scarecrows, cambria, ca

My Mother-in-law and I headed over to Cambria last week to get lunch and see the scarecrows. Every year the town works together to put out hundreds of creative scarecrows. it’s so much fun!

This crow doesn’t look very scary–I think he’s adorable!

A daddy scarecrow with his son on his shoulders outside the toy shop. So creative!

We’re Red Sox fans over here. In August, Steve’s great uncle Dutch Leonard was inducted into the Red Sox hall of fame–and Steve got to throw out the first pitch at a baseball game. How cool is that?

An older couple sitting on a bench. He looks so real!

A pumpkin genie floating outside the soap shop. Perfect, right!?

I think this couple may be from a british comedy show–not sure.

Harry Potter! Whohoo!

A pumpkin cat outside the Black Cat Restaurant.

I think the Wizard of Oz was my favorite. I thought the tin man was going to turn to me and say ‘hello’. He looked so life-like!

And last but not least, a group of cycling scarecrows. They were actually pedaling the bikes–so fun!

We’ll be in England this Halloween. Matthias is dressing up as a ‘snake eyes ninja’ and David will be spiderman. As long as there is candy, we’ll have a blast! What do you have planned?


  1. My condolences on being Red Sox fans, I feel for you since I too am a huge fan. That is such a cool fact regarding your husband and his Great Uncle and the 1st pitch! I have several of your jewelry pieces and now I’ll be looking for a Red Sox theme. 😉 Have a great trip!

  2. Loved looking at Dutch Leonard! We are Red Sox fans as I am from Leominster,Massachusetts that is the town Johnny Appleseed is from)!

    Great post about the creative scarecrows. We have a lowkey Scarecrow thing here in Carpinteria for First Friday in November.

    Safe travels!

  3. Love the genie!

    My girls will be Lalaloopsy and a cheerleader. My husband and I are going to be Bert and Mary Poppins, but it’s a surprise to my kids. Can’t wait!

    Have a blast!

  4. How fun. I’m interested to hear about Halloween in Britain. When we lived in Britain (5 years in the late 1980s), there was NO Halloween. Halloween is an American holiday. A few British neighbors got wise to Halloween by the 4th year we lived there and would come asking for candy, buit there was no custom or tradition for it.

  5. How neat! Love this lil town so much I named my daughter after it .
    Thank you for sharing and safe travels to England

  6. Awesome. neat!

    Definite fun plans that your family are there for Halloween!

    Thank for sharing!!

  7. This looks so awesome! What a way to get in the “fall” mood!! I wish there was something like that here in OK but we do have a Pumpkin Festival this wkend!

  8. We’re Red Sox fans too! Congrats to your great uncle Dutch! Thanks for sharing the scarecrows, how neat. We live in Western MA which has a Halloween Tradition called the Rag Shag parade. In a nutshell, the kids all parade through the main part of town and the businesses throw candy out into the parade. This usually happens a few days before Halloween and is a tradition that is unique to just my tiny part of the country. Have fun in England!

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