dear friends! we just introduced jewelry for the new holiday collection. this collection is really dear to my heart. every time we introduce a new collection it’s exciting, but this collection feels like it’s full to the brim with meaning and sentiment and beauty. i truly love each piece and i hope you will, too!

my new ‘inspiration necklace’ is simply that–full of inspiration. the tags are hand-molded and organic, and of course, hand-stamped with names that are dear to your heart. the colors are some of my favorites. and the chain length is awesome. i love this piece!

i’ve been wearing this necklace every day and it feels right. my boys names, next to my heart, the clink of the glass and stone beads, it all came together in this necklace and i want to wear it. it inspires me.

the love and laurel necklace speaks of honor the gift of love. perfect.

the magical moment necklace captures that special feeling when everything is just right.

the tried and true necklace speaks of lasting love even through difficult times.

all are oh, so pretty and simple and begging to be worn or given to someone special.

my story is about finding beauty where i didn’t expect to find it. when david was born i thought my life was over, but this tiny baby, with only two fingers on his left hand, a serious heart defect and so many other physical issues, came into my life and taught me how to love. he broke down walls of pride and replaced with with an openness to letting life be imperfect–and that’s where joy came in.

and then matthias came along 18 months later, and rocked our world again. i was so thankful that matthias was healthy, then i felt guilty for being relieved, like i was somehow being unfaithful to david. i worried i wouldn’t know how to love two boys with such different needs. i wanted to be the perfect mom but i was faced with my own brokenness. accepting that has become a huge part of my journey. we are broken, but there is beauty to be found. i am imperfect and flawed but i’m still loved. this journey is not what i had planned, but it’s so much fuller and brighter and lovely than i expected!

this is the heart of my new collection. go check out all the new pieces and tell me which one is your favorite!