There is beauty to be found in the every day. The gray clouds bring bursts of color and texture and LIFE. The cracks in my heart have healed to create a strength I hadn’t known before. And as new cracks form, I’m less fearful. I want to remember that the brokenness brings beauty. The heartbreak works it’s way to healing. It’s not in vain. There is purpose in this journey.

My team and I have worked countless hours to create pieces that reflect beauty in the brokenness. That bring together color, texture, pieces molded by hand and mixed metals. I’ve been looking through the photos for our summer collection and honestly, it makes my heart want to burst. I feel like we’ve captured it. We’re bringing beauty into the world in a tangible way. The team that I work with day in and day out–what can I say? They just GET it. They resonate with my heart. They want to find beauty as well. They care about LLD and they care about YOU. Each of them sees my brokenness and their own brokenness too. And in that place–that’s where we meet. That’s where we create. That’s where we look for the beauty. It amazes me.

I’m so humbled to work with our team and to be part of this community–right here on this blog. Where I share my heart and you care. And you share your heart and your own struggles. Thank you for that–it’s no small thing. Thank you for coming here and caring about my family. And journeying with us.

Can your heartaches teach me find joy in the little things. They can and they do.

Can my imperfect marriage show me how flawed I am, how flawed he is, and help us to love each other even more. It does.

Can Matthias’ art and his passion for drawing make me want to learn more and try new things? Yes, it certainly can.

Can a little boy with seven fingers teach me about accepting the imperfect and finding the beauty in the every day? I know he can–because he does. His brokenness teaches me about my brokenness. And in the brokenness we have found love. And hope. And life.

This is the heart of our summer collection. This is the heart of Lisa Leonard Designs. I hope you love it as much as I do. I hope it speaks to you.