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road trip.

February 1st | older posts

some friends got married in grass valley friday evening, so we drove up for the wedding and got to spend some time with my aunt & uncle who just happen to live there (what a happy coincidence!). they live next to a creek in a darling home nestled under evergreens. we went downtown for a little lunch and shopping then to the park to play. more pics soon. hope your weekend was sweet.

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  1. Beck McRae says:

    Lisa, it is no wonder your heart is full! My heart swells just in sharing your journey! xx

  2. Becca says:

    Beautiful pics Lisa, sounds like a wonderful time!

  3. celia says:

    Wonderful pics! God, when do you stay at home doing nothing?, lol….
    What a happy and full life your family has! lol…
    Will wait for the rest of pics to come!

  4. chrissie says:

    So glad you guys had fun. Makes me miss Nancy and Francis.

  5. Alex Davidson says:

    Ahh Grass Valley is the greatest little town! Glad you had a good time. Love the picture of David by the steps. I am drawn to it. You can almost see the wheels turning in his head! :)

  6. Joy says:

    grass valley?! i grew up not too far from there in oroville. it’s beautiful, huh?

  7. stephanie says:

    I LOVE Grass Valley!!! My grandma use to live there and run the gold mining museum!!! What great memories of a great little place:)

  8. Oh, how fun to get away! Sounds like so much fun!!! Thank you for sharing!!!

  9. Sonja says:

    ahhh! I’m in Grass Valley! Small world. We are having a snow day. WOO!

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