One of our summer list items was to picnic on a patchwork quilt. And we did it–last week at Avila Valley Barn. Our friend Mary came with us. She is such a huge help with David. It was mello {we just picked up subway sandwiches} and fun. Then later that day David ended up in the hospital. He must have been feeling so crummy, but he’s a trooper. He’s feeling much better now, thank goodness! Last week was a pretty rough week to be honest. I’m ready to put it behind us and start fresh.

How about some hellos?

Hello friends visiting this week. It’s great to catch up!

Hello getting ready for a craft weekend with this girl. And Chrissie is coming too. Whoohoo! I’m giddy!

Hello tired. I cried a lot last week. It kinda sucked. I’m ready to be happier and less stressed.

Hello end of July. School starts in only a few weeks. Time to shop for backpacks!!

Hello fresh flowers. I think it’s time to raid my garden again.

Hello laundry. I say that every week. I keep thinking maybe if I say it, I’ll do some of it. I’m perpetually behind on laundry.

Hello tacos for dinner. Later this week we’ll have baked sweet potatoes with the fixings. And we are planning to eat by the beach one night. Yum!

Hello cutting back on TV. Summer is about playing outside, right?!

Hello cutting back on candy. Hello snacking on vegetables. I’m surprisingly excited about it!

Hello clean sheets and towels. Don’t you love getting into a bed with fresh sheets?!

Hello coffee. I’m off to get another cup {or two!}

Hello Monday! It’s a brand new week–and that’s a good thing.