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Cameron Ingalls

June 18th | blog friends, inspiration, photography

Did you see our new summer collection? Oh my goodness, it speaks to my heart. I hope it speaks to yours, too! We have a photographer on staff and she’s seriously amazing {we love you, Alex!} but the day of our photo shoot she got really, really sick. Our friend Cameron Ingalls jumped in and handled the summer shoot for us–how amazing is that?!

I thought it would be fun to tell you about the first time I met Cameron. I already knew he was. I mean, he’s an incredible, world famous photographer. He also happens to live in the same town as us, and we have mutual friends. I kept hoping I would meet him. And then one day it happened!

My family was having dinner at Del’s Pizzeria {so yummy if you’re in the area!} and as we were leaving someone came up behind me and asked if I was Lisa Leonard. I replied that I was and he introduced himself as Cameron Ingalls. It is cheesy to tell you that I was a little starstruck? Well–it’s the truth. He is so talented. I got a little tongue tied to be honest!

 A lot has happened since our chance meeting at Del’s that night. Our families have become friends and we’ve had many opportunities to work together on projects.

Cameron has a magazine called Wedding Standard {I know, he’s amazing, right?!} And we got to do a spread on cake toppers.

Last Father’s Day we interviewed him for our series ‘What rocks about being a dad‘. It was a breakfast shoot at their adorable home.

I was a guest speaker for a workshop he held here in San Luis Obispo and I also created some styled shoots for the photographers.

And last but certainly not least, he’s taken our family photos the last couple of years for Christmas. These photos are so precious to me!

 Make sure to check out his blog and like his facebook page. And of course, you can see the beautiful photos he took for our summer collection here.

{thank you, Cameron. you rock!}

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  1. Love Cameron and his work!!! So talented and sweet… he does rock!

  2. Melanie says:

    Obviously a very talented photographer! I’ve been wondering about your models…are they women you know or that work for you, or ???

  3. Oh, that is amazing. And it is so hard to believe that you were star struck! :)

  4. love these amazing pictures! such great work, and I love the style/feel/how it all works with the product. :)

  5. riris says:

    awww, this amazing.. I always inspire how you love your family and how you share all beauty things on your blog,
    Thank you for share with us..


  6. Ahhh…. Lisa, you are just the sweetest! I totally will always remember meeting you that random day at Del’s. 😉 I’m a bit fan of what you’re doing to bring beauty, truth, hope and love into women’s lives! I’m so happy and proud to share a bit in that. Love you, your fan and your biz!

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