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I’d like to introduce you…

October 22nd | older posts

to Rachel and her amazing wares! We’ve gotten aquainted online. Her blog is darling and always inspiring.
We did a trade–some beautiful handmade journals for some of my jewelry. Go check out her etsy store!

Thanks for the goods Rachel! I love them. Happy Monday everyone.

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  1. Andrea says:

    i’ve been reading without commenting for a few weeks. but i must say that i think Rachel is fabulous!

  2. Lauren Z says:

    I live in SLO As well- do you show your work here in town (Hands Gallery or some place like that?)

    Your work is so pretty :)

  3. Lisa Leonard says:

    Check out Contessa S and Contess Home on Higuera. Also, Old World Charm, TD Parker Salon, and Apple Farm.

  4. Jill Ann says:

    Your jewelry is GORGEOUS!!! I wish I something cool enough to trade with you!

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