sunrise at laguna lake

Yesterday morning, my twin sister, Chrissie and I threw on heavy coats and snuck out of the house before the sun was up. I live about a mile from Laguna Lake and every time I drive by I think I should go over and snap some pics at sunrise. And we finally did it!

It was cold and lovely and best of all, I got a few minutes alone with my sister.

I wanted to capture the texture of the trees and water against the pink of the fading twilight as the golden sun made it’s way into the sky. This year I want to keep practicing photography and learn more about my camera. I’d also love to take a lightroom class. I use lightroom for editing, but I’m barely scratching the surface of what it can do!

What’s one thing you’d like to practice or learn this year?


  1. A girl after my own heart!! I love these soo much Lisa!! =) I love photography and you capture it similar to me! So very lovely!! My faves are the photos of the tree limbs…I take alot of those and post them on my blog as well!

  2. Oh my, these photos are wonderful! They make me wish I were there. I love watching the sunrise and the sunset. And what I’d like to practice this year is taking photos. My boyfriend got me a DSLR camera for my birthday, so I really want to take some nice photos, like the ones you have here. 🙂

  3. I especially love the sunlight beneath the gull’s wings – wow!

    I would love to learn more about photography…after I get one of those nice cameras you mentioned a little while back. My birthday’s coming!

  4. I’m with you on the photography! I so want to learn and soak up as much knowledge and experience as I can with my Canon. Your photo’s are beautiful!
    Happy New Year, Lisa!!!

  5. I love learning new things! This year, we are preparing to bring home our two year old son from Taiwan, and I would like to learn some Mandarin before we travel.

  6. Looks like the start of a beautiful day. I love the light when the sun is coming up…but more often, for me anyway…the light when the sun is setting. It just seems so peaceful.

  7. first … may i say that for some reason this post brought tears to my eyes. thank you for being part of my day and always being an encouragement to me. i look forward to starting my day with the Lord and then checking in with you… it always makes my day! today …you reminded me as a mama of three to take a little time for myself. even if its a few minutes in the day to read a book about something i didn’t know… to learn. to create. to be inspired.
    thank you for blessing me.

    1. Tiffany you are the sweetest. I am so happy that you could connect well with this post. I hope you have a great day today! xo

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