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home again!

June 30th | older posts

hi there! steve and i had a three night get-away to seattle over the weekend. our first time away from the boys for more than one night.

it was wonderful!

i had planned to post while we were away, but the internet connection was too slow to upload pics. the weather got really warm over the weekend–up to about 100, but we still took it all in. we brunched at the space needle…

shopped around pike’s place…

and enjoyed the fresh fish. we didn’t buy any from the market, but we ate our share at the local restaurants!

here we are at the top of the space needle.

we took a ferry to bainbridge island and got coffee and cookies at the blackbird bakery-darling card!! yummy cookie, too!

it’s great to be home. we pulled into the driveway at 1am-so i am exhausted. they boys did so great with their aunties. *thanks sue and el–you guys rock!!* i missed the boys the entire time, but i was able to relax and not worry about them. what a gift! more pics tomorrow.

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  1. Carolina Mama says:

    Congratulations on your trip away! Those pics are great. The Tigers love the Space Needle pic. 😉

  2. Christina Joy says:

    Hi, Lisa! I found your blog through makeandtakes’ site and post about your lovely hand-stamped creations! Love the site, love the jewelry- will be back to visit!

  3. Sarah Markley says:

    sounds like pure heaven. =)

  4. lifeinredshoes says:

    You just returned from one of my favorite places! Glad you had a good time. I have a little something for you over at my site, don’t worry, it’s something good!

  5. Jacquelyn says:

    Oh, so jealous! I miss WA so much. BTW next time you go to Pike Place Market you have to check out the vintage donut machine and grab a brown paper bag of hot, fresh miniature donuts! Glad you had fun!

  6. joy says:

    how wonderful to have a get-away! glad you had some r&r. welcome home

  7. grey like snuffie says:

    Good for you taking time away. My husband and I always figured that the better our relationship was the better parents we would be. I LOVE that town.

  8. Rays Family says:

    Yea, I’m so happy for the two of you!


  9. Stephanie says:

    It sounds like an amazing time! It’s so important to get away without the kids every once in a while. Welcome back!

  10. asnipofgoodness says:

    welcome home, and even though reality seems to hit you in the face the minute you arrive, being away reminds you what wonderfulness there is at HOME!

  11. Pinkalicious says:

    Hi Lisa, I found your site a couple of weeks ago and have been enjoying reading what you write. I relate to you a lot because my daugher, Madeline (almost 4), has a rare form of dwarfism. Your boys are darling and so are you. I love your jewelry and told my mom that I want a piece for my birthday.

    I am glad you and your husband were able to get away. I am laughing because a good friend of mine was just in Seattle too and I just viewed similar pictures of hers (Space Needle and Pikes Place). You two probably passed each other. :)

    God bless you and your family and thank you for sharing.
    Love, Sara Koppes

  12. Laura and the family says:

    OH,I love Washington State! I’ve been to Washington State twice (Vancouver and Olympia where my family and I took the ferry to see the Busch Garden– what a heaven place to see!) but we never visited Space Needle. Next time will do… but am glad you guys took your time out to be alone.

  13. Denise says:

    i HEART Seattle! It is a great get away place.
    glad you had fun, time with hubby to reconnect is so important.

  14. Merry Magpie says:

    It was great that you got away.. There is nothing in the world that compares or comes close to Pike Place Market filled with flowers. All the musicians playing. I miss Seattle so much and your pictures make me want go back soooo bad.. Darn:)

  15. crunchiemummy says:

    Sounds like you had a great getaway to one of my favourite places!

    I just found your website and love your jewelry. Will definitely be back to look over it more.

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