steve turns forty one

My sweetheart turned forty-one last Sunday. We ended up being in Southern California and I gathered some of our oldest friends for fish tacos and cupcakes to celebrate this amazing guy. It was casual and FUN and such a sweet time of reconnecting with people we don’t get to see very often. The kids ran and played and had a blast.

We got Steve a bass guitar for his birthday and it was a hit. He was so excited.

Eva spent a lot of time looking longingly at the cupcakes. Isn’t she adorable? {above}

Now that Steve is forty-one he feels free to give out advice. Apparently he had wisdom to impart to Chad {above}.

Gah! This pic of David cuddling with auntie and smiling at Daddy completely melts my heart!

These people were our friends before we had kids, now the kids are getting crazy big. Time goes so fast!

I’m pretty sure we got photobombed {above}.

Happy Birthday, Steve! You are so very loved.

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