My friend, Allegra recently opened a shop called ‘a touch of love‘ and you are going to love her beautiful creations! I asked her a few a questions, so you can get to know here!

Tell us a little about your family.

I am married to a man who is a healer of my heart and my biggest fan. We dated for 4 short months before he proposed to me through a song he wrote about our love. Guilty of being young and in love, as our pastor once said, we eloped to Las Vegas a month later. In October we will celebrate 7 years together and the family we’ve become with our two little boys, ages 4 and 1. As a family, we love to learn about new places & dream of the adventures that lay beyond our front door. We love to laugh, cuddle & support each other. At the end of the day, we seek to live life, raise our kids and be in relationship to one another and others with intention.

What are your favorite three hobbies?

I have always embraced having hobbies. When I became a mom, I was determined and intentional to keep those hobbies. I believe that having them keeps me balanced, keeps me grounded in my identity that is separate from wife & mom and that’s wildly important to me. The things that keep me, me are” writing {it’s where I unwrap the subconscious of my heart and mind}, creating {a tablescape to entertain friends, a pretty letter to send to a friend in the mail, or preparing handmade fits for all the celebrations there are in life!}, & dreaming {of traveling, planning picnics with friends, of who my children will be, how to creatively love those in my life that I cherish.}

How do you get inspired when you get into a rut?

If I find myself in a rut creatively, I have a few things I do to pull myself up and out & all involve SOLITUDE {I love my alone time}. I put in headphones, I blast my music, & start to write–I write until my head and heart are empty. The other way I chase solotude is to drive alone in the car, sit in a coffee shop, or sit by the ocean. I have to give myself space and thankfully I have a husband who understands that and gives as much to me as he can.

Have you always been good at hand-writing or is it something you’ve nurtured?

In elementary school I remember having a friend who had beautiful hand writing and I wanted writing like hers. I was never an all-star athlete and since I loved to journal, I think my handwriting developed on it’s own and yet somehow with intention. I became a perfectionist with it even starting my school notes all over if I had to use white out. Eventually, penmanship became something I play with, enjoy, & have fun with!

What’s one dream you have for your new online shop?

I had one intention when I opened my shop and it was to have a creative outlet & a place I could play. I quickly realized I also had a dream about my shop: I want my shop to be my creative space that also lends to supporting my family. I would love to create while I watch my children grow because these years are precious as well as numbered.

Allegra, thanks for sharing you beautiful words and creations with us.

Friends, go check out Allegra’s shop {and use code LISASBLOG for 10% off!} and her blog too!