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If you read my blog you would also love my facebook pages! You can get the inside scoop and tell me what you are thinking!

“Like” Lisa Leonard Designs on facebook and you will get to here about what is going on in our shop and in my life.  I share about new product, promotions, gift ideas, or any fun things going on.  We also have great conversations about what is happening on in our lives and what is on our hearts – it’s a place to connect and encourage each other!

Or friend me on facebook – Get to see where I’m going and what I’m liking!
If you friends me then I get to see what’s going on in your life too! If you love my blog check it out so that we can connect more!


  1. Hi Lisa! I have been reading and following your blog for about a year now. I like to look at your new products and see what is new with your family. I recently read on your blog that you were previously a special education teacher. I felt in that moment when I read that a connection with you. I am also a high school special education teacher. I taught in the life skills program last year. I love to be creative and love seeing what and where in your life you have been creative. THANK YOU for writing your blog!!!!

  2. Today I celebrate my 1-year Blogiversary!!! When did you start to blog, Lisa? What came first: the blog or the jewelry? Would love to know!!

    P.S. Already a FB Liker. I’m off to be a FB Friend:-)

  3. Love your blog + your FB page, Lisa! & I won a gift certificate yesterday, ordered the “my treasure” necklace with two tags – one with my wedding date (10.08.11) & our initials (h + j). So excited to own another LLD piece! 🙂


  4. I’ve been following Lisa Leonard Designs on facebook for a while now, but now the opportunity to be friends with *the* Lisa Leonard made me pretty giddy! I love your jewelry (got my first necklace in 2008) and I keep up with your blog daily. You are so inspirational to me.

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