Yesterday, I walking David to his classroom in the morning, when a little boy with autism, about the same age as David, ran up to greet him.

“Good morning, David!”, he said with a huge smile on his face. David stopped, looked straight into the little boys eyes and smiled back. It was such a sweet moment, I felt my heart bursting in my chest.

Then the little boy bent down closer to David, covered his face with hands, and then quickly moved them apart, yelling, “peek-a-boo!”.

David’s grin got bigger and his eye contact never waivered.

This exchange went on for a few minutes, while I stood by and watched, mouth agape, heart bursting, tears in my eyes.

I was in awe of these little boys, whose bodies are affected by disabilites but whose hearts are whole. They give love freely. They understand each other in a way I can’t. They have a soul-ish connection because they’ve walked through life with bodies that won’t cooperate with them. And yet they still have friendship and joy and smiles to give.

I am so thankful I got to witness this moment. I’m thankful I get to learn from them– and to be reminded that having a disability doesn’t mean you don’t understand how to give love.  Perhaps it’s enabled them to love more deeply.

I’m thankful that there is beauty to be found in the smallest moments.

* * *

Where can you give love today?