i seem to be drawn to all kinds of pink lately.

especially red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting.




just found the iphone app ‘sketch me!’

it turns your pictures into sketches.

love it!




beso bags. seriously cute and well made.

she is so dang creative.

love her vintage fabrics.

check out her shop and her facebook page.




last weekend we enjoyed watching the pelicans diving and swooping.

this weekend i am heading to hilton head with the (in)courage ladies.

we are being treated to a weekend of food and play hosted by dayspring and hilton head chamber of commerce.

it’s a time for us to dream and scheme and be together.

and to cook up some exciting stuff for the (in)courage and YOU!

i can’t wait to hang out with these amazing ladies.

so excited to be a part of it.

loooots more pics to follow!

* * *

okay, tell us what’s inspiring you today?

leave a comment with a link to something inspiring or use your words and describe it!

we need to know!!