It’s a new week, full of new beginnings and beauty to be found.

This week I’m sharing pics of Lauren and Garrett. They just got engaged and last week I ventured out with them to snap some engagement pics.

Lauren has been babysitting for us since the boys were babies. She was only 12 when she started helping me. In the early days, I would work from home and she would help with the boys. She snuggled them and entertained them while I stamped jewelry at our kitchen counter. Β She played thomas trains and superheros with Matthias when he was a toddler. She’s fed David countless meals and patted his back to soothe him. In many ways, she’s grown up with my kids. She’s become part of our family and we love her! Just telling you all about our history with Lauren is making me tear up. I’m so thankful for her!

Garrett has been teaching Matthias art lessons and as we’ve gotten to know him, we think he’s pretty amazing! So when they got engaged, we were thrilled! I actually screamed. So exciting!

How about some hellos for a new week?

Hello love. Hello taking two lives and making them one. Marriage is a beautiful thing!

Hello new jewelry. Our holiday collection of necklaces and bracelets is here and I love love love it. More on that soon! And the response to our new ornaments? Insane. I am seriously in shock. You guys are amazing.

Hello craziness. I know Halloween just ended, but for us it’s Christmas time. The workshop will be buzzing until Christmas eve. That’s how things are around here.

Hello Christmas music. Is it too soon? I think not.

Hello sniffles. Our whole family got hit by a cold and we’re all much better–just a few sniffles left.

Hello darker evenings and brighter mornings. Feels like winter to me.

Hello extra blankets on the bed. Cozy.

Hello Bloggy Boot Camp this week in Dallas. I’m looking forward to it!

Hello good times with our community group. We have about 15 people over on Tuesday evenings for dinner and sermon discussion. I love our group!

Hello grocery shopping and emails and tidying up the house.

Hello coffee and sunlight and soaking up today.

Hello brand new week. Ready, set, GO!

What are you saying hello to this week? Leave some hellos in the comments section or link up your own hello monday post there!