Trina took some photos of our family at Sweet Springs Nature Preserve last weekend. She is so talented and patient. We are not the easiest family to shoot! I feel like she really captured the our family. Here’s just a sample of her work.

I took David to the doctor yesterday because he has been getting worse instead of better. Our pediatrician put him on antibiotics because his cold has turned into bronchitis. I feel relieved to have some answers (instead of worrying and wondering if I am crazy or overreacting!) Hopefully in the next day or so he’ll turn a corner and start feeling better. To tell the truth I’ve been feeling like I’m in isolation and also pretty exhausted. A friend is coming over today to give me a little break. Pedicure?!

On a lighter note, I am working on putting together a boutique page to add to the upper right-hand corner of my blog that would have rotating designs (handmade brass, antiqued sterling silver and other one-of-a kind designs) for sale. I’ll try to have it up today or tomorrow!