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taking time to take time.

June 27th | older posts

matty has been frustrated lately. he gets angry quickly, then is quick to apologize. his fuse is short and his coping is limited.

it’s not all his fault. life has been busy. work, school, weekend trips, time with friends…it starts to feel like our days are packed from sunrise to twilight.

we’ve been working on using gentle words and a gentle touch. we’ve been praying for a tender heart that loves others and desires to be obedient. we’ve been trying to be more consistent with consequences and making time to focus, and play and snuggle. so, in the busyness of life matty is reminding us to take time to take time.

what do you need to take time for today?

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  1. JenD says:

    Reading the bible!

  2. lifeinredshoes says:

    to appreciate the little things, thank you!

  3. Carolina Mama says:

    We’re just an absolute ditto on that post with our twin boys. And as you know, we’re on to something responding ‘gently,’ etc. God Bless!

  4. Jill says:

    We are dealing with that with our “D” too… we are trying a chart, to reward good behavior, not punish the bad. We sit and explain poor behavior, but try to not call too much attention to it. I wish you patience…. my husband always says “time and pressure” will fix all ills….

  5. Michelle S. says:

    Poor Matty…hectic life can be hard, especially at such a young age. I need to take time to step away from pettiness at work and not let myself become overwhelmed by it.

  6. sarah says:

    “…reminding us to take time for time.” I love that! Could be a great phrase to have stamped on your jewelry – Take Time for Time. Ha ha. :)

    Tonight i’m taking the time to make a nice dinner for my husband and myself – spinach salad, eggplant parmesan and steamed veggies. We’ve been eating out too much lately and a good, home cooked meal is definitely in order.

  7. Chrissie says:

    we are working on the exact same things, sis!

  8. Sarah Markley says:

    a nap! =)

    i like this post very much. matty will grow thru it and will benefit from a praying mama like you!

  9. Theresa says:

    It is fun when our children teach us the most important lessons of life.

    I need to take more time to spend more time doing nothing but being with my children. Instead of doing this and that with the children in the room.

    Great post!

  10. JenD says:

    I know I already left my answer…but I got a great birthday present tonight. My mom bought me the rivited flower necklace with my families name on it Paige Laine and my husband Jeff. It is just beautiful!!! You are so talented and a good blogger too!

  11. Laura and the family says:

    Taking my patience while my boys are learning to do their basic chores, manners in and outside of our home.

    Another thing I am learning to be patience by letting them snuggle and wiggle with me in the bed, even when I’m not in the mood.

  12. katarinas mama says:

    patience…always working on patience…and remember how blessed we really are…

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