much of my weekend was spent working or laying on the couch feeling crummy, but sunday afternoon we headed outside and it was great.  first we went to the new bob’s big boy for seriously mediocre burgers and seriously delicious sundaes.  we used to eat at bob’s big boy on road trips as a kid.  brings back so many memories!



then we went out to morro rock for a a bit.  the sun broke through the clouds and the seagulls were flying all around us because some people had brought food for them.  it was crazy and really beautiful with the sunlight behind.  oh and so cold! (well, 55 degrees).


then back home to warm up and play a few games. and drink some hot chocolate (of course!).



we’re really into candyland around here.  and slapjack (thanks auntie ellen!).  the boys are getting the game hungry hippos for christmas–that will be hilarious.



and don’t forget today is the last day to place orders for christmas delivery.  you can shop here.

* * *

we’re so excited to get some cooler weather and rain this week.  tell me about your weekend–is it cold where you are?

were you outdoors this weekend??