the writers for (in)courage were invited to a weekend at hilton head.

it was a time to connect and dream.

and it was wonderful.




i had my own queen bed with clean towels. so nice to be pampered!

the beach house faced the water. the sand was steps away. amazing.




the coast was breath-taking.

i am such a beach lover, and i loved experiencing the atlantic coast (for the first time).

the sand is hard-packed, so we rode bikes. so fun!

the water is so warm. the tall grass makes the coastline look dreamy.




i traveled with sarah.

and since we spent 12 hours traveling each way, it was so fun

to have one of my best friends to chat with,

and catch up and laugh.

she is amazing.




the evenings were warm with lots of birds flying overhead.

i soaked up the moments to chat and sit and just breathe in the beauty.




we were treated to a dolphin tour of the harbor

and we saw lots of dolphins, birds and learned history of the island.

one of my highlights!




that’s nester in the center and emily on the left.

other amazing girls like jen and mary and annie and dawn and robin

and jessica and arianne and stephanie and holly.

how did i get to lucky to be included in this group?!




arianne (above right) is a soulmate.

i knew her online, and i couldn’t wait to meet her this weekend.

and just as i had hoped, we connected like old friends.

she is an incredible writer, amazing mommy and beautiful girl.


one of our meals was catered by soozi and linda.

everything was seriously delicious, traditional lowcountry cooking.

i mean, the best food i’ve ever tasted!




i loved the tall grasses growing in the creeks and harbors.

it’s so east coast.




and that’s sweet jessica (i heart her) wearing a sea star necklace.

perfect for a beach weekend.

* * *

thank you ladies, for a weekend to breathe, talk, laugh and

just to know you more.

i am so grateful.