the best jeans in the whole world

We stopped at Banana Republic the other day to get some jeans for Steve, and these super soft, broken-in jeans called to me. They remind me of hunting for vintage Levis in high school. We used to scour thrift shops for hours looking for the perfect pair of boyfriend jeans. A good pair of jeans are like a good friend. Or maybe like a security blanket. They’re comforting.

bursting heart lisa leonard-01I’ve also been counting my steps and they add up quickly when I take the dogs to work and we have stretch breaks during the day. My daily goal is 10,000, but when I’m in meetings all day, it’s so hard to get steps! Some days I can’t get more than 5,000 steps no matter how hard I try.

bursting heart lisa leonard-07 The bursting heart ring is making me all kinds of happy lately. And the large gemstone cuff goes with anything. I have the words ‘honesty + bravery’ stamped inside.

bursting heart lisa leonard-08I layer up every day because the mornings are super chilly. And sometimes the shop is chilly–it’s a brick building, so it stays cool.

bursting heart2-01 Sniff sniff sniff. What’s the rush?bursting heart lisa leonard-09 We’re slowly getting better at not getting all tangled up in the leash.

bursting heart lisa leonard-10

Outfit details: Boyfriend jeans, Banana Republic. Striped long-sleeve tee, Banana Republic. Green faux leather jacket, Thrifted. Boots, Frye. Backpack, Frye. Bursting heart ring, My Shop. Gemstone cuff, My shop.

Are you counting your steps every day? I’d love to hear what your goals are and how you get all your steps in!


  1. Hi Lisa,
    I got a fitbit one for Christmas. I was curious to see what my daily count was as I considered myself fairly active. It proved me wrong! On an average day I am close to 7000 but that’s with a morning walk with the dogs. If I’m not moving that much I put the kitchen timer on for 10 minutes and walk around the house. I feel a bit fanatical about it but I think keeping active as we get older is very important and since I just started a desk job I find I’m so grateful I have this little device to keep me in line.

    1. I totally get fanatical about it too. I have kind of an obsessive personality–which is good and bad and fun. 😉

      1. I didn’t realize I had an obsessive personality until my husband pointed it out. It seems to operate in chunks though, one month it might be drawing, the next reading and so on. But I guess it all adds up to fun!

  2. I run almost every day. I just imagine a big dog is chasing me. Actually, I’ve lost 40 pounds and all my patients know it. Having hundreds of people watching you makes for strong motivation to stay active and lean. Plus, now that I exercise so regularly, something seems wrong when I miss a day.

      1. No, I don’t count them. You have me there. But I do know that for most people 2000 steps is about 1 mile. So, if I run 5 miles, I have taken 10,000 steps. Not too bad.

  3. I wear a Fitbit and start the day with a decent walk, that is usually about 5000 steps or more– just my normal moving around gets me to 10000 but getting in active minutes is my key. I love being accountable. If I am shy of 10,000 I might even run in place in front of the tv to reach the goal?. Love your new dogs and the jeans look so comfy!

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