffling back and forth on the color – couldn’t make up my mind. Then, my (now) husband spoke up with a firm “purple” …. so purple it was! Perfect! We also had silver & white… and I have such sweet memories from our happy day. And the 24 happy years since!

  26. Our wedding is exactly 50 days from now and I cannot wait! I have known he is the one for me since the day we first met and I am so excited to become his wife! We’ll be having our ceremony on the beach, and right beside the rain forest, then having our reception dinner overlooking the harbour and the forest clad islands of Clayoquot Sound so our colours will be a sea blue, white & a forest green.

    I’ve loved your photos this week, the teapots are gorgeous!!

  27. We had a tight budget but it was beautiful, and trust me since it was my second, it is more important to marry the right person than to have the right wedding.

  28. Our wedding colors were purple and silver. Purple has been my favorite color since I was…2, or so my parents tell me! πŸ™‚ I just remember always loving purple…lilac…lavender, you name it!

  29. My wedding colour was turquoise blue! It is my fav colour & was totally appropriate for my Caribbean wedding πŸ™‚

  30. My colors back in 1994 were forest green and burgandy. It was Christmas.

    Still, if it was today I would choose bright aqua for sure!

    I’ve LOVED all the pictures from wedding week! SO MUCH FUN!!

  31. I chose pink with burgundy accents. The most gorgeous wedding ever, in my estimation. It will be 39 years in July. Still crazy in love with my man!

  32. Our colors were petal peach, ivory and forest green. YOU TWO LOOK SO SWEET! Thank you for sharing your day!

  33. If/when I get married my 2 sisters will be the only to stand up for me. One will wear a brown dress with a blue sash, and one will wear a brown dress with a pink sash. Those will be the colors… I LOVE chocolate brown with pink and blue πŸ™‚ I also LOVE seeing wedding photos.. i’m a sucker for a happy ending!

  34. My colors were black and silver. I did have the pops of color, which included more deep reds, oranges and so forth. It was a beautiful day!!!

  35. slate blue bridesmaid dresses and pink flowers! how i wish i could go back and relive the day again. best and most fun day of my life!

  36. We were married in November, because I love the fall! My wedding colors were navy blue & cream, but my flowers were all fall-y, with even a few mini pumpkins! Love your wedding pics, so sweet.

  37. 24 years this August. A shrimpy peachy pink color with ivory. It was such a special day. I’ve fallen hard for hydrangea’s these days, so I might choose soft apple green like the limelight’s I have planted with reckless abandon in our yard!

  38. Our colors were orange, hot pink and yellow for a June wedding!! Mysister is a florist so the flowers were phenomenal and it was also on a budget of less than $2500 eleven years ago!! If I had it to do again I might have the boys wear brown suits and be outside in a field with a super cool barn — but I’d definitely marry the same guy!! (he makes really cute babies!!)

  39. This August will be our 7th wedding anniversary … the guys all wore french blue dress shirts with black pants and my girls wore navy blue dresses!! We were married in a little white country church… the wedding party was small and colors/decorations very simple but Beautiful … it was a day when dreams came true !!!!!!!!!!!! πŸ™‚ Thanks for letting me reminisce !!! πŸ™‚

  40. Enjoy seeing all of the pictures!! I think I’d use pink and brown…but that could change by the time I have the opportunity to pick! πŸ™‚

    Thanks for entering me!

  41. We will be celebrating our 20th in just 2 months, on July 14th. We chose Royal blue with pink accents. Looking back it wasn’t a great choice, but hey it was 1990 and those colors were “in” πŸ˜‰ The truth is, it doesn’t matter what colors you choose/chose, how much your wedding cost, or what music you had. What matters are the years after you say “I do” and choosing to make that commitment again each and every day.

    Oh, I love your pieces – they are art!

  42. I am actually getting married this august. August 2010 and I wanted to be different so I chose all the butterfly colors and gerber daisy colors! My bridesmaids are each wearing a different color. Lilac, orange, turquoise, pink, and yellow are the dresses and my mama is actually making them so they will be great! I just love different colors so why not use them? I just can not wait till we start our wonderful lives together…..
    Thank you for your giveaway God bless!

  43. I think I would pick some sort of green and lavender combo but I’m not for sure πŸ™‚ by the time I get married I may decide on something way different.

  44. I used light pink and a deep pink. The girls had deep pink dresses and light pink flowers and I had a little bit of light pink beading on my dress and deep pink flowers.

  45. Our wedding was Thanksgiving weekend, so we had thanksgiving colors… brown, yellow, orange. Our center pieces were mini pumpkins hollowed out with potted mums in them. We had tons of pumpkins and gourds as the decorations. The men wore chocolate brown ties, and the girls wore brown dresses. We served a turkey dinner and had pumpkin pie as dessert. It was beautiful (If I do say so myself!) Thank you for the generous giveaway!

  46. My husband and I are creeping close to our seventh anniversary. I can’t believe we’ve been married that long and have known each other for 10 years. We were actually just discussing that with a friend who has also known us that long just tonight over dinner. Oh the memories, so much fun to look back upon. πŸ™‚ Loved your wedding week series and your look back upon your special day! Really appreciate you sharing each day of your life and all of the gorgeous photos that accompany them.

    oh… and my colors were aubergine and a lighter purplish.. (don’t remember the actual name for that color… just lighter purple…haha)

    Enjoy your weekend and thank you so much for your generous giveaway!


  47. We had a black and white wedding in December.
    Girls carried candles in brandy snifters.
    I had a blast, would probably do it all over again and not change a thing.
    That’s saying a lot for choices made over 20 years ago.

  48. For my may 29tg wedding (Soo soon!! Agh!!)
    we are doing navy (I think the color is actually called marine)
    our flowers are mostly white with a touch of yellow for fun!

  49. I used ivory and black with pale pink flowers for our wedding. And I still like those colors! Hard to believe that was 18 years ago. Thanks for an opportunity to win!

  50. We went with burgundy as the primary color, with silver, white, and black accents. I’m not sure if we’d go with that scheme again or not. We were severely limited by the color of the church sanctuary (and by the other wedding color schemes we knew were being used in that church that particular summer)! πŸ™‚

  51. We were married in June 2002, and although the flowers were mostly red the bridesmaid dresses were plaid (upholstery fabric). It sounds uglier than it looked. I might choose different colors now, but I’d always choose the same guy…

  52. Our 6th year wedding anniversary will be on July 23 and it has been the 6th best years of my life. I chose celadon as my wedding color. We used fresh greenery everywhere. My beautiful bridesmaids have lovely irish skin that just doesn’t tan but glistens in celadon. I love your jewelry and your blog.

  53. Our wedding colors were green and cream. So romantic, we were married on the cliff overlooking the ocean! We also had a very small budget.

  54. I chose a sage green color with pink and purples in my flowers to go along with green hydrangea. I would get married over and over to choose different flowers πŸ™‚ But I would choose the same husband every time!!!

  55. My SO and I have been together for 24 years and this summer we will finally get married. I never believed we needed a piece of paper to tell us we are committed to each other but the older I get the idea of calling him HUSBAND is very much a heart warming idea. Our wedding colors will be Light Gray and Pale Blue. Thank you for the contest.

  56. Oh, man…. my girls had burgundy and pink. But that was in ’73. Today, I would do a black and white wedding with the very smallest smattering of red (a single red rose in a bouquet of white)…very classy!! I so enjoyed Wedding Week. Thank you!

  57. Mine was red with a splash of orange (inspired by beautiful multi-colored roses) and a little bit of limey green. Perfect for a fall wedding.

  58. Oh Lisa, your story touched my heart. We had a wedding very much like yours, little to no budget, but a great deal of love from family and friends to make our day very special. Our colors were dark green and a light mauve color. Our wedding is 2-15-92, the day after Valentine’s Day. :o)
    Thank you for being so generous in sharing your beautiful jewelry with us.
    Sincerely ~ Trish

  59. Okay Lisa, first of all you were such a lovely bride! The curls, the huge smile, the pearls on your veil….thank you for sharing the pictures of your beautiful wedding! I have been married to the love of my life 13 years this Monday, May 17 and it’s hard to believe it’s been that long. My husband picked out the bridesmaids’ dresses at Ann Taylor (off the rack – no alterations – and on sale!) and that set the color scheme for our wedding….periwinkle with purple, yellow and hot pink flowers….I would choose those colors again after all these years! Happy anniversary and I love your beautiful jewelry.

  60. Our wedding was during the Christmas season- but not a Christmas theme by anymeans ; ) Our colors were ivory and a real deep red/purple color, with all natural decor- real trees with fresh flowers. It was a simple and beautiful!! Love your blog, it’s so fun to follow and inspiring!

  61. We used lilac and pink…I loved it! It was such a special day. My 9th anniversary is next week πŸ™‚

  62. Love your wedding pics and love that you made is so beautiful on a small budget. I had a budget just a few dollars bigger than yours and it was wonderful. My colors were black and white with small touches of red. This October will be ten wonderful years. But if I was to get a do over (with the same guy) I think I would go for very muted colors…White and pale pink. PLEASE pick me!!

  63. We chose several different shades of purple for our wedding. I loved how the colors turned out and would do the exact same thing all over again.

  64. We got married in November of 2006 and our colors were black and ivory. Our flowers were red roses. We had a Friday evening wedding with lots of candlelight. It was very romantic!

    I got my dewdrop necklace for Mother’s Day and I absolutely love love love it!

    Love your blog!


  65. We were married June 12, 1982. Our colors were dusty pink and gray. I ended up with the pink because that is what color the bridesmaid’s dresses came in. It turned out beautifully and I would not go back and change it. I just remember how much we enjoyed the day and each other! It was very relaxed.

  66. i don’t have to pick which colors i WOULD choose… i can pick what colors i CHOSE RIGHT NOW… we are planning our wedding (91 days!!)– and our colors are a deep teal and heather gray. and yellow flowers.

    i LOVE LOVE LOVE you stuff. love. i would love to win this givaway to get more goodies for my wedding (already ordered the pewter heart….)

  67. I chose lavender for my bridesmaid dresses, had sterling silver roses in my bouquet and lavender hydrangeas for the center pieces. It was a perfect day in 1997 and I loved my wedding day. If I got married today I would choose turquoise or aqua for my colors because that is my new fav!

  68. In just a couple of months (9/01/10) my husband and I will be married 20 years!! The years have flown by and I am so happy that we decided to spend them together! Like you, we have two boys that fill our days with joy – Our bridesmaids wore purple but I had loads and loads of fresh springlike flowers of all colors in our bouquets and on the tables and cakes! I love flowers and a major part of our budget was spent on them.

  69. i’m SO into turquoise right now so my wedding would be turquoise…..but my real wedding was very simple, in a backyard and I told my maid of honor to pick any dress she wanted, I trusted her and she did a great job, my mother on the other hand wore a horrible dress, o well, love her anyway.

  70. our wedding was a black and white wedding….super classy! wouldn’t change a thing about that perfect day!

  71. We got married in 1994 (wow-has it been THAT long?) and my color was forest green! If I had to do it all over again, it would be the same guy and maybe silver for the color?

  72. Navy and orange. I made orange sashes to go with navy dresses from Target fr my bridesmaids. They carried peach roses I carried orange. We all wore silver sandals with orange toes.

  73. Lisa: Your wedding looks amazing–thanks for sharing. There is no such thing as “wedded bliss” — life experiences, shared joy, sorrow and love will endure. All the best to you and your family in the years to come.

    I had a red and white themed wedding as we were married on December 26.

  74. Beautiful pictures. Our wedding was very much us. My husband and I were married on the beach (same spot where we skipped school as high school students) at sunset. Our wedding colors were lime green, bright blue and orange. We were surrounded by friends, tiki torches, and most importantly, we were barefoot.

  75. I will be married 20 years this June. The time has gone so fast that it is scary.
    Our colors were royal blue and pale pink.

  76. Beautiful wedding photos! My color was blue and I have never had or wanted anything blue since! Please, please pick me for one of your creations! Have loved them for so long!

  77. so lovely – thanks for sharing!

    i chose pale yellow and periwinkle blue for my wedding:) we had wildflower bouquets and were married in a little white country church. my favorite was kissing my husband for the FIRST time and pulling away in a horse drawn carriage

  78. Lisa, your wedding was gorgeous! I love the vintage dress, you looked so beautiful in it!

    Our wedding was in lavender taffeta. So 80’s! We loved it!

  79. Looks & sounds like a beautiful wedding!!!! I am getting married in October…my colors are eggplant purple, silver & green. Fun week!

  80. Our colors were navy blue , white and silver. Lots of beautiful wildflowes really popped against the classic colors we chose. We were married in ’99 too! Loved the wedding stories you shared. It was a fun gift each day this week. Please do it again!

  81. wow, how great! i think my colors would be brown, cream, and sage, with some dark green thrown in.

    btw – my sister in law’s mother’s day necklace is beautiful!

  82. My sister used tangerine in her wedding a few years ago and it was gorgeous! I just wish i had a better tan to go with my bridesmaid dress! πŸ™‚

  83. Okay…we were married in 1986…thus the pastel palette…gray, baby blue and pink…it was beautiful but not what I would have chosen today…

  84. My colors were purple and yellow-Beautiful purple hydrangeas and pale yellow dresses! Ten years ago this August!

  85. Our colors were burgundy and gold. We got married December 27th, 1997 in a small chapel in Gatlinburg, TN. The snow was falling and it was absolutely *magical*.

  86. Your wedding was so beautiful and such a testimony to what an amazing family you have.

    Our budget was 1,000. We were part of an amazing and beautiful church. Our amazing chruch family provided close to everything. Then i went wild with the flowers. Wildflowers from SB Farmer’s Market that my maid of honor arranged. Everything coordinated around those:) blues and greens and beautiful florals for the flower girl.I was a nnany at the time to to adorable twin boys almost three and they were our ring bearers:)

    Having A Hallelujah Good Time

  87. I teared up reading about your wedding. So beautiful! We’ll be celebrating our 7 year anniversary next month and our colors were plum and silver.

  88. Our color was royal blue. We will be married 25 years this June, so it’s been awhile but have to say, I still like royal blue. Would probably pick different styles for the dresses though…. but hey, it was the 80’s!

  89. We had a beautiful blue color. I fell in love with it. I cannot remember if I liked the bridesmaid dresses in that color or if I chose it from the irises on the cake first, but it was gorgeous. I still have some ribbon in the color floating around my house and it makes me smile each time I see it.

  90. Our colors were pink and green. If I had it to do all over again I would not change a thing! We just celebrated our 4 year anniversary yesterday!!

  91. I got married in 1983- good grief so many years ago but we are still married. Our colors were mauve (which was a very popular color in the ’80’s along with big hair).

  92. Our colors were a deep red, and there was also orange and yellow in the bouquet. We were married in October – outside. πŸ™‚

  93. lisa…how fun! thanks for sharing a glimpse of your wedding day with us!
    for our wedding…..we used coral for the bridesmaid dresses! it was simple and sweet! i wore “off white” dress…the guys wore a vintage tux and we used lilies for the flowers! i didn’t really care much if all the “details” we met….as long as i ENJOYED our day….and i did! so it was perfect!

  94. Our wedding was blue and white. I would absolutely choose the same colors today. It was such a beautiful day! Our theme was “face to face” and when the song from Alabama came out (coincidentally called Face to Face) I knew it was meant to be our song! After 22 years of marriage we are just as in love today as we were then.

  95. Your wedding looks like it was beautiful! You look so happy πŸ™‚ I wore a white dress, on the beach, no flowers and no guests. It was what we wanted back then, but today if we got a re-do for the whole thing, I would pick a bouquet of wildflowers, they are so beautiful!! Thanks for wedding week!

  96. We were married November 1, 2003 and had a VERY autumn themed wedding! It is my favorite season and we went with it! My bridesmaids wore a beautiful burnt orangey red color and our bouquets were shades or burnt red, orange, and yellow. Lots of pumpkins everywhere…it was beautiful!!

    Love your wedding photos!!!

  97. I was married New Year’s Day, so went with traditional Christmas colours – holly berry red, mistletoe white and forest green. You were a beautiful bride and I love your full veil (veils are so under-rated, but they really give a bride a queenly presence)!

  98. How lovely of you!
    My wedding colours were peach and grey. Yes, it was the mid-80s. No, I absolutely would not choose those colours again. Probably a sage-y green. Or robin’s egg blue. Or both.

  99. Just married my sweetheart January 9th and our colors were gold and ivory. Simple but beautiful πŸ˜‰

  100. we had purple and silver for our wedding. my husband gave me (anonymously) a dozen purple roses long before we started dating as a way to encourage me in my ministry work.

  101. Love your wedding pics. πŸ™‚ Our colors were coral, light pink, chocolate brown, and kraft.

  102. When we got married in ’96 I knew I wanted navy blue dresses and that’s what we had! White and silver accents topped it all off. Even after all these years I still love that color combo, but I have to admit with all the amazing colors out there right now…I might go a bit brighter…and maybe a color or two to spice it up. πŸ™‚

  103. we got married fouth of July weekend, so Navy white and red were our colors!

    I just love how you create things that keep our loved ones close to the heart!

  104. So nice to see pictures from your wedding. We will be celebrating 25 years in October. Our colors were ivory and a dark plum. The men wore black tuxs. I can appreciate what you said Lisa about life together being harder but so much better that you could have hoped. May God bless you with many more happy years.

  105. I chose a soft gold sheath style dress for my bridesmaids. They carried bouquets of will flowers and looked simply lovely! It was simple and sweet and I am so thankful for all of the hands that worked together to make it such a celebration!

  106. My colors were a bright/light spring green and soft yellow…perefct for our outdoor summer wedding. We’ll celebrate 5 years this July! wow, how time flies! Thanks for sharing the lovely photos from your special day.

  107. I chose orchid and white, carried a white orchid with a purple throat on a white Bible. Had orchid and white gladiolas. It was 53 years ago in June, and there have been prettier weddings than mine in my little country church, but not better marriages. πŸ™‚ You can ask my husband, if you don’t believe me. We wouldn’t change anything. He spent half the years as an Chaplain, and we got the see lots of the world, courtesy of the Air Force.

  108. Just celebrated 18 happy years with my hubby. My bridesmaids wore burgundy, I wore candlelight – my mom made all the dresses. I know, right? What a wonderful mom I have.

  109. My colors were grey and rose or light mauve, depending on the dress we could find for the bridesmaids. We have been married 20 years this year, and I agree it has been harder than we thought and also more fun and interesting than we thought too. By the way, thanks for the giveaway at Shey B’s sight. Happy Anniversary!!!!!!

  110. I got married at a winery on 8/8/08 at sunset. I didn’t have actual “colors”, I decorated at the ceremony with sunflowers, and I made my bouquet with wine-colored gerberas, wrapped with a silver ribbon. I decorated the party site with gerbera daisies in a range of colors and white orchids.

  111. for an evening spring wedding I would love a candlelight tea length dress with bridesmaid or bridesmaids in lavender

  112. What beautiful pictures you have of your lovely day! We were married the summer before you and black, white and pink ended up being our colors. I wanted bright flowers for the bouquets but the florist said no, they wouldn’t photograph well. Instead I had pink. Oh how I wish I could do it all over again. I was young, unsure of myself and didn’t know how to stand up for what I wanted.

  113. how fun to reminisce!
    26+ years ago our wedding colors were a soft mauve & silver gray with beautiful white roses!
    love your wedding theme this week!

  114. Both of my daughters recently got married—the first used teal and chocolate with a hint of sage green and the youngest daughter used royal blue with sunflowers. Both equally pretty and special!

  115. My husband and I got married quick in the courthouse thanks to the army. It;s been 5 years and I still haven’t had my “real wedding” yet. My dream colors would be tiffany blue, ivory, pink, and brown. While I do dream of a beautiful wedding, it is the marriage that truly matters

  116. I had a fall wedding with fall colors, which I’d always dreamed of as a child. Rich reds, oranges, and yellowsβ€”and lots of brown paper touches (invitations, favor boxes, etc.)

  117. I LOVE Pink and would have loved to have “blush and bashful” for my colors. My husband is not a pink type of guy, so we did black and white with pink ties on the men and pink roses in my bouquet.

  118. Your wedding was beautiful!!
    My mother’s colors were Red and Gold…very rich looking… πŸ˜‰
    I’ll think of mine when I get there…

  119. My bridesmaid’s wore a dusty lavender color – they were so beautiful ! Married my best friend 12 year’s ago …..

  120. You had me when you said you wore your mothers wedding dress. Sewn by your grandmother. How touching and beautiful! Thanks for sharing such a special day and way you shared with your family.

  121. My colors were simple because we are simple people. Black and White. Our love for each other was very black and white and so we thought we should show how simple and true it was. I cannot believe it was 8 years, 2 wonderful children, and so many memories ago! Looking forward to many more!

  122. It will be nine years this August and we had a blue colour theme. As we walked out the church my husband looked at me and said “shall we do that a again” and a I would everyday.

  123. Our colors were ivory and sort of a pale slate blue πŸ™‚ I’d probably go with the same colors again πŸ™‚ Oh and we were married in July 1999 too!

    Going to post on FB πŸ™‚

  124. We had our wedding in December…. colors were red, black and ivory. We kept things on the lower budget by using the establishments Christmas decorations and all the fresh snow from the night before for pictures! Was perfect.

  125. I tweeted it and if any of my followers win, I’m gonna to hunt them down! πŸ˜€ Just kidding. They already know about you, bc I’m always showing off my lisa leonard stuff!

  126. Our colors were red, chocolate brown, and champagne. I liked to think of it as chocolate covered strawberries & champagne… all of which we had at the reception!

  127. we got married 3.5 years ago, and our colors were brown and pool blue. the guys wore brown tuxes!

  128. We chose very earthy colors…the bridesmaids wore chocolate brown gowns with ivory sashes. My bouquet was ivory tulips as were the bridesmaids. The mom’s carried their favorite flowers- lilacs. We had a chuppah that my mother and I created. It was a quilt using photos of my husband and I from when we were children up to when we met and got engaged, and was held up with real tree branches and a beautiful assortment of flowers. There were green, ivory, and purple, and copper colors incorporated throughout the wedding. It was exactly what I envisioned and more. It was like being in a mystical forest.

  129. Love those pictures, thank you for sharing your special day. I chose periwinkle and yellow for my colors. I wanted purple but (purple and gold are my husbands college rival colors so I went periwinkle). I have been happily married for 10 years and wouldn’t change a thing…. But if I were getting married today… I might choose green and yellow for my colors.

  130. WOW! 650 replies! We all just love your blog….can you tell??? LOL
    I was married in Oct 94….16 years this year….are colors were cream and hunter green and I have oceania roses….which my dear husband still remembers the name of and impresses florists when he orders them by name! Love that man! Were I to get married today I might still choose this same palette but with splashes of browns, golds and burnt oranges…..like you it was something that I was 100% sure of with all my heart…..and I still feel the same way 16 years later!

    You wedding sounds beautiful and very sweet and personal….you haven’t aged a day!

  131. We were married in October so our wedding colors were shades of red, mustard yellow, sage green, and touches of orange. If I were to have a spring wedding I would have LOVED to have Tiffany Blue and white πŸ™‚

  132. Ours was a small beautiful wedding filled with white and peach colors and some green for accent.

    Thank you, Lisa, for this generous giveaway!

  133. Nov. 97 – cranberry, hunter green and ivory…absolutely loved it!

  134. My wedding was my second and I got to wear the dress of my DREAMS… strapless deep gorgeous liquorice sheeny green with a stunning train of cream silk with botanical images on it. Was just so heaveny. Had my hair up with fresh flowers… I felt like a princess!!! Sigh… lovely memory

  135. Back in 92 our colors were hunter green and gold. Yikes! But now, I’m all about the black and white combo for a wedding. Classic. Happy Anniversary!!!

  136. We were married at my uncle’s ranch and my friend made beautiful wildflower bouquets. Our colors matched the flowers. Bright pinks, purples and oranges. It was fifteen years ago this September.

  137. I have been with my boyfriend for almost 10 yrs, since I was 15… we have just recently started having “wedding discussions” and cannot wait for my special day! I just love weddings! My colors would have to be classic black and white, but I have also thought of canary yellow to brighten things up… πŸ™‚

  138. We got married in November of 2001. We chose black and hunter green. The girls were so pretty in their black velvet with the green bottoms.

  139. My wedding was 22 years ago. I chose pink and white. My oldest daughter is getting married in 8 weeks! She has chosen yellow and white.

  140. My colors for my wedding (which will be two years ago in August) were lilac and silver and light green. My dress had a lilac sash, and my ring bearers & groom had lilac ties/vest. The groomsmen had silver vest. And my bridesmaids had white lace tops with beautiful green skirts. Oh how I miss that day!

  141. our surprise to everyone else wedding consisted of light blue + lots of pretty flowers. it was beach themed even though it was in our front yard.

  142. We were married 13 years ago on May 31st. The bridesmaids wore sage green and the flowers were a mixed of colors – I wanted them to look like they went out and picked them from a field. Beautiful day – beautiful memories!!!

  143. WOW! i was visiting from Shey B’s Blog where she is giving away a Gift Certificate and I stumbled on your Giveaway!!! BONUS! πŸ™‚ I really like your jewelery. Very Very Nice!! Like you, we had a Low Budget Wedding – I wore my Mother’s Gown as well – It was the perfect design – exactly what I had in mind. Navy Blue was the color of the Bridesmaids Gowns – very classic and clean.
    Thank You.
    I am now a Follower! πŸ™‚

  144. My hubby and I just celebrated our 13th anniversary on the 10th of May! Wedding week indeed for us!!! I chose the “in” colors that I loved-forest green and burgandy! Today I would choose something more fun and brighter. Maybe orange and red or aqua & brown or lime green with black. My hubby Doug was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis 2 1/2 years after we were married and we love to celebrate each day. We are grateful we have each other, or children, our family and friends and grateful for the goodness of God and his role in our life. Thank you for the chance to win! I have 3 of your pieces and love every single one of them!!!

  145. My girls wore simple crimson dresses for a november wedding and carried a mixed bouquet of gerber daisies and roses in fall colors.

  146. Our wedding featured crimson/brick red colors which were beautiful for our winter wedding in Minnesota!

  147. My wedding was a mixed floral – peach, purple, blue. The bridesmaids dresses were made of this and I loved it so much I made curtains for my kitchen out of the same fabric when we bought our first house. Thanks for a chance to win. :O)

  148. We did not have any certain colors for our wedding… we got married in the Bahamas and used tropical flowers as our only “decorations” if you want to call it that. It was pinks and purples… very pretty. πŸ™‚

  149. My wedding colors were all shades of purple! From the light purple hydrangeas in my bouquet to the eggplant of my maid of honor’s dress, it was a purple affair! Get this, of all the things to put his foot down on, my husband chose the color.

  150. My wedding colors were burgandy and the classic b/w. I designed my wedding with one goal in mind-I never wanted to look at my wedding pics and feel like it was “dated.” My dress was as simple as they come and I LOVED IT and more importantly, STILL DO! 12 years this summer.

  151. We choose the bridesmaids in a teal color with accents of lavender and pink… that will be 29 years in August!!!! The guys wore classic black. πŸ™‚

  152. the bridesmaids wore dark teal velvet (that almost looked black)
    do you still have the light pink dress we wore for Dan and Janine’s?

  153. So beautiful! My colors were bright/dark pink (not hot pink), and baby pink. I had gerbera daisies and some roses. Sounds like you had such a sweet day, and are enjoying an even sweeter life together! πŸ™‚

  154. Fushia and white. Washington DC. Capitol Hill. May 1989. Beautiful. 21 years and I’d marry him all over again….and I think I’d even pick those same bridesmaids’ dresses and colors….so pretty!

  155. Oh, I am all over a wedding on a budget! We were married 19 years ago…young and in love and very, very cash poor. And we did a good job keeping our costs low for the event!

    Our colors were ivory and black which was very trendy at the time;)

    What beautiful photos this week has brought on your blog, thank you so much for sharing!


  156. We had a very, very small wedding and I didn’t focus on colors, but I wore a cream dress and so had cream roses and orange and yellow gerbas. It was fall so I tried to keep it in fall colours. happy Anniversary!

  157. We did a super casual wedding; my dress was a white off the rack from Banana Republic. I still wear it. <3

  158. our colors were apple green and plum purple πŸ™‚ ha! We’re about to celebrate our year anniversary next Sunday! time REALLY flies by! already a year!?

  159. We did navy and white, and I’m still really happy with it. The color was really flattering on all of the bridemaids, and not too trendy. It was clean and simple, which I love.
    Happy anniversary! Thanks for hosting such a great giveaway!

  160. 14 years ago….our color…a “peachy pink”. Probably wouldn’t choose it again – but it was one of those “in” colors at the time. Now I would lean more towards, navy, deep red or even chocolate brown! Regardless of the color scheme – august 10, 1996 was simply perfect!

  161. our wedding colors were yellow, fuschia, and chocolate brown. i had a bouquet of sunflowers, dahlias, kermits, and berries. my bridesmaids wore dresses in all three colors and three different styles.

  162. Our colors were royal blue (my bridesmaids dresses) and I did accents of peach that matched my bouquet (that was the big splurge of my wedding…I had Equadorian peach roses flown in (!!! my mom picked them up at the airport!). Ahhh, what a great day that was. I wish I could relive it again!

  163. Beautiful wedding pics Lisa! My husband and I have been married for almost 8yrs, (May 25th). Our colors were fuschia and silver. Silver bridesmaid dresses with fuschia rose bouquets. One of the best days of my life!

    Best Wishes,
    Meredith B

  164. My wedding colors were coral, hot pink with vibrant reds & goldens. We were married on the beach and I wanted the colors of the sunset! =)

  165. Recently I have loved the color red for a wedding. Red apples as decorations inspire me. Luckily I don’t have to chose anytime soon though because I can’t decide if I like bright green or bright blue with the red better. Maybe all three! =)

  166. Our wedding colors were dark blue (hence my Egyptian Blue wedding dress) and olive green. We got married in December so it looked great.

  167. almost 11 years ago, my colors were a pale pinky-peach color, ivory and a pale spring green πŸ™‚

  168. My bridesmaids wore a red/burgundy color. We were married the week before Christmas so the colors fit perfect for that time of year. They carried stargazer lilies and I had lipstick roses. Wouldn’t change any of it if I had to do over again! We just celebrated 5 years in December!!

  169. We didn’t have a “color” – it was a backyard spring weddding with beautiful spring tulips. Invitations sent out were a soft blue and my maid of honour wore a soft lilac. It was informal and fabulous πŸ™‚ and 9 years ago.

  170. 15 years ago I had purple as my bridesmaids dresses and calla lilies for the flowers! We had, thankfully, just moved out of the “big bow” generation, so none of those were present.

  171. I chose periwinkle for my bridesmaid dresses and pink and yellow roses for my boquet! We will be celebrating 10 amazing years together this July!

  172. We were married on the beach in Mexico. My dress was ivory and he wore ivory linen pants and shirt. The flowers were bright orange and the background was the gulf of mexico. Almost 3 years has passed and I am even happier now than I was then…

  173. an outdoor, fall wedding in rural new england- FALL COLORS- the only colors :} my sisters wore red and held 3 large sunflowers. baskets of fall mums surrounded my husband and i as we exchanged our vows in front of a shimmering river and our dearest friends.

  174. my anniversay is 5/20 and we have been married for 21 years! our colors were bright blue with mauve & white accents, it was 1989 afterall!

  175. My husband and I got married after our daughters were born… our one color was yellow. Our daughters wore white dresses with yellow sashes and had yellow roses.

  176. IF and when the day comes that I ever get married again I would choose to do a fall wedding and fall colors and flowers…..being born in October I have a love for the fall.

  177. I had every color, shade, and hue of purple as my colors. Purple is my favorite color…so of course it would be incorporated into my nuptials=). I just couldn’t decide on eggplate, periwinkle, violet, orchid, plum, grape, lavender….OY! It was beautiful though!!
    Kelli @ SustainingCreativity

  178. Mine were Navy bridesmaids dresses and flowers were all sorts of jewel tones. I think now I would probably choose something completely different. Maybe black and white with touches of deep red.

  179. Oh I love your jewelry and I would love to win the gift certificate!!!…Cuz I love the “Sparkle” necklace.

    At our wedding…a zillion years ago…we had soft yellow and soft blue colors. Our family already had decorations in those colors and they helped us put it all together. We did everything on a limited budget and it was just an intimate affair…just close friends and family.

    Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

  180. We had a Christmas wedding and I really wanted burgundy bridesmaid dresses, but couldn’t find a single one that year! So, we ended up with a deep green. It was a perfect night.

  181. I chose brown and hot pink. These are my favorite colors and I would do it the exact same all over again (the colors that is!) There’s plenty of small things I would change, just not the Groom, or the colors! πŸ™‚

  182. We were married in october, I love the autumn and the colors. My bridesmaids wore sage green dresses and carried autumnal colored flowers, yellow roses, burgundy carnations, orange Gerber daisies and euculyptus leaves. It was so special.

  183. We did black and white. I carried red roses. My bridesmaids chose their own dresses. I loved that simple color scheme.

  184. I was married in august… and i love bright colors. My colors were bright orange and green! The girls wore light green dresses and we all carried orange gerber daisy bouquets. I also wore lime green shoes under my dress πŸ™‚

  185. I had 2 weeks to plan my wedding! He was getting deployed (USMC) and wanted to make sure that I was taken care of in case something happened. First, to find dresses…for me it was easy & one off the rack fit perfect. For my bride’s maids, not to easy. We went to the JCPenney outlet store in Atlanta. I knew he would be wearing dress blues, so I was looking for a complimenting color. Finally found matching red dresses that my girls could wear.

    We used lots of greenery, white & red roses, and white lace.

    The cakes and fruit waterfall were made professionally. My parents, grandmother, & aunts made the food for the reception. His grandmother went through her fabric shop & found several bolts of white lace to make swags on the reception hall walls. In the evenings after work, I arranged the bouquets and other flowers used.

    For a quick wedding, I loved it!

  186. I chose a burgendy-wine color, and it was perfect for our autumn wedding! I would definately choose the same colors all over again πŸ™‚ Your wedding pics are beautiful BTW!!!

  187. I had rose and celadon. If I were to do it again though it would be shades of blue with all the girls in the same dress with different shades, yummy!

  188. Our colors were pink and champaigne…which was not exactly a normal choice for me, but when I found my dress and it had a pink sash, I just had to go in that direction. And it was beautiful! Hope I win!

  189. I’ve always said I wanted blue and some other color that has to be determined! ; ) But I love pink and purple too so maybe I’ll weave them all together. I know that I want Gerber daisies so I think could use all those colors! πŸ™‚

  190. I am actually getting married on July 17th of this year. Our wedding colors will be hot pink and lime green.

  191. I had a very small wedding 29 years ago so I didn’t have colors or a theme. If I were to have a wedding today I would have chocolate brown, lime green and magenta….kind of tropical.

  192. My wedding was 21 years ago, and my color was emerald green – we were married in december and the church was decorated for Christmas – beautiful!

  193. I chose my favorite color for the bridesmaids – blue! And my mother made my dress and the flower girl’s dress AND 4 bridesmaid’s dresses!

  194. I’m currently planning my wedding for May. Our colors are the colors that Calla lilies come in. So lilac, light yellow, green, and white. Brides maids will wear yellow and my matron of honor will wear a light lilac. We are getting married outside in a garden so that is were the green comes in.

  195. Congrats to you! I LOVE that second photo of the two of you πŸ™‚

    Our colors, silver and black with a touch of lavender and sage (hydrageneas) – did everything myself (invites, programs, thank yous, flower arrangements, etc.) – oh the memories! Thanks for sharing yours and for the chance to win!

  196. Blue/green/aquaish is our color. We are totally going for a vintage feel. I took the inspiration from my blue diamond engagement ring. πŸ™‚ We are getting married in September.

  197. i eloped in june of 1998. took a cruse and got married in st. thomas as the ship stopped there for a day. had arranged for a little rent-a-pastor and photographer to meet us at bluebeard’s castle. went to a florist and grapped a quick bouquet and boutennier (sp) and my man wore a tux, i a real live wedding dress. our best man and matron of honor were people we met who sat at our table for dinner each night. they got off their tour bus at the castle and stood up for us in tank tops and flip flops. my flowers were mostly pink.
    it was a good day.

  198. We got married 11 years ago too! I love that your wedding budget was two thousand dollars! Ours was three. I’ve always loved how that kept things simple. (We couldn’t afford to go overboard. :)) We had everyone in a deep, dark blue, that I called royal blue, but it looks more like navy to me now. Ha! My mom sewed my dress. (It only cost $60 total!) My sister-in-law catered. I’m hoping my daughter chooses a similiar course, not necessarily to save money, but because I want her to have treasured memories of a wedding given to her by her loved ones.:) Thanks for wedding week! It’s fun to remember.

  199. I plan to have a summer wedding and want my bridesmaid to be in purple and everything will be purples, lime green and gray πŸ™‚

  200. I didn’t choose colors for our wedding. I only had a MOH, and she was pregnant, so I told her to wear a pretty sundress. We were married outside, with pretty summer flowers and faux daffodils.

  201. Sage green with white and yellow flowers. I have no idea if I would choose those again. I loved the flowers, but the bridesmaids dresses I just went with what was on clearance!

  202. I got married in the middle of summer, so I did bright gerbera daisy colors such as yellow, orange, red and pink. It turned out really pretty!

  203. Dusty Rose and Powder Blue – my maid of honor found a dress with both colors in it and my 2 bridesmaids ended up making their dresses in the blue (I bought the material and patterns, I think). This was 31 years ago.

  204. We had a light pink and green. It was so beautiful! (4 years ago Wednesday! We were married on 5/12/06)

  205. Our color way back when was RED! If I had it to do over I think I’d choose something a little more understated …. I love the light chocolate brown & saturated baby blue combo.

    Love your wedding pics….so cool! Dumb question, though – do you use photoshop to add the neat “effects”?

  206. I have always loved fall colors, like Red, Orange, Yellow and green. But we were getting married in August so I wasn’t sure the colors would work. But we had a fantastic florist that made everything SO incredibly beautiful πŸ™‚ What a great giveaway! I have purchased many of your necklaces as gifts. I am a huge fan πŸ™‚

  207. I chose a spring green (called “clover” at the store) for our May wedding. We had our reception on a boat and the green looked amazing as the trees were just becoming full with new green leaves. It also allowed me to have bouquets with all kinds of spring colors and flowers. I loved it!

  208. We had a bit of a food theme going when it comes to colors – lime green, raspberry pink, and chocolate brown. My sister (the maid of honor) wore a chocolate brown dress, my niece wore chartreuse green dress with a brown sash, and my other nieces wore raspberry pink dresses with ivory sashes (the same color as my dress). We threw in a bit if orange at the reception, too! Our wedding was held on December 30th so my mom decorated the whole church with bright pink and green Christmas decorations.

  209. Love the antique teapot centrepieces!
    We had an outdoor wedding in British Columbia (Canada), so our colours were creamy white and pale green (to pick up on all the green in the pine trees/grass), with hints of pale pink (in the flowers and bridesmaid dresses). 5 years this July πŸ™‚

  210. We had fuschia and star gazer lilies evrywhere. They are the best! We are coming up on 15 years. We met in 8th grade, and it is great to be married to your best friend.

  211. Our wedding 19 years ago this July was $500, with our colors being
    country blue and rose. To do over it would be browns and aqua marines, fortunately I
    have a niece getting married next weekend and her colors? Aqua Marine and brown. πŸ™‚

  212. We chose navy blue and silver πŸ™‚ We just celebrated 13 years of marriage in January. Time flies. We had a very small budget too. It was fun but we weren’t as creative as you!

  213. It has been almost 43 years since our wedding day….where do those years go?
    We had a sky blue and white wedding in late August. All white flowers because
    they are my favorite flowers still. Thanks for a chance to win some of your beautiful

  214. White with pink, orange, yellow and lime green (the actual color of limes- not glow-in-the-dark green!). A casual family picnic with plenty of gerbera daisies and a candy bar with candies in these colors. A fun stress-free day with the ones we love the most! (oh, and a qualified photographer- as I mentioned in my comment yesterday- our photographer left before taking any pictures!!!)

  215. In some ways forever and in some ways just yesterday — June 5, 1976 — WOW

    my colors were the pale pink, blue and yellow

  216. We will celebrate 3 years of marriage Septembr 29th. We went with a very fall like theme/palette. My girls wore beautiful black gowns that they still use and the guys wore rust colored ties. It was beautiful! Our flower girl tossed fall leaves down the aisle instead of flower petals. It was incredible! My husbands family put alot of work into it!
    Lisa you look gorgeous in your photos! I love all the family touches!

  217. I had a spring wedding. My bridesmaids wore light green dresses. Our flowers were a mixture of purple and white. I loved my flowers!

  218. I love how vintage your wedding looks, so classic and perfect with family & friends. My husband and I have been married for 7 years and it was a shot gun wedding- no I wasn’t pregnant, but we were “in love” & we still are, just stronger and fully loving one another the way you’re supposed to without all the lustful stuff anymore. anyways.. I just started following your blog and it’s quickly become one of my favorite places to visit each day! I love it!
    I would love to win the pewter heart, we are in the process of buying a new home and I think a keepsake would be perfect after all we’ve been through and accomplished.. tho any of the items are beautiful and would be lovely!

  219. I had a fall wedding. My dress was ivory, the bridesmaids wore chocolate brown dresses, and the guys matched. Our fowers were al different shades of red, yellow, and orange. I loved it. Thank you for sharing such beautiful weddings all week long.

  220. i had a winter wedding and the dresses were a Burgundy color. I also pulled in forest green accents to go with the whole Christmas color winter theme. The bridesmaids bouquets were all white to mimic snowballs πŸ™‚

  221. We put our wedding together in only one week and my bridesmaids dresses were pink…. if I were to do it again I think I would do something with cream and gold.

    I love your jewelry!

  222. I β™₯ ivory sor my bridesmaids dresses were ivory and navy. The groomsmen wore black tux with a navy vest and bowtie. For flowers I used silk and made bouquets of aubergine cabbage roses with small ivory roses. Would absolutely love to win a petite crest necklace for my sister!

  223. I *love* the fact that you wore your mother’s dress that your grandmother sewed. THAT is super cool to me.

    I love the idea of tangerine and green apple green together.
    I also love the idea of a bright cheery blue and a splash of pink or that green apple green. πŸ™‚


  224. I chose black dresses for the girls (tea length) because who can’t wear a “little black dress” again. The flowers were raspberry colored calla lilies.

  225. My colors were periwinkle and silver but if I got to do it over today I think I would do Chocolate and hot pink with really fun vibrant flowers!! I love weddings, how can you go wrong with two people in love celebrating one of the most important days in your life any color will work because you will only be staring at each other all day.

  226. We were married in the Fall in a tiny Italian restaurant in downtown Long Beach. We hired an opera singer and I sang one aria with her. It was magical! My colors were chocolate brown, metallic copper and the aqua/queen patina color that copper turns when it rusts.

  227. my girls wore a beauitful champagne color and the blast of color was in the flowers – shades of purple and pink. had i to do it over again – i’d choose the same! classic and stunning. πŸ™‚

  228. Our colors were supposed to be this beautiful clover green with deep pink accents….well, when the dresses arrived the color was this awful yellowish green that made my bridesmaids skintone look seasick…so after a day of panic, I was able to return the seasick green dresses for the same dresses in our deep pink accent color…so deep pink became our color and clover green was the accent color…it worked out for the best…because the dresses were beautiful and the color came out amazing in pictures πŸ™‚

  229. I LOVE the teapots as centerpieces! What a unique idea! πŸ™‚

    My colors when I got married (almost 3 years ago, though it feels like it was just last month) were dark red and white. Simple, but I LOVE red and think the symbolism behind the whole red=love thing worked really well.

    Thanks for the chance to WIN!

  230. I have also been married for 11 years…4-9-99…it was a simple ceremony on a Friday night ..even though almost everything went wrong..including my cake falling apart..I was so happy to marry my best friend.

  231. I would choose ivory or cream and maybe sage green and/or a bright pink. I absolutely love the idea of thrifted teapots and flowers for the centerpieces!

  232. Our wedding 20 years ago had dark teal green and pale yellow. Now I would chose sage green with all white flowers. Wouldn’t change a thing about the husband though!

  233. We got married on a cruise ship, very simple – I let the maidren of honor chose her own dress but for the reception (10 days later) we had it at a mexican restaurant with all very bright crazy colors.

  234. Good Afternoon Lisa,

    I would not change a thing about my wedding or the colours…I was married in the Fall in Ontario and the colours mirrored the colours of the leaves – russets, olives and cream.

  235. We got married at the courthouse, so we didn’t exactly have ‘colors’. But my dress was green and he was wearing jeans and a gray sweater. So let’s say green, denim, and gray. πŸ™‚

  236. I would choose bright colors…maybe black and white and a lime green, or brown and cream with a bright yellow…something that would pop!!

  237. Our wedding color was yellow. I love yellow, the color of sunshine, dasies(my fav flower) and was my grandma’s fav color! Our wedding was simple too, I will be married 11 years in Oct(99 good year!) and he is the best guy I could ever imagine being married too. The girls wore yellow dresses and carried white dasies w/ yellow some babies breath and roses. I wouldn’t change our color, it still makes me happy to think about that day.
    Happy Anniversary in July!!

  238. We chose lavender and peach, and had the most amazing bouquets of peach roses with purple freesia… I can still smell the freesia 9 years later. Amazing memories of an amazing day.

  239. We had teal with fuchia accents. We have been married almost 13 years!! The bridesmaids wore teal velvet dresses and carried fuchia flowers. I don’t think I would change anything from our wedding. It was an amazing day!

  240. Beautiful wedding!
    My bridesmaids wore kind of a turquoise/light blue dress and we used a similar color ribbon on the programs. The bridesmaids flowers were white daisies and my flowers and the flowers for the groomsmen were yellow roses. The mothers carried little posies with both flowers. We also had some silver/tin colored things like buckets…

  241. I think I will want red and black or purple and silver. Kayla and Justin’s wedding in 3 weeks is purple and silver, but I figure my wedding will be far enough away from theirs for that to matter. I need to find a husband first!

  242. My wedding colors were black and white. Very simple but it turned out gorgeous! πŸ™‚ Thanks for this giveaway Lisa! Have a great weekend! πŸ™‚

  243. Oh, Lisa. These photos make me think one word, “Cherished.”

    You, your marriage, your children.

    Cherished you are to our Father.

    We share a wedding year, you and I. My own wedding was just a month later in August. We had lots of lovely shades of periwinkle in our wedding.

    Blessings on your 11 years!


  244. What a beautiful wedding you had. I love the antique teapots – so clever!

    My wedding colors were dark red, silver and ivory. Such a wonderful day!

    Your jewelry is beautiful and I would be honored to wear anything you made. πŸ™‚


  245. I too was on a tight budget. My aunt is a florist and did everything for us at cost as a wedding present! So my flowers were whatever was in season in November, reds, yellows and lots of greens. My bridesmaids dresses were a darker blue with a teal tint to it. So I guess you can say the theme color was blue, it’s my fav color πŸ™‚ It was a very spiritual and magical day. 5 years in November!

  246. Our colors were red and ivory. We were married in October of ’97. What beautiful wedding pictures you have posted! πŸ™‚

  247. well, I’m not married yet, but I think I would use a combination of lots of bright colors (pink, green, purple, yellow, etc), showing that it is a celebration.

  248. Wow! That took a log of scrolling just to get to the bottom so I could comment!! ( I guess you’re kinda popular! πŸ˜‰

    I choose a really light cucumber green (inside, not the outside!) and magenta. I guess I don’t go for subtle!! However, I would do something totally different nowβ€” but as I’m indecisive and don’t HAVE to decide, I’m not sure what. πŸ™‚

  249. My colors were red,black and white. I actaully wore one of your necklces at my wedding that my husband gave me on our dating anniversary! πŸ™‚

  250. This is such a generous giveaway! I love the centerpieces you used. Our wedding used many light colors-I couldn’t choose just two or three! The groomsmen wore linen pants with light blue oxford shirts, the ushers wore yellow oxford shirts, and the ladies wore light green. We also incorporated purple and hydrangea blue with our flowers and decor-and many other colors I probably can’t remember!

  251. fuschia and orange – loved the combo and really surprised a lot of people with it since I was not known to be a wild color girl LOL

  252. My wedding colors were Navy and Hunter Green. The little girls wore blackwatch plaid taffeta/green velvet dresses (there were 6 flowersgirls). It was a beautiful Christmas wedding…also in 1999.

  253. For our wedding 10 years ago we had silver and navy blue! It was awesome….married the man of my dreams…..still going strong…….

    Loved this week of photos!

  254. I wanted to choose something with fun colors but we didn’t have a lot of money so we went with red, black and white. It turned out really great because most of the stuff to decorate it was really cheap. The girls wore long black dresses and the tables were decorated with round mirrors with a white candle in the middle and rose petals scattered on it! It was beautiful! And it was simple matching well with our outdoor wedding in December (Ha! A little crazy I know!)!

  255. My colors were bright– orange, yellow, and hot pink. My bouquet was very simple with 3 big gerber daisies in those colors.

  256. I’m a big fan of green, but I know that not everyone looks good in the same shade of it. I plan on picking out a few coordinating shades of green, letting my girls pick their favorite shade and dress and then hope they’ll actually wear the dresses again. Much like Katherine Heigl in 27 Dresses, I’m building up quite a collection…

  257. I chose black and white- I wanted it classic and simple. However, my hubby had his mind set on wearing a hot pink tie (why? I don’t know), so we incorporated in touches of hot pink. If we were getting married again today, I think I would do something different- maybe black and white with turquoise and maybe some green thrown in there.

  258. I did red. And when the florist suggested that the bridesmaids carry red roses, I was a little unsure at first, but they turned out beautifully! I’d pick the color scheme again in a heartbeat. It was perfect for the scorching July day on which we were married (in an un-airconditioned chapel).

  259. Our wedding was lavender and a bit of silver. I would have chosen more muted tones if I did it again. Although, I’ve told my husband that since our reception bombed due to a REALLY terrible DJ and was only salvaged by Courtney (Joyful Weddings and Events), we are going to have to do a reception-redo at some point. Then I’ll pick better colours. It’s five years for us in a few weeks. Perhaps our 10th we can have a reception redo while we are still young enough to stay up late and dance!

  260. We married right on the beach, on the sand, at 5pm in beautiful late afternoon sunlight after a thundering downpour of rain at 3:30. My two wonderful sons, then aged 11 and 14, walked me down the stairs to the beach. My husband to be and my sons wore light blue ties with their dark suits. I wore off white. My hairdresser had glued tiny crystals in my hair. At the beginning of the ceremony, our rings, which were tied with ribbon onto a satin pillow affixed onto a large scallop shell, were passed among the guests to touch them and infuse with their hopes and blessings before coming back to us at the end of the ceremony for placing on each others’ fingers. At the reception, each table had a shallow glass bowl filled with water in which little flip flop candles floated. It was a wonderful evening and beyond . . .

  261. My colors were navy at our wedding almost 15 years ago. Today I would choose aqua and brown or lime green and brown…..

    thanks for the giveaways Lisa!


  262. I will be married this coming Dec 4. I’m beyond excited. I have been dating my future husband for almost 6 years. Our color are dark navy and robins egg blue. I’m posting the contest to facebook right now : )

  263. we got married in late september (1996) and so had fallish colors . . . brown, dark green, etc. it was a wonderful day and an amazing (although not always easy) nearly 14 years since!

  264. We were married in late October so we used fall colors for our wedding. I don’t think we chose anything specific, but my bridesmaides wore brown dressed and the guys wore navy suits with ties that had various shades of brown and pale blue in them. My dress was ivory. Loved how it all came together!

  265. PINK! πŸ™‚ The BM dresses were very a very bright ‘raspberry’ color..they were layered three different colors of pinks that made this amazing raspberry color! We had tons of green roses and orchids and purple orchids and orange lilies. It was an amazing day!

  266. Our color was red. We, too, were on a budget, very strict cheap budget. I borrowed my dress from my best friend who’d worn it 4 months before; borrowed my veil from my sister-in-law who’d married the summer before and I’d stood in the wedding; flowers were artificial, flowers were a $100.00 deal; flowers in the church were the poinsettias of Christmas (wedding date 12-28-74); reception in the basement of my brother’s new home with records playing as the music; my mother made the cake; and food was provided by friends. That was on a Saturday and my husband was on Christmas break from medical school, so he had to be back by Wednesday. So after our overnight “honeymoon” we had to get back to load up our van with all of our wedding gifts and everything I owned, to move to our new apt. 6oo miles away that I’d never seen!! Thirty five and a half years later, we are still together but still waiting for the real honeymoon trip!!

  267. we woo got married in the summer of 1999 – the time has just flown. Our colors were periwinkle and pale yellow. Don’t judge. πŸ™‚ It worked!

  268. I’m not married, but it would probably depend on what season I was married in. I love blues…and the nice thing is that they’re pretty unisex…

  269. We will be married 6 years tomorrow. It’s been a great ride – we’ve lost some very important people along the way, but we’ve also added two of the most amazing people to the world. I’m thankful everyday for my incredible husband, our children, and our simple little life.

    On our wedding day, our colour scheme was a beautiful pale green (that’s the Irish in me!).

  270. I would choose yellow (my absolute FAV color) gray and maybe a splash of light green! I have it planned out in my head, now I just need my man to pop the question!

  271. We had magenta & black for our colors. However, if we were to get married again, I would chose a lighter shade of pink and a green color for accents. πŸ˜€

  272. oh how fun to see your wedding pics! this is one of my favorite things to do with friends. we’ll be married 20 years in august, so my choice of colors should be considered with that in mind:

    forest green

    the girls wore forest green and i don’t remember where i incorporated the burgundy into the ceremony environment.

    i agree with you; i have never been more certain about any decision in my life than the one to marry my husband.

  273. I chose spring colors: my bridesmaids wore lavender, the flower girls wore yellow dresses with white pinafores and the centerpieces were in fuscia, yellow, orange and purple flowers. I LOVED it and would do it the same way again πŸ™‚

  274. i think i would want something fun and bright, like teal. but i am still very far away from having to worry about planning a wedding yet!

  275. such stunning photos, gorgeous
    am not sure we really had colours, my dress was white, peach roses in my bouquet.
    17 years this year .. wow.
    Happy days to you all and many congratulations

  276. We based our colors on what I chose for my bridesmaid dresses, which turned out to be a shimmery celadon green (had never heard of that color before! It’s kind of jade-y). We paired it with rusty-hued roses, which worked great for our November wedding. It’s been 7 years now – and no “itchiness” here! =)

  277. My colors were pink, blue and green. I even had the colors on my dress as hand-sewn fabric flowers around the neckline. Loved it!

  278. Hi Lisa! Our wedding anniversary is also July 24…1998! Our colors were light mossy green and yellow, with white daisies for all the bouquets. I would do the same if I were doing it again. I would marry the same guy all over again too:-)

  279. loved looking at all the beautiful weddings pictures over the week! mine was a very simple wedding, I had the white dress & the bridesmaids wore periwinkle…which was very VERY in @ the time!! haha. The church we were married in had TERRIBLE maroon carpet & drapes so the pictures definitely look better in sepia tones!! yikes! the groomsman wore black tuxes but because my hubby is in the Coast Guard wore bright orange & blue socks….without me knowing ahead of time of course! so we were a maybe a little too colorful! πŸ˜‰

  280. After surviving the weddings of all three of my siblings…I have decided that I if I ever get married – I will elope. Just something simple and basic. So I don’t really have colors. I used to say that I would go with pink…because all women look good in pink. But my little sister stole that idea from me. So yeah, back to the eloping thing!

  281. I got married 16 years ago on New year’s day in Park City, Utah to the love of my life, John. At that time, I was just thankful to have anyone to be in my wedding at all since everyone I knew lived in Tennessee, so I let the girls all go to the mall and pick a dress of their personal choice made of cranberry red, hunter green, or black velvet. The result was amazing and everyone went home with a dress that they loved! But now if i had to do it all over again, I would probably do something similar, but with a twist. My friend’s daughter just went to the prom and I was amazed at how much the dresses have changed since 1989. I became a little wistful as I saw the beautiful dresses and I was thinking that I would never again have the opportunity to dress up like that again. I guess I would like to let every girl in my wedding go and choose the prom dress of her choice. I would make the guys match their tuxedos to the ladies’ dresses just like in high school. I would want corsages with the little mimi roses and to have them each choose unque sparkle jewelry and shoes. And this time instead of the wedding march I would march down to my husband to the tune of “Can’t help Falling in Love With You” performed by UB40. A little corny , yes but I work with Senior Citizens, and have learned that there’s no time like the present to make every day count and to do something a little bit crazy!

  282. a combination of colors to create an autumn harvest- cranberry, gold and orange. perfect for october!

  283. “my colors are blush and bashful…”

    just kidding (but i do love that movie) my colors were periwinkle and a light spring green.

    loved seeing your wedding photos, how special that you could wear your mom’s dress!

  284. Met my Husband September of 2000. We got engaged December of 2005 and then 7 years and two days after meeting we got married September of 2007. Now married almost three years, our first baby on the way, we couldn’t be happier :). We had a park wedding, exchanged vows under two huge very old oak trees, it was beautiful. Our colors were a sage green and creamy white. The bridesmaids wore sage green, long, light flowy dresses. and the guys cream vests. There were hints of soft pinks and purples among the tulip bouqets, my bouqet white tulips and the girls had pink tulips. It has been so fun to look at the weddings this week.

  285. We chose (okay, I chose) a gorgeous deep claret red and we accented with olive green, brown, and taupe. Very much in keeping with the lovely farm where we married on the most pristine, mild November day imaginable for southern Tennessee.

  286. Our wedding was very small – only a maid of honor and best man, who we told to wear whatever they felt best in! So the only “official” colors we had were on our cake, which had golden yellow fondant with pale pink flowers and sage green leaves.

  287. I chose Red white and Navy and Bleh! I wish I could do it over and do something far less nautical!

  288. My bridesmaid’s dresses were gun metal (a really cool gray color). The flowers were purple, fuschia, and cream. I still LOVE my choices 7 years later!

  289. I would choose navy blue and hot pink! I think it’s going to be a hot trend come this summer and it is a little something for the guys and a little something for the girls….

  290. We had a Hawaian luau for our reception (which was in Ohio – about as far from Hawai as it gets! :-)) and my bridesmaids wore navy blue dresses with ivory wrist lais instead of bouquets. I had a pink bouquet. We also had leis flown in from Hawaii for our wedding party – that was my most favorite part.

    So, long story short, our colors were navy, hot pink and ivory.

  291. Lisa. <3

    LOVE. You looked beautiful and I adore all the simple, beautiful, family touches. I know that made it so much more special!

    We celebrate our 9th wedding anniversary on June 2nd and it’s been the most amazing, difficult, laughter filled, tear filled journey and I am so grateful that God chose us to for each other.

    I wore white πŸ™‚ my bridesmaids wore sapphire and I had a bouquet filled with calla-lillies, white and pale pink roses and a few cascades of white flowers. It was beautiful and simple.

    I loved. every. bit. My mom and I made and hand stamped all the favors and friends tied the girls tall sapphire lillies and together with ribbons we had picked out from our local store.


    (thank you for all your inspiration)

  292. For my December 2010 wedding my fiance and I chose red and teal with a hint of charcoal thrown in as well. Sounds busy but it looks incredible!

  293. I love green and pink… and orange!
    Actually there’s no color I wouldn’t use!
    Colors are just great πŸ™‚

    I think a simple marriage is really what people should need.
    Having few well-chosen details is the best solution, so that you can avoid putting too much effort into planning and really concentrate on the ceremony and its meaning.

  294. My bridesmaids wore a beautiful color called “Romance blue” – very much like periwinkle. The florist said they could get irises to match – fail! I ended up with purple flowers ): But no one seemed to notice and the ceremony and everything else went off without a problem – and we are celebrating 25 years in October. Yes, I learned a lesson about matching live flowers!

  295. We had a pirate-themed wedding! After becoming very overwhelmed with traditional wedding options (and costs!) we joked about having a pirate wedding. Then the joking became serious, and we knew we could tastefully pull it off. My mother-in-law made the wedding party’s attire – we used a lot of earth colors. And it was SO fun to plan!!

  296. My husband and I eloped but had I prepped a wedding our colors would have been a deep purple and silver. Happy 11 years to you and yours!

  297. I had an outdoor wedding and chose very soft cream and peach colors for my flowers (roses) and the bridesmaid dresses – very feminine and beautiful!

  298. Sage green and ivory. 10 Years ago April 22 EARTHDAY!
    If I had to do over again
    More of a beach theme,

  299. Champagne and lavender. It was simple and lovely.
    ps Love your wedding pics – you honestly don’t look a day older than in your wedding pics and I’m not saying that to wiin!

  300. We were married in December and I chose red and white. We will be married for 24 years this year – it’s so much easier (but not always easy) when you’re married to your best friend. Your dress is absolutely beautiful, Lisa! With 4 girls I love reading tips on how to have an economical wedding. πŸ™‚

  301. Beautiful pictures Lisa. I’ll be getting married on the same day this year and my color is an orange/tangerine color πŸ™‚

  302. My wedding colors would be pink and white and whatever color is his favorite (current boyfriend’s favorite color is red so I would do a variety of pinks and reds or something) and there would be butterflies on EVERYTHING. From the cake to the dress to the tables, EVERYTHING. I’m fairly obsessed with them lol.
    (Hope I win something!)
    Over here from C.Beth Blog ~ not sure if that gets her an extra entry or not, but wanted to make sure she got credit just in case!

  303. 27 years ago in June—we had lavender bridesmaid dresses. Multicolored bouquets (white, green, purple, pink). I don’t recall thinking “these are our colors.” Weird! It has been, like you said, though, harder and better than I imagined! Praise God!

  304. We had a fall wedding so our colors were a burnt orange (we had pumpkin centerpieces with flowers sticking out of them) and a deep burgundy. 5 years and 4 kids later, we are still as in love as the day we said “I do!”

  305. We were married 3 days after Christmas.. and the church was still decorated for the Holiday season, so we went with Red, Black and Silver. Now… if I got to do it all over again? (with the same guy, of course…) I would go with Spring colors – pinks, yellows, greens, etc.

  306. We will have been married 5 years in a few months….we chose “Carolina Blue’ as our color and it was beautiful! πŸ™‚

  307. I have been married for 17 years! Woohoo! The colors I chose were peach and white but if I had to do it all over again (with my same honey πŸ™‚ I would have to go with red, white & black πŸ™‚ Boy, do tastes change as we grow!

  308. You were such a beautiful bride! Love all the wedding photos.

    I was married in 1993 and my color was fuschia pink. Hope I spelled that right. I would never pick that now, but yes it was a very early 90’s color. πŸ™‚ The photos certainly POP!

  309. We got married in Rome, just the 2 of us. I didn’t really have a color – I guess white since all the flowers in my bouquet were white.

  310. Very pretty wedding pictures. Loved the flowers in antique tea pots. I’ve been married 21 years and we had pale pink as our color. Probably wouldn’t do pink again but would definitely pick the same good man!

  311. lovely wedding pix.
    michael and i will be married 14 yrs in september. we spent less than $3,000 on our wedding. it was simple, but perfect for us. the highlight of our wedding was after we were announced mr. & mrs. michael & denise jones, michael scooped me up and carried down the center isle out of the church, as 10,000 maniacs song “these are days” played. i tell michael he has been carrying me ever since.

    our colors were red & white.

  312. Good morning all, Nice photos Lisa and a great give away. Our wedding was in Cayucos on the pier in the early evening. We invited everyone and even the fisherman and tourists stopped by to watch our wedding. So funny. Then we had a huge pot luck dinner and there were so much fabulous food. Our colors were pink, ecru and silver. The vets hall was filled with thousands of balloons, was so beautiful, and we danced the night away. <3

  313. We did black, white and turquoise for our wedding colors, but if I had it to do again, I’d do navy and yellow. I’m really loving that combination.

  314. Beautiful wedding! My own was also a small budget and nowhere near as lovely as yours. Our colors were light lavender, pink and blue with lavender being the focus. Today, I might go with more of a blue and brown/tan color scheme. But I’d still marry the same guy so that’s what’s important.

    Happy Anniversary!

  315. What I dream about for my wedding colors has somewhat changed a tiny bit over the years, but blue will definitely be in there somewhere. Blue, yellow, green, maybe a splash of pink. πŸ™‚ Actually I want my wedding day/colors to symbolize a beautiful spring day; I think that would be so pretty! It’ll be fun to see how it turns out one day when I actually am planning my wedding! πŸ™‚

  316. i would choose like a limesh green with ivory and pink accents (or maybe red) or tourquoise and red

  317. Hunter green and Celedon were our colors. I don’t know if I’d pick the same colors, but 7 years and two sons later, I would definitely pick the same man!

  318. I chose red…the color of love. My girls wore party length red dresses. With my white gown and the men’s black tuxes, it was the perfect choice for a March wedding. That was 22 years ago, and looking back on th day, I still would have chose red.

  319. I choose a shade of sky blue with lots of BRIGHT flowers…I still love my wedding colors 10 years later! πŸ™‚

  320. Our colors were a middle shade of brown… a middle shade of pink… and a middle shade of cream… I guess we really were meeting in the middle of what we both wanted…. :0)

  321. I want my colors to be bright! ~ definitely bright yellow with maybe mango, and pinks. I am not even close to married yet, but every girl dreams, right? Plus, I have 6 sweet friends getting married before October (one is my sister) ~ and I’m a bridesmaid in 3~ so I’ve been thinking all things wedding!! congratulations on your summer anniversary~may the Lord bless all your days in bliss!

  322. We were married in December so our colors were burgundy and off-white. I chose these colors mostly because I wanted to carry fire and ice roses (one of the first flowers my hubby gave me when we were dating… see I told you our wedding was all in the details πŸ™‚

  323. Our colors were red and silver….it was in December which I thought went well. And, my husband got me some red roses with silver sparkles on them when he proposed so that is what I had for my bouquet. Now, if I was to do it again, I think I would do black and hot pink….I saw a wedding that had those colors and it was so pretty! My husband might not like it, but I would! πŸ™‚

  324. Hi there! Wow what a fun giveaway! You are awesome!! Love that you ended your wedding posts with yours – so sweet!! I CANNOT believe you did your wedding for $2,000 – i am so impressed! 14 years ago I had a $12,000 budget and that was challenging given that we had to feed about 185 people! It turned out GREAT and we came out of our wedding and honeymoon with NO debt – pretty good. I worked mountains of overtime at my job and that was truly a blessing, i had lots of help and got alot of services for cost!

    My wedding colors were black and white – I used daisies as my flowers – LOVE them!!

    Thank you Lisa for such a fun week of posts! Have a great weekend!

  325. Our colours were purple (my favourite colour) and blue (hubby’s).

    It also fit our luau theme really well. πŸ™‚

  326. I am getting married this August and I love the color yellow. I didn’t want it to be too overpowering so I partnered it with a soft grey. I think the two colors are perfect contrasts and I can’t wait to see everything come together!

    Beautiful pictures of your wedding Lisa! You can feel the love through those pictures! $2000 budget? That’s wonderful! I should have asked you to plan our wedding! πŸ™‚ Thank you for sharing your wonderful day!

  327. Our colors were silver and blue… it sounds really prom-ish, but it was perfect for our star theme! πŸ™‚

  328. We will celebrate our 25th anniversary July 6th. Mauve and cream were the colors but it didn’t matter much because they were only used in my flowers and on the wedding cake. It was a very low budget wedding – about $400 total and that included my dress. My hubby was an Air Force enlisted man, and we were in our early 20s when we wed so we didn’t have much cash. A lady who lived on the base he was stationed at made the cake ($75), my friend made my dress ($200), another friend made my bouquet (gift), a co-worker of my husband’s took the photos ($50 worth of film) and some of my husband’s co-workers put together the food for our reception (gift). Only 13 guests in attendance! Just goes to show it isn’t the big wedding that makes the marriage πŸ™‚

  329. lisa!
    i am so impressed! your wedding looks and sounds like it was simply divine and on budget!!! I can only hope that mine will be just as creative as yours! My colors are pink and white. πŸ™‚ Very simple but very me!


  330. Wow Lisa, you look so beautiful! As for colors I am not sure, I love all colors and don’t discriminate!

  331. We chose blue and ivory for our winter time wedding. It was simple and elegant, and we had a blast!

  332. We chose lilac and silver for our wedding. My husband’s favorite color is purple so I wanted to incorporate it somehow. I wore a purple dress on our first official date, so it made the color extra special. I couldn’t have chosen better colors at the time. I am still up in the air on the colors we will use for our vow renewal but I do not doubt they will be the perfect colors πŸ™‚

  333. Navy blue, Tiffany Blue, Red & white… LOVE the combo! IT was PERFECT! A tinge of patriotic-ness that comes from growing up in the Air Force plus Red & Tiffany blue – a favorite Danish-inspired combo!

  334. Our colors were dark blue with an accent of silver. It fit my personality well πŸ™‚ Although I kind of wish I had been bold enough to go with all red!

  335. We did a split…Our wedding was more girly and romantic, I let my girls pick out a black cocktail dress of their choice and the groomsmen wore black. Our flowers were gorgeous light greean and pinks…Then for dinner and after party we went totally Vegas and did black red and silver. It was awesome!

  336. 10 years ago I chose sterling silver roses with lavendar skirts and sweater sets for the girls, very GWeneth Paltrow kind of look back then. But now if I could redo the fun parts of the wedding, I would choose either such a natural palette of maybe an all white wedding, tans, creams, lots of texture, or I just went to a wedding with chocolate brown dresses and hot pink flowers- so pretty!

  337. silver and navy… beautiful and classic. But sometimes I wish I would have gone w/ silver and hot pink! πŸ˜‰

  338. We went with pink and white for our wedding colors. We got married in a historic chapel so everything had to be kept to a minimum in terms of decor and that was great on our budget.

  339. Thirty two years ago I married my best friend. Dusty rose. I don’t think the color even exists anymore. Now I would choose some shad of turquoise. I am a water baby πŸ˜‰