journeying together

A few days after David, my first son was born I had terrible abdominal pain. His labor had been induced, complete with epidural, so this pain was quite literally the worst physical pain I’d ever experienced in my life. On top of that, our baby boy was in the newborn intensive care unit with major health issues threatening his life. I was undone. Between the physical pain and the emotional pain, I couldn’t sit, I couldn’t stand, I couldn’t speak and I couldn’t hear. As the pain physical pain intensified, I ran to the bathroom to throw up, but once I got there, I quickly laid down on the cold tile for fear I was going to faint. I was inconsolable.

My husband helped me over to our bed and lay beside me. For an hour he simply laid beside me and softly rubbed my arm, while I cried and moaned. His hand on my arm and that soothing touch felt like my only connection to sanity. I focused all of my attention on his soothing touch. At some point I drifted off to sleep and woke in the morning feeling exhausted but free from physical pain.

I’m blogging over at {in}courage today. Hop over and read the rest…


  1. I’m in tears in my coffee, not because I’m sad. Because God is so big and knows us in our pain and loves us through it. I praise Him that he has gifted us husband’s who can be rub our arms and shoulders and lay beside us when we hurt. So thankful this week for my man.

  2. You teach us so much about grace from your stories. Thank you. It is so hard to know in the moments these things are happening that it ever will be better. I can remember my husband doing the same thing when I would wake myself up with my sobs in my sleep after my dad died. We’ve got a couple of keepers! xoxo

    1. Kelli I love corresponding with you! You always lift me up so much. I am so sorry to hear about your dad, it is hard in the moment to think that something good can come from it. But it totally can! You’re an amazing woman. 🙂

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