meeting soulmates – breathtaking moments {hilton head and (in)courage}



the writers for (in)courage were invited to a weekend at hilton head.

it was a time to connect and dream.

and it was wonderful.




i had my own queen bed with clean towels. so nice to be pampered!

the beach house faced the water. the sand was steps away. amazing.




the coast was breath-taking.

i am such a beach lover, and i loved experiencing the atlantic coast (for the first time).

the sand is hard-packed, so we rode bikes. so fun!

the water is so warm. the tall grass makes the coastline look dreamy.




i traveled with sarah.

and since we spent 12 hours traveling each way, it was so fun

to have one of my best friends to chat with,

and catch up and laugh.

she is amazing.




the evenings were warm with lots of birds flying overhead.

i soaked up the moments to chat and sit and just breathe in the beauty.




we were treated to a dolphin tour of the harbor

and we saw lots of dolphins, birds and learned history of the island.

one of my highlights!




that’s nester in the center and emily on the left.

other amazing girls like jen and mary and annie and dawn and robin

and jessica and arianne and stephanie and holly.

how did i get to lucky to be included in this group?!




arianne (above right) is a soulmate.

i knew her online, and i couldn’t wait to meet her this weekend.

and just as i had hoped, we connected like old friends.

she is an incredible writer, amazing mommy and beautiful girl.


one of our meals was catered by soozi and linda.

everything was seriously delicious, traditional lowcountry cooking.

i mean, the best food i’ve ever tasted!




i loved the tall grasses growing in the creeks and harbors.

it’s so east coast.




and that’s sweet jessica (i heart her) wearing a sea star necklace.

perfect for a beach weekend.

* * *

thank you ladies, for a weekend to breathe, talk, laugh and

just to know you more.

i am so grateful.


  1. I read your post, got goose bumps, and started to cry. Apparently I really need a girls weekend in a beautiful setting, too! Thank you for always inspiring me.

  2. we talked over and over how we couldn’t believe we were so lucky that you and sarah came from so far. What a gift to all of us to have you there. And your photos are amazing. As always.

  3. Hi Lisa, so wonderful you had such a great weekend. Loved all the photos too. It’s funny I’m more of a river girl than a beach girl. I love mountains and rivers, they truly stir my soul. I do love the sea too but in a very different way – it doesn’t ‘move’ me the same way. Hugs..

  4. I’m so very glad you traveled across the country for our weekend getaway. I love spending time with you, whether dreaming or laughing or both. You are so sweet, and I loved hanging with you! (Also – I love, LOVE my necklace and bracelet!!!)

  5. what beautiful pictures… looks and sounds like you ladies had a wonderful time. I love the beach, and bike riding on the beach sounds amazing. HOW FUN!!!
    I’m so looking forward to hearing about all the wonders of love and fun creations that have inspired you during your travels…

    happy and safe travels to you
    peace and love
    Renae 🙂

  6. good morning lisa
    I love your necklaces, have not decided on one yet… so I thought I would put your button as its called to my blog to remind me and everyone else out in blog land to pick and purchase from you…
    well I am not sure how to do that, I tried about 6 times and gave up, decided to ask you… maybe you could give me the step by step instructions on how to do it… no rush at all I just thought you would be the person to ask…
    Loving the pearl charms to add, are you able to take someones pearls and make charms for them, or take there design idea and make it for them with there pearls? for a fee of course…
    have a wonderful day, so enjoy your what I am wearing wed…
    Regards, Carol Ann

  7. hi lisa!
    first of all….your designs are the BEST! i {{heart}} the new ‘camera’ necklace. so darn adorable.
    your weekend with the girls looks like so much! i am going away next weekend for an all girls little getaway with my two younger princesses and i am soooo looking forward to it!
    thanks for sharing your life and inspirations! you are an inspiration to sooo many of us! xoxo

  8. LOVE LOVE LOVE these sweet pictures Lisa! ahhhhhh, breathtaking. I received your Emily Dickinson necklace in the mail today and it filled me with such HOPE! Thank you, sweet friend!

    So glad you had such a blast with such a beautiful and special group of ladies!

    Traci @ Ordinary Inspirations

  9. That whole post brought tears to my eyes, strange right. It just seemed so darn wonderful. Loved all the pictures Lisa. What memories you made with your precious friends

  10. Your photos always capture the lovely spirit and joy of everything you do!!
    I have never been to east coast beaches. My parents lived on the west coast for several years. I really, really miss the beach and need to get there just to do a walk and take some photos!!!
    I’m so glad you had such a fabulous time with friends, old and new!

  11. i live in nc, but am originally from utah, and i never experienced the atlantic coast until i was 25. i bet it was so nice to see how different it is from the california coast that you are so used to. wonderful photos, and sounds like you had yourself a great time. <3

  12. hi lisa

    looks like a wonderful time – so glad! can’t wait to read all the wonderful things you were able to create by being together! and i have to admit i am a bit envious and in a good way!

    safe travels to you as you head to your next connection!


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