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what i wore wednesday

September 8th | what i wore wednesday



hello friends!

i’m linking up with lindsey’s what i wore wednesday!

i’ve got four outfits to share.


this first one was super simple and comfy.

gray skinny jeans, gap

white linen top and cream scarf, both from anthropologie

black flats, target




another comfy outfit with lots of layering.

i liked the stripes and polka dots together.

skinny jeans, anthropologie

black striped dress, old navy

gray sweater, red shoes, polka dot scarf, target




casual outfit–scarves are great for chilly mornings and sunny afternoons.

boyfriend jeans, gap

navy striped top, target

yellow scarf, local boutique

boots, jessica simpson




i felt pretty all day in this dress.

i think i’ll be doing lots of the dress/boots look this fall.

blue sweater dress, anthropologie

scarf, gift from steve (from scotland)

boots, jessica simpson

* * *

i love to wear COLOR, especially near my face.

and lipstick really helps brighten a tired mommy (very tired!)

what’s your favorite color to wear?

42 Responses

  1. dawn says:

    love it all once again Lisa. I really love to wear brown, and aqua/turquoise.

    Your posts make me wonder if I could pull off the skinny jeans at age 43…and the boots/dress look is to die for…do you go bare legged?

    (PS Loving my new Be Still necklace…have it on right now.)

  2. Lisa~ says:

    You’re adorable. I love the scarfs. I love that we can see your personality through your clothes. Lisa~

  3. Shelby says:

    Absolutely fabulous!! SOO adorable… this is the style i want to have, love the scarves! i need to get scarves :)

  4. megelin says:

    you are SO chic and adorable! i love your clothes!

  5. Rachelle says:

    Love it! I just went out to buy my first pair of skinnies.. Eeek! :) But all these WIWW posts just encouraged me to do it. I love them now! I’m really into boots this fall too, and tunic button downs and cardigans, my go to piece of clothing. :)

  6. faith says:

    Favorite color to wear is soft pink. Love it ! I also love white tee’s. Can’t beat a white tee.!!

  7. Jewelscapes says:

    I love all of them! You look so pretty and comfortable, great!!!

  8. Kristy says:

    I’m so with you on the color thing! Especially the older I get. There’s nothing like a pretty color to brighten up the face. :)

  9. Breonna says:

    Hi Lisa! Love your “what I wore Wednesday” posts. You are too cute!!! LOVE your hair, it has to be natural curl! I too have naturally curly hair but mine looks nothing like yours. If you don’t mind my asking, what product do you use? Air dry or diffuse? Thanks again!! :)

  10. Erin M. says:

    My “What I Wore” today would include my new “Take Hope to Heart” necklace! Love it! And my favorite colors to wear these days are green and blue! I am so inspired by these posts but they also make me want to shop :) Not good for a med student’s wife!

  11. CHRISTY says:

    Love your outfits! The polka dots & stripes look great together.

  12. kristyn says:

    another set of adorable outfits!!
    I love to wear pink!

  13. Leigh says:

    I love all of your scarves! They’re one of the best accessories ever invented. I love wearing blue- makes my eyes stand out even more!

  14. You. Hand over all your clothes.

    Or at least we need to go shopping together more often.

  15. Renae says:

    i LOVE LOVE LOVE the yellow scarf…. really LOVE it!!
    mascara works to help brighten my tired mommy face. i have red hair and my red eyelashes tend to blend into my skin, so it helps me not look so drab.

    lately the colors i have be gravitating to are greens and blues. (i’m stilling thinking about your scarf :) it would be gorgeous with this deep olive green sweater i just got)

    love and peace!!

  16. It really varies on my mood, but I love pops of red or green. I love pink and lime green together.

    Right now I am trying to get my fall wardrobe together as its trying to get cooler. I can’t wait to make myself a few wraps from a pattern that I have had forever.

  17. kirstie says:

    I have a hard time wearing colors………when I do, I usually end up with some shade of blue! Loved the first outfit – I’m ready for the cooler weather so I can wear my new fall clothes 😉

  18. Cindy says:

    Cutie patootie! I love the look you have… chic and fresh. I like to wear my Nordstrom Tissue weight cashmere scarf in ballet pink. Scored it on ebay! yay me!! It’s not a bubble gum little kid color pink but like the inside of a sea shell, and duh, ballet flats…..makes me look fresh and awake even when I’m not. I started back at teaching this week and I need to have pretty color….

  19. Kelli says:


  20. Philippa says:

    Oh I love that blue dress (one colour I cannot wear successfully) and adore the scarf from Scotland, it looks SO PRETTY! I don’t wear scarves, they never seem to look right on me – on you they look perfect!

    I adore wearing bright red!!! It’s definitely my colour. As for lipstick, I never leave the house without it! Hugs

  21. Virginia says:

    You are so inspiring! So much so that I took your picture to my hair dresser. I’ve got an-almost-Lisa head of hair! Woo-hoo. And, a commenter above asked about your products. I, too had asked and was sent to FAQ where she tells us! Ok, boot!? Bare legs, huh? Ok, then….cutie-patootie is RIGHT!

  22. traci says:

    Pink,…I guess I’m a pink princess- at least that what my students tell me :-))

  23. Michele says:

    I’m loving the scarves!!! It’s almost cool enough in TX to start wearing mine. It really makes a plain outfit fun and interesting. You look great! Still a little nervous about breaking out my skinny jeans. You look so cute in yours! Oh, and my fave color to wear is a coral-pink-orange-ish color, but I usually tend to keep it safe and wear a lot of black.

  24. denise says:

    i need some sassy cowboy boots!

    my favorite color to wear? it depends on the day or my mood.

    lipstick is a MUST for me. downtown brown from mary kay with some glossy burts bees added to it.

  25. liz r. says:

    You’re right, that blue dress is especially pretty on you. My favorite color to wear? Mostly black and grey, although I surprised myself this summer by buying a couple of T shirts in pink and purple.

  26. Kathleen M says:

    Wonderful outfits! I love wearing teal (my mom likes me in it, I guess that’s stuck from childhood).

  27. Sharon says:

    You look lovely, Lisa! You inspired me to shop my heart out at Target! I’m loving their clothes. Now that Gap finally has good clothes again, they too are one of my faves.

  28. Jenny says:

    I LOVE that sweater dress and I think I have the same white shirt from Anthro… does it have jersey panels down the sides? My favorite color to wear is blue b/c it brings out my eyes.

  29. You looked darling in all the outfits, but the blue dress was to die for! Gorgeous. :)

  30. Too cute – I have learned a lot from you about layering since I gushed about your outfits at Blissdom 09 – I have found some adorable cotton sundresses I wear over jeans with cardigans and scarves. Love that you are doing WIWW!!

  31. Adorable outfits! I LOVE scarves with anything. It is too hot here in the south now, but I will be breaking mine out soon. I just bought a short pair of boots similar to yours but in black. I can NOT wait to wear them. I see them in my future as well. Love pinks, and green if it is the right shade. (redhead)

    You are one stylish mama! And I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your hair!


  32. Kara says:

    Dang you are a QT!
    I like all of them, but the blue dress is my favorite. :)

  33. Jennifer L. says:

    Love the blue dress & boots!!

  34. Marlynn says:

    Seriously, you could not be more adorable! Great outfits, Lisa. Love them all!
    xoxo, Marlynn

  35. Ruth Yoder says:

    i’ve been following your blog. I put your button on my page.

  36. FoxyMomma says:

    you are just adorable! my favorite colors to wear are just about any purple hue, but mainly dark ones.. and turquoise.

  37. cat says:

    I am goign the dress/boots route this fall too. love the combos you came up with! and i have those same red shoes!!!

    much love..:)

  38. FunkySteph says:

    Hi Lisa,
    Your scarves are beautiful… I love how you combine your clothes… I hope you will continue the “What I wore Wednesday posts” for a long time as I am just delighted reading them. My favorite color is… I don’t really know….. :-)

  39. Lori-Anne says:

    I like the idea of colour – red is always stunning, and I’m quite fond of purple – but there’s something about black that always keeps me coming back. I think I like how it’s sleek, classic, slimming, artistic and sophiscicated. Whether turtle neck or little black dress, I always feel best in black.

  40. Courtney says:

    Love that blue dress with the boots-too cute! You are one stylish lady :)

  41. Keshet says:

    You are inspiring me to get right in my car and drive to Target!

  42. elisa says:

    I love your outfits, especially the boots. You have such a great style. I have been enjoying reading your blog. Have a great day.

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