Yesterday we took a drive up the coast to stop at a winery and pick up a gift for family. We leave for England on Wednesday and we can’t wait! On our drive we stopped in Harmony. It’s a tiny town {population 18} just north of Cayucos and just south of Cambria. There is a pottery shop, candle shop, blown glass shop and wine tasting. It’s beautiful! I bet everyone gets along all the time in Harmony. You just can’t be grumpy or disagreeable in a town named Harmony! Now, how about some hellos?

Hello tiny town with pretty things

Hello warm fall days on the coast {we loved having a few rainy days last week!}

Hello washing clothes and packing for our trip.

Hello passports and getting activities for the airplane.

Hello to a happier David. He’s feeling better–not 100%, but better.

Hello to hoping he’s himself when we are on our trip.

Hello cleaning out the fridge and tidying up the house before we leave.

Hello figuring out cozy clothes to pack for rainy English days.

Hello to making memories with friends. We had some sweet time together over the weekend.

Hello sitting and talking for hours. I love that.

Hello getting blog posts ready so I can relax a bit while we are away.

Hello work study for Matthias. He has to keep up with his schoolwork on our trip.

Hello to seeing new things and experiencing the world.

Hello to meeting new family members. We love you already, Phoebe!

Hello coffee cup. We ran out of coffee beans–emergency!

Hello quick stop at starbucks.

Hello fun things coming together in our workshop. I can’t wait to show you!

Hello holidays quickly approaching! How is it mid-October already?!

Hello Monday! It’s a fabulous, brand new week!