I think I’ve shared almost all our pics from our trip to England–and I’ve saved Hampton Court for last. It was the palace of King Henry VIII {you know the one with 6 wives–some he divorced, some he had executed}. It’s a gorgeous palace and the gardens are breathtaking! The day was a mix of taking in the sites and trying to keep David happy. He had a fever and threw up three times while we were walking through the gardens. Poor guy! We kept the advil flowing and towards the end of the day, we even got a few smiles out of him!

Queue starts over here.

Even the ceilings had incredible detail.

We miss the cousins terribly!!

My cousin, Sara. Such a good mama, such a sweet friend.

David gets some good snuggles while we take in the antique tapestries.

I enjoyed learning about all of the history behind Hampton Court and King Henry VIII’s wives. What a crazy story! Can you imagine being his 6th wife? She must have been terrified. But she was the only one who outlived him. Phew!

We’re not traveling far for the holidays–just driving a few hours down to Long Beach. Where are you spending the holidays? Please share!