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March 30th | older posts

since last month’s design was such a hit, i decided to stay in the same vein…

tiny squares.

Two hammered squares (About 1/2″ each) are hung from a thick, sterling ring and strung on 18″ sterling chain. A cream freshwater pearl adds the perfect detail. Each square can fit up to 6 characters. Oh, it’s so perfect!!

$46.00, additional charms $14.00

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

So…I am giving one away. Leave us a comment and tell us something fun scheduled for April.

then head over to Craft and Found *such a fun blog!!* because she is doing a giveaway, too! Happy Monday!!

311 Responses

  1. Mrs. Ben Lanier says:

    Our fun thing planned for April is probably not what most would consider fun but it is great fun for my husband, our children and me. We live in Southwestern Colorado on our farm. We have waited all winter for it to be warm and dry enough to plant our wheat and new alfalfa in some of our fields. We should be able to get on tractors and get started this week and we are so excited we almost can’t stand it!

  2. Earen says:

    Oh, this necklace is so darling! My fun event for April…I’m heading to California to visit my dearest & best friend Sharalee for a few days!! HORAY!!

  3. Susanne says:

    Fun things for April…planting lots of flowers, decorating my house for spring, family and friends coming to visit and shop!
    (By the way, my sister recently gave me one of your necklaces. I loved it so much, I will be ordering from you soon!)

  4. heather says:

    I love your jewelry and have hinted heavily to my husband. :) One VERY fun and VERY exciting thing happening in April is my daughter’s FIRST birthday! It is actually Saturday and I am very excited and happy. I can’t believe a whole year has gone by already. Boy do they grow up fast! This would make a great gift for me to commemorate her first year. Thanks! :) katebethATgmail

  5. jaclyn says:

    april for me means my house is getting all new carpet!! exciting stuff for me!

  6. Household6 says:

    I love your jewelry! I have been hinting to a friend of mine so that she can hint to my husband to get me a necklace for Mother’s Day!!

    Our one thing in April…..we are buying our FIRST HOUSE and moving in! YAY!!!!!!

    Love your blog and your pictures….how do you make your pictures look the way they do? I’ve tried Antiquing mine in iphoto and my husband says they just look yellow….boo……


  7. Jenny says:

    I just found your site last night and LOVE it! One fun thing for our family is that hopefully we’ll finish construction on our new house that we’ve been working on for a year!

  8. Sonja says:

    My fun April event… my daughter’s baptism. Elaina is getting baptised Saturday, 4/5, and all of our family is coming to town… lots of hotel swimming (we are in Iowa, no ocean or outdoor warmth), possibly a basketball game, lots of family time and of course the most important thing, our sweet daughter’s baptism.

  9. Cathy says:

    I LOVE this necklace!
    I’m going to work on personal art everyday in the month of April. :)

  10. Jewell says:

    we have a few fun things (depending on what you consider fun) My daughter and I are looking forward to a couple of dance competitions and nights out. The boys in the family are looking forward to an X-treme Moto-X show and the whole family will roll up their sleeves and enjoy some family fun (and work) slough pumping in april around the farm. haha

  11. melinda says:

    Oh so sweet. We plan to get out in the yard together and get the flower beds ready for planting and mulching etc. Also planning some one on one time with each of the kids- special afternoons to do what they want. Maybe a movie, lunch, or an afternoon at the park.

  12. Denise... says:

    My plans for April include planning a birthday party for my almost 14 yo dd!

  13. TK says:

    April is a fun month for us-my son turns 3(!), school field trip to the zoo, and to the beach for a kite frstival. it’s the real spring kick-off for us!

  14. Someone Being Me says:

    My fun thing for April is that I am quitting my job in a few weeks to stay home full time with my son. I am so excited.

  15. Paige says:

    Okay, this is my birthday month so my fun thing is my birthday party. I am having my friends over for steamed oysters, a big salad, garlic bread and beer. After that we’ll eat cake and go for a bike ride on my new adult tricycle. How cool is that!! Bring on the high gas prices, I’ve got a trike!!
    OH< and Scott is taking off five days this week so I can have mornings sleeping in, breakfast in bed, long lazy naps in the afternoon and late nights playing with him at night. All for my birthday!! YAY!!!

  16. Tatrina says:

    I have lots of fun things planned for April.
    1st I am start classes to be a graphic designer.
    2nd I am turning 31.
    3rd My husband and I are taking our daughter to see Wicked.

    I am so excited for April.

  17. Sandra says:

    My fun thing for April will hopefully be a midlleage-market that is happening at a castle not far away :) I love those markets and thre’ll also be a flight show with owls and eagles…so impressing!!

  18. Britt says:

    Love the neclace! My fun event for April would be when my cute parents come to visit me. I haven’t seen them in 6 months so I am really looking forward to it.

  19. Mandy says:

    Love the necklace, soo cute. I still want one of yours but can’t decide which one, really leaning to the mothers day one if there are any left. Anyways my husband has a cousin getting married in April so will have lots of fun family around.

  20. psuamy1 says:

    April is a whole month of fun for us! Our older two children both have birthdays this month, so we will be celebrating in a big way! We are having a messy party where the kids come over, paint, do playdoh, anything messy and then we have a huge banana split cake for dessert. Can’t wait!

  21. kim says:

    love, Love, LOVE your jewelry!!!
    April for us is Spring Break, Sun and Sand!!!

  22. kendall. says:

    My fun thing for April? Visiting the opening of my local farmer’s market for the season! Fresh flowers, local products, homemade baked goods–Oh my! I love your designs! (I, too, am a husband hinter and am glad to know that I’m not alone in this!)

  23. Angie says:

    Surprise 30th birthday party for one of my dearest friends in Charleston, SC. We are making a weekend of it! My boyfriend will be going for the first time ever, which makes the trip even more special.

  24. melissa says:

    LOVE the necklace :) my fun thing is going to be traveling to sunny San Francisco (from Michigan) for the weekend of the 18th. I am going with my husband’s aunt and grandmother for a girl’s weekend and it will be the first time i will be away from my boys for more than a few hours! exciting but scary!!

  25. SoSoBella Designs says:

    Something fun for April, Bon Jovi concert :O) It is my 8 year wedding anniversary so my super fabulous hubby is taking me friday night to Bon Jovi….can’t wait :O)
    oh and by they way everything about your blog is fabulous :O) love it!

  26. sewgaby says:

    I recently found your site and Love your jewelry. I adore that leather cuff….maybe I missed it, but do you have more like that. I would totally love to buy one for my teenage daughter who is having a tough time right now. I thought it would be perfect for her to see throughout the day and look at some sort of reaffirming word on a cool bracelet. OR would you be willing to make a custom one? A fun thing…hmmm…well my roses are in bloom!!!! Thats pretty fun. :)

  27. Christine says:

    Such an admirer of your beautiful jewellery and your blog!

    Fun things for April…well since my maternity leave is ending in May, I am trying to make the most of everyday and do something fun with my little guy who is an amazing little person. We are going to the Zoo, enjoying time with friends and going to visit my Mom and Dad.

  28. Danielle R. says:

    The new design is beautiful! My fun event for April…is house hunting!

  29. Jessica B says:

    My one fun thing planned for April is traveling to Oklahoma to help my niece celebrate her first birthday. I can’t wait! I haven’t seen her since Christmas so this is a special treat.

  30. rohanknitter says:

    I love the necklace – that would make a great bday gift for my sister.
    Fun in April? My dh starts planting in April, and working lots of very loonnnnggggg hours. I don’t know if that could really be considered fun, but we are all looking forward to the return of spring, that’s for sure.

  31. robin says:

    ok lisa something fun for our family this april is heading up to the mountains in NC and visiting my oldest in college. Her 4 siblings miss her so much!!!Looking forward to taking an all 5 kids together again pic.

  32. MilePost13 says:

    my birthday is on Wednesday, I’ll be spending it with my two girls! I’m thinking it will be the best birthday ever!

  33. Patti says:

    April fun is checking going for dinner at Olives and checking into the Venetian Hotel for our 25th anniversay!

    Love the necklace, just like all your things.

  34. Wendy says:

    Wow, I love that necklace!

    We will be planting our garden in April.

  35. Christybelle says:

    What a beautiful necklace! I’ve had so much fun browsing your collection this morning. What to pick?

    One of my fun April plans is heading to a baseball game next week at our new Nationals stadium with my son. A little “mommy and me” time if I can find a sitter for the babe.

    christydavis at verizon dot net

  36. Leslie says:

    I love your jewelry, and I love your blog! I read it daily! It is so warm and encouraging. I can’t wait until your new website is up and running!

    My fun April activity…potty training my twin girls who will be three in April. I know, I know…we’re a little behind on this whole potty-training thing! We started today, so hopefully we will be finished by the end of April!!! The actual process will not be fun, but the moment I lay my head down at night and realize we didn’t have a single accident all day will be pure bliss!

  37. josephkojis says:

    The necklace is beautiful!! Everything you create is wonderful which makes it hard to decide which is my favorite. This april we are celebrating my son 2nd birthday and are waiting for spring to come and are hopeing the snow stays away

  38. Michelle B says:

    What a perfect way to honor and display the names of my two favorite boys – hubby and son!

    For April I have the best fun thing planned – a trip to Key West with five of my girlfriends from college to celebrate our 30th birthdays! I can’t wait!

  39. Chickadee says:

    Going to t-ball games!

  40. Shannon says:

    Wow! You’re work is amazing! I sent a link to your site to DH heavily hinting for Mother’s Day! Let’s see…fun things for April. On the third it’s DH’s 34th B-day. He actually got the weekend off so his sister/BIL/nieces & nephews are all coming up to celebrate! And my MIL and SIL (same one as above) are going to the Nationals Bowling Tournament in Detroit in the middle of April! Plus, MIL’s sister lives an hour away so PARTY! Yes, I’m one of the lucky few that loves her MIL! AND I get to get away from my 3 boys for a few days and relax YAY! :) Thank you for offering you’re beautiful creations for a contest, we are all so lucky!

  41. Michelle B says:

    i am taking my boys to the circus on April 19th!

  42. Kaye says:

    What a lovely design!
    I am surprising my mom next Sunday for her 70th birthday.
    I have invited a bunch of her friends and family to celebrate with her.
    I can’t wait – she will be so surprised!
    I lOVE, LOVE, LOVE your jewelry. I keep showing my husband which ones I like. :)

  43. borcherding says:

    My friend and I have daughters the same age and last year we started a new tradition called “SPRING FLING”….we take our daughters shopping ALL day, get photos taken in the mall’s photo booth, buy goofy stuff we’ll never use again (like funky glasses and such), spend the day laughing, talking, taking the girls out for a really nice ‘grownup’ lunch and have precious times with our daughters!! This year our SPRING FLING is scheduled for April 26th and we can’t wait!! This year we are gonna stay overnight in a hotel and give the girls facials and manicures!! WOOOHOO!! I can’t wait!! I never know who is more excited…us or the girls!!! peace and blessings….Cindy B.

  44. Michal says:

    I’m planning a girl’s day out to a little town an hour away. We’ll have lunch at one of the cute cafes and shop till we drop at Nell Hills.

  45. Sarah says:

    LOVE it, Lisa!

    We are taking the boys to an ice hockey game next Sunday … can’t wait! And we also have a family bday party scheduled in late April.

  46. Cari says:

    April will be spent getting ready for Sprout’s (baby #2) arrival! Due date is May 8th but I really think he/she will be born in late April… or maybe it is my wishful thinking!

  47. mom43 says:

    My fun thing planned for April would be my oldest daughter Samantha’s first prom. We have already had lots of fun picking out the dress, jewelry, and shoes. Since I am a hair dresser I am in charge of the hair. We will make a day out of it. Her two best friends are also coming over. I will be doing the hair and nails for all three. This will be a great memorie for us. I am so excited to be sharing in this special day with all the girls.

  48. Jan says:

    April fun? Well, I am heavily involved with a church children’s talent show — can’t wait to see the fun things those little guys end up showing us as their talents. With a hot dog lunch and a kids’ talent show, it’s a fun Saturday for sure .

  49. Shawna says:

    Adorable new design Lisa! I get so many compliments on the necklace you made for me, I’ve given out your blog addy to so many people! My Mom just ordered herself one finally!

    One thing we are excited about in this house is KU making it into the Final Four! So the first weekend in April means we will be watching the games & cheering our team on!!

  50. grey like snuffie says:

    Our college daughters who are coming home just for this night, a lonely friend, a high school senior and my husband and I are planning a game night, playing games but also watching our beloved Jayhawks in the Final Four. Being empty nesters now we look forward to “FUN” nights with kids around. It is a strange little group of people but we call each other “family”. PARTAY!

  51. Anjanette says:

    We’re headed to South Beach, Florida – just my husband and I. He earned a weekend recognition trip due to his incredibly hard work at his place of employment. We never go away alone, so this will be an amazing treat.

  52. Alicia says:

    This is a beautiful necklace. I wear my necklace that you made for me everyday! It says BELIEVE IN MIRACLES! Our son just finished his stem cell transplant and we’ve been home now for 3 weeks and loving every minute of it! He started radiation today and he will finish with that in a couple of weeks and then we plan to have so much fun at our house….just celebrating our children! We can’t go anywhere because our son is on isolation, but we are planning a “small” birthday party for our soon to be 2 year old daughter. We’re going to have just the grandparents here, but it is going to be a princess themed party and Ethan is going to be a “King” and Ava a “Princess”. It is going to be so much fun watching the kids all dressed up and having a good time at the “PARTY”! Small or not, it will be great to celebrate!

    Thanks for all of your posts, I check them daily. Your boys are adorable and your work is fabulous!

  53. joan says:

    My daughter starts ‘Princess Ballet’ classes and wants to wear a princess dress to her first class!

  54. Dustin says:

    I can’t believe it but, I think I love the tiny squares even more than the teeny tiny initials! Our fun (depends on your perspective) plans for April are very simple. I can’t wait to enjoy the emerging spring weather…. to plant and landscape, and to start walking more places instead of driving everywhere. Thanks for sharing your creativity!

  55. Darcie says:

    I’m a first time comment-er. I love your jewelry! My fun even planned for April is going to see Jenna and Laura Bush at a book signing that is promoting their new children’s book. I’m so excited!

  56. Laura and the family says:

    The fun part is that I will put all of the pictures in a scrapbook for my mother in law, who has a breast cancer,just had a “Hat n’ Snip Off” party last Sunday 3/30. Yet,I will start putting the pictures together at Creative workshop on 4/16 all day. After putting tons of pictures, I will hand the books to her at the end of April as a part of gift.

  57. Tami says:

    I love the necklace.

    One fun thing we are doing in April is taking our kids to the Gamma Phi Circus (at Illinois State University, love living in a college town)…the oldest collegiate circus in the country.

  58. Anonymous says:

    My parents are coming home from being snowbirds in Mesa all winter, and it my 8th wedding anniversary on the 15th. Two wonderful things to look forward to. Thanks Lisa.

  59. Joelle says:

    My parents are coming home from being snowbirds in Mesa all winter, and it my 8th wedding anniversary on the 15th. Two wonderful things to look forward to. Thanks Lisa.

  60. Amber says:

    One fun thing in April is going to Cal Poly’s Open House! My husband and I love going back to the campus to support the school’s clubs, eat a ton of junk food, and relive some of our fond memories.

  61. The Brandleys says:

    April is going to be the best month ever… After being house bound since January we are gojng to Vegas to se Gandma and Grandpa, and then to Canada to see The other Grandma and Grandpa. Lots of traveling but it will be sooo much fun!!

  62. ARPL says:

    Getting my bike out of storage and pedalling up a storm.

  63. Angie G says:

    Lisa I love your jewelry. We have a busy April. Dance recital is at the end of May, so lots of practice and making up practice from missing because of all the snow we had in Iowa during January and February. We also have preschool registration, Come Read with me at school and several relative’s birthdays. We are also having several new calves on our farm and the girls enjoy watching them grow strong and play in the pasture. Thank you Lisa for the give aways. Take care

  64. Lisa says:

    LOVE the necklace, LOVE the blog!

    My husband and son’s birthdays are in April, so we have some celebrating to do!

  65. Emily says:

    What a fun necklace, I hope I win. I am going to Wicked in LA, YEA! I love all your designs!!!!

  66. Tracy says:

    a job interview! after being a sahm for 6+ years, it is a step toward moving back into the world of sales…pt :)

  67. Yvette says:

    We have four children under the age of four who are all at the cabin fever stage with our Ohio weather. To break out of the same old boring routine, we’re having a theme week to kick off April. Five days of fun activities … cooking one day, a movie day with popcorn and our favorite Disney movies, baseball day for the season’s kick-off. With any luck we’ll even have one day warm enough to get outside for some outdoor activities too. Just something different to keep our minds off the lack of warmth and sunshine we’re still seeing here.

  68. Rachel Slagle says:

    i love the new necklace!!

    one fun thing that i have planned for april is a pirate themed birthday party for my little guys second birthday. cant wait – although it makes me a bit sad that he’s getting so big.

  69. Anonymous says:

    I love your designs Lisa!I get a lot of comments on the necklace you made for me last fall with my daughters names!
    Fun in April…strawberry picking and one more month closer to the end of my husband’s deployment!YEA!!!!

  70. Kat - Taylor Made designs says:

    First, your work is amazing :)
    I would be one happy camper to receive this lovely necklace.

    For spring break/vacation, we’ll probably go to the beach with our new sticker… who cares that it might be cold :) And we’ll venture into the city to the museum of science :) my two munchkins just love it there.

    Thanks for the chance :)

  71. SECPumpkin says:

    goodness i have two…my birthday the 24th. And the best birthday present would definately be my fiancee’! So the MOST fun thing scheduled would probably be the Luau inspired Engagement Party for to celebrate Scott’s and I upcoming marriage! We are so blessed, what an amazing God we have! I love your stuff…it’s soo great!

  72. Anonymous says:

    I like the featured necklace for April. I am still hoping my husband bought me the “mama” necklace! I just love your jewerly!

    I plan on running the Cooper River Bridge Run in Charleston on April 5th ( Charleston is great place to visit if you are ever in the area!

    Take care,
    Shelly Primm
    Huntersville, North Carolina

  73. pebblewood says:

    love the necklace! fun thing for April is that my mom is visiting us from Ireland…….the boys love seeing Grandma and I love the opportunity we have to just sit and talk face-to-face instead of long distance by phone….

  74. ania says:

    OhOhohoh!! !I have NO LESS than THREE FUN FUN FUN stuff lined up in April!!! First, I’m gonna get some scrapping-friends over and have a little crop at my place one saturday evening, second – Im gonna attend a class of a fabby french scrapbooking/mixed-media-artist the next sunday (SO looking forward to that one), third…Im gonna do two SB-classes out of town AND I get to meet up with old and new friends doing so and they promised me a crop aswell and a fun day of photosessionstuff and stuff YAY YAY YAY! Hahha….thanks for letting me share *cough* :) :)

  75. LobotoME says:

    We are actually heading west to your state – Taking Samme to Disneyland in April for her 4th birthday! She has NO idea that a land of princesses and castles really does exist!

    My neck is getting heavy from all of the LL necklaces I now OWN but I love them all and adore the hammered squares! I would give it to my mom though as she has been eyeing mine and put her 2 grand-daughters names on it!

    xoxo – jenny :)

  76. Jaime says:

    Fun for April, you ask?
    We are having a girls reunion and 10 of us are flying to meet each other for a weekend of eats, drinks, dancing, catching up and whatever else happens to come our way!
    Most of us have know each other since elementary school. It is so great that after all of these years we have stayed so close! We really are a lucky group of women!!
    I can’t wait!

  77. Marlee Belle says:

    My husband and I will be running our first half marathon together the last weekend in April! We are super excited!

  78. Rhiannon says:

    I’m going to Disneyland!

  79. tessa says:

    Wow what a beautifull jewlery!!!

    I have a oh so fun happening in april, my best fiend whom live fare away and I see aboute twice a year and I, were going to a all girl hotell-weekend this weekend. Kind of a spur of the moment thing that her husband thought we should do. Wihout hubbies and children, it will be a blast,shopping,dining, partying,coffehouses, party and onely girlystuff WE want to do..

  80. Jaime says:

    PS. I forgot to mention that no husbands or children are invited!!

  81. Bobbi says:

    Beautiful necklace Lisa!! April is pretty exciting for us. My daughter will be celebrating her First Communion on 4/27 and then the next day celebrating her 8th birthday.

  82. ladybug12 says:

    My fun event for April would be one of two things…you can decide which is more fun. (A) we are going to pain the kitchen (B) we are going to start trying to have a baby……

  83. Kimberly says:

    Wow, this is such a wonderful necklace and the one I will finally purchase, they all are so great, but this is the one. So I actually have a few things planned, first my 11 year anniversary, my birthday, and my new necklace to look forward to. April is such a wonderful month…


  84. Misty says:

    our fun thing for april…. my friend and i are planning on walking for babies!! it is a 10 mile walk for the march of dimes!! i am excited. both of our little ones were residents of the NICU this year, so we are happy to be helping this cause!

  85. Berta says:

    This winter we have been snowed in, experienced blizzard after blizzard, our sons wedding and Easter celebrations cancelled due to snow and countless other malodies! So, in April I have a scavenger hunt scheduled for our family that will include looking for signs of spring – from buds to flowers to creepy-crawly-thingys and the winner will be crowned ‘king or queen of spring’! Can’t wait! This spring NEVER looked so good.

  86. Lara says:

    I’m having a baby!!!

  87. Eli says:

    My fun thing is that I am going to see an old friend of mine – and I have not seen her for many years! Sooo looking forward to it!

  88. Jen Nichols says:

    I LOVE your jewelry and reading about all the fun stuff you do with your kiddos…and I’m jealous, as we here in Chicago are inches away from the snowiest winter on record! My fun April thing is SPRING BREAK–gonna spend some extra time with my 8 month old, Cooper! Gotta love being a teacher…

  89. Christa says:

    Something special for April…my God-Mother was diagnosed with breast cancer and just started going through chemo and she is beating it’s consequences to the punch by having a head shaving party. It will get shorter by shorter throughout the night until its all shaved off. She will join her father and brother with having a bald head. I am blessed to be in her life and I will be attending the “head shaving party” to enjoy it with her.

    Lovely jewelry you have…when she beats this all together I plan to get her one in rememberance of her journey.

  90. Mommy to Girls says:

    Lets see……April brings lots of fun things for me! First is my family Scrap bookweekend…..3 days of pure Scrapbooking no kids, no husbands :) Its also my birthday and my husband and I are getting away for the day to enjoy the central coast with out kids!!

  91. _Kine says:

    I have a Low-concert to go to, and I adore this band! I can’t wait :)

  92. Krista says:

    My grandmother is turning 87 and my husband and I are taking her out. Special why? well 87 is amazing in itself, however; I just met her last year. My father was MIA my whole life and my Mothers parents are both deceased as well ad my husbands grandparents. So, I decided one day that I wanted a grandmother. I found her on the internet called her and she was so excited. Her daughter (my Aunt!) lives with her to and we have developed a wonderful relationship.

    So April 6th we are going to church and brunch to celebrate!

  93. Andrea says:

    We will be celebrating my husband and oldest daughter’s birthdays in April, and I also plan on taking my kids to the Sesame Street exhibit all about the human body!! Fun stuff!

  94. Alicia says:

    Grandma is coming to visit which will be loads of fun for my daughter.

  95. D@nielle says:

    giveaways are always fun when it involves your necklaces 😀 I’m organising a bday party for my husband who’s turning 40 this month !

  96. Amanda says:

    ONE thing? :) Ok…pokeno night with some friends…in our jammies, on a Sunday night, eating breakfast food, gabbing and laughing! Happy jewelry making!

  97. Julie says:

    So much fun planned for April! I’m doing a girls trip in two weeks, as well as a little family vacation. Hope your month is blessed!

  98. Anonymous says:

    I love this necklace. Something fun I have planned for April is my daughter’s 1st birthday. All of our family will be here to help us celebrate!


  99. Laura says:

    Oh I have been excited for this April all year…
    In 2 weeks my husband and I will get the opportunity to get away for the weekend with out our 2 kids to attend my dear friends wedding on the west coast of Canada, in Nanaimo BC. Then 2 weeks later I will attend my 15 year high school reunion back in Manitoba!! It’s going to be a fun month of reconnecting with old friends and filling eachother in on the last several years. I was just thinking that I’d love to order a necklace to wear to these ocasions proudly displaying my kids names.
    I absolutely love your work…so pretty!

  100. Alison B. says:

    something fun for us in april will be that my husband is taking a monday off of work, and we’re going to take my 10 month old to the tennessee aquarium for the first time to see the fish!

  101. Kristen Borland says:

    i think i know what mommy that necklace is for!

    this april… party for some friends and my mom coming to visit!!

  102. i know a mom says:

    I’m heading to Chattanooga, TN to meet my newest niece {yet to be born}! Can’t wait!

  103. Adriane says:

    I’ve visiting a long-lost friend! Can’t wait to see her!

  104. Ann Hedvig says:

    Love the jewelry you make :o)

    One of our fun things to do this month, will be going skiing in the mountains. To a cabin with no water and no electricity!

    And it is great, even though we don’t have all the goodies of the modern world.

  105. Chelle says:

    i adore this one! well, actually, i happen to adore them all…just love them and your constant inspiration, i treasure it!

    fun april thing…my mother’s 60th birthday…can’t wait to celebrate her life!

    thank you!

  106. Kurt and Debbie says:

    I love this necklace! Our fun activity for April. . . my little boy’s birthday is in April and he loves airplanes so we are going to take him to the local Airforce museum. It has a lot of airplanes and jets that you can walk around and then a museum portion also. I am really excited to see how he reacts and how much fun he has.

  107. Lindsey says:

    This necklace is beautiful! I would love to win! My fun event in April, my darling husband is taking me on a cruise to the Southern Caribbean! I am so excited!

  108. Aquarell says:

    Oooo, nice…
    My fun event for april is a trip to the fashion mekka of Milano!
    Can’t hardly wait!:D

  109. Inkylin says:

    I am beginning April with painting my soon to be new stamp studio. There has never been a pink room in this house but starting tomorrow there will be one. I can’t wait till it’s finished and furnished again.


  110. Mary K says:

    I’m looking forward to taking my son(he’s 5) to a play of Charlotte’s Web with his preschool. Also get to be “room mom” for a day.

  111. Shealynn Benner says:

    Wow! Lots of comments here. Hope I get noticed. wink wink. :) LOVE all of the jewelry. Especially this one.

    My fun thing for April? My parents 18th Anniversary tomorrow! My daughter turns 18 months! Our house goes up for sale tomorrow, my brother’s birthday, my husband coming home from a 15 day business trip!

    I know that’s more than 1, but couldn’t figure out which to pick. :)

  112. Becky says:

    My husband is a CPA. On April 15th, tax season will end and we will finally get to see him on a regular basis again. We’re planning on hugging Dad a lot more around here.

  113. Katie says:

    I love this necklace! How adorable! Hhmm, one fun thing planned in April is I’m teaching a card workshop at my house for a bunch of ladies. Stamping, coffee, good food, friends…doesn’t get much better than that!

  114. Sheila says:

    We are in the middle of our fun April thing, we are in Chicago doing a little exploring and watching the kids reactions to all things city…so we are exploring for fun!!

  115. Rachel says:

    I look forward to having my kids home for a week and getting my garden planted. Love your jewelry

  116. Anonymous says:

    Our family has a fantastic camping trip planned for the second weekend in April! We live in Texas, and we tent camp, so October and April are the best months for nice weather for that, not too cold at night or too hot during the day. Over the years our camping trips have given our family some of the most happy, relaxed times. We build great memories. I can’t wait! ~Cathy S., Fort Worth, TX

  117. Anonymous says:

    April is so fun… First, April Fool’s Day with little bitty people cackling is such a hoot! Then, in our TN mountains, the season change is pretty drastic – lifting up rocks with my little Cade and Chloe (their names would look so sweet on your beautiful little squares…)to discover all those “little things” they love that show up in April, like shiny little beetles, salamanders, ant homes, etc…) We are also excited to celebrate Cade’s sixth birthday with an “underwater” theme (his very creative idea). I love reading your sweet blog, and feel like I know you…we both have special education/behavior intervention backgrounds and curly hair (and love creative jewelry!)and we both have two beautiful little ones that we truly appreciate!!

  118. nikki_b says:

    Since April is my birthday month, I consider the whole month fun! It means I get to plant some beautiful new flowers in my garden, take in some beautiful California sunshine, and for my birthday weekend, either a jazz concert with the hubby or to Palm Springs for massages with my Mom and two sisters. Ahhh… such choices!

  119. Erin says:

    We have lots of fun scheduled for April!! First and foremost, having a baby! My second child is due April 19th and we are so excited. It is also my husband’s birthday and the whole family (except the baby :) ) is in a wedding on the 26th! Its sure to be an exciting and eventful month!

  120. Leah says:

    I love this necklace! The fun thing for April is that I’m having a baby! Well hopefullly, unless he decides to come really late! :)

  121. Bekka says:

    Absolutely gorgeous! Hmmm…April isn’t overly-scheduled yet, but I’m going out for Chinese food with friends next weekend!

  122. Sarah says:

    My fun thing scheduled for April is to graduate from nursing school! After a long and tiring journey, the end is in sight!
    Sarah W.

  123. Emily says:

    For April:

    A getaway to your fair state with my hubby. Just the two of us. sigh. I’m so excted.

  124. ash says:

    My husband is graduating and we are moving across the country. Fun and scary all at the same time!

    Love your jewelry and your site! Thanks for the daily inspiration.

  125. April says:

    Well I am from a small historic town in Indiana. THe fun thing that I am going to do this year is a thing called the “daffodil stroll” it is April 5th-6th. You just go to our historic downtown and they have heavily planted daffodils and they all the little unique shops are opne late and local artists sell thier things. It is kind of a “spring kickoff”. It is a lot of fun. It has been going on since i was a child.
    I am also going to graduate from Nursing school this month….yeah!

  126. Raquel says:

    love the necklace!Our April is pretty quiet. I hope to spend lots of family time outside exploring nature. My boys will love that.

  127. Lisa & Penny says:

    I’m going to Danville, VA, not such a hot destination, but to visit my very best friend from college that I hardly ever see. YEA! So excited. Still a huge fan of yours Lisa! Can’t wait for your website to go live :-)

  128. julesttdmom says:

    This month is going to be fun! It my youngest’s fourth birthday this month. We are having a blast deciding what kind of carnival games and deocorations that we will use. I always look foward to her special day becuase it is ALL hers. Her older and wonderful brother has a life threatining illness and demands a tons of attention. She is so amazing with him and giving of herslef. So, I am very much looking foward to April 26th when we have a very fun carnival in our backyard just for her!!!
    Julie P., CA

  129. amy says:

    I would actually love to win this for my best girlfriend who has been through a horrible divorce this year and it will be final on April 11. She has been such an amazing mom to her two little ones (ages 2 and 3 1/2) through it all and she would just melt over this!
    Thanks for the consideration! While it is not really a “fun” thing, it is a blessing to have it over!

  130. Anonymous says:

    I’m looking forward to an April trip with my middle daughter (age 19). We’re going to NY to see RENT. She’s a dance major and wants to see RENT before it leaves Broadway. I love your jewelry pieces. Angie Ulseth

  131. DawnMarie says:

    What a great give away. My fun event for April will be taking car eof my two nephews so my sister and her husband can go away alone for the first time in 5 years.

    Matter of fact, that is who this necklace would go to. My sister has two wonderful boys. She is such a great Mom and deserves something from the boys to say thanks.

    Dawn Marie
    hefron04 at verizon dot net

  132. Spottydotty1 says:

    Love your jewelry. The exciting event we are looking forward to this April is camping in our new camper. Well, new to us, not so new really. If you are a Christmas Vacation fan, it sorta reminds you of Cousin Eddie’s R.V. ‘now don’t you go falling in love with it’ :-)

  133. My lifes inky escape and more says:

    I’m going to San Antonio, Tx to see my darling son graduate from Air Force Bootcamp!! My hubby and I are also celebrating our 24th anniversary :) Woohoo!!


  134. Lisa S says:

    Your stuff is so great!! I Love silver and u put your heart into your art!! Fun…April 18th going to see “The Boss” BRUCE SPRINGSTTEN In Fort Lauderdale, FL!!!! He is stll one of the best….and like your jewelery MADE IN THE USA!!! And really hot in his jeans!!!! Now that will make my April and May fun!!! 😉

  135. Charmaine says:

    I am going to be a grandma for the first time!! The baby shower is on April 13th and I can’t wait. Elle is scheduled to arrive on June 4th and she is already spoiled. I love her to pieces!!

  136. Tacy says:

    I love this necklace! My fun thing for April: we sold our house yesterday and we’re moving at the end of the month….yeah!

  137. Peggy says:

    April fun will be my first birthday as a Grandma! It will be my 50th birthday, but first one celebrated with a grandbaby! Also will be celebrated with my oldest son home, he’s a green beret, member of the 3rd Special FOrces group, and the rest of my family, truly FUN at its best, with those I love most! Includes a weimaraner and black lab in the family too!

  138. Anonymous says:

    My son starts baseball in April….just hoping we don’t have to wear out winter coats! I live in Iowa, and we are supposed to have snow this week!!!

    Susan F/Iowa

  139. Susan says:

    I am giving a baby shower for my daughter-in-law who is expecting our grandson June 1st :*) CAN’T WAIT ~!!!!!


  140. Jill Duarte says:

    Love the necklace…but that is no surprise. April will be a blast for me. The first weekend I’m off to our women’s retreat. My hubby surprised me with it as a gift. Then the third weekend I’m off on road-trip to Phoenix, AZ with some of the most fun ladies I know. We are all business partners and we are heading there for a conference. Two “all-girls” weekends in one month just can’t be beat. Top that off with a very special day at the end of the month (my step-sister’s wedding reception). We haven’t seen each other in years and I’m really looking forward to reconnecting with her. I have 4 kiddos so basically everyday is a fun day, but April will be particularly FUN and exciting!

  141. cally says:

    I am going to win a Lisa Leonard give-away this month…

    For real…I hope to sleep a little bit this month.

  142. Sarah Markley says:

    145 – I’m just sayin…

  143. Gen says:

    How sweet this necklace is! Something fun planned for April…how about 3 birthdays!?!

  144. Anne says:

    I have been following your blog for several months and love reading your posts. The snows are melting, there are baby animals at nearby Drumlin Farm, so we plan to wear our rain boots and go squish, squish, squish through the mud around the farm. For my kids (ages 6, 4 and 4) those farm puddles are even more fun than visiting the animals. We are looking forward to grandma’s visit during school vacation week, and have plans to make many fairy houses in our back yard.

  145. lindsey cheney says:

    ok, could you stop with all the cute new ideas?! i have only been deciding which i want for, oh, a year now, and this is not very helpful! something fun for april…. camping trip/sean’s mtn. bike race! lov you!

  146. Jodi says:

    Well, let’s hope the rest of April is more fun than the beginning, and not following the lead of April 1st, not just known as April Fool’s Day, but also the day I have my first root canal! No joke!

    I’m looking forward to warmer weather, and my parents and little brother coming to visit toward the end of the month. There’s nothing like being with family.

  147. Michelle says:

    The fun thing I will be doing in April is attend my cousin’s wedding. The whole family will be there, it’s in a beautiful location at a really good restaurant. Can’t wait!

  148. Anonymous says:

    I love your necklaces! Something fun in April…I’m going to Donna Downey’s Inspired Artist event in North Carolina next weekend! I’m so excited-I can’t wait.


  149. Jennifer J says:

    We are hoping to melt the last of the 96+ inches of snow we’ve had this winter and get our home ready to sell. Our kids are begging to out to walk and ride their bikes. We will relish the site of daffodils and tulips!

  150. Teri says:

    Fun in April ~ helping plan a surprise 80th birthday party for my dad the first weekend in May. Love your blog, Lisa.

  151. Jen says:

    I love this jewelry so much! There is just something sweet about wearing the names of my kids close to my heart! Our fun project for April is creating a canvas for our playroom. We just moved for the fourth time in three years in December and we are getting down to finishing each room.

  152. cnote_71 says:

    My husband and I are going away this weekend to the Kane County Flea Market in St. Charles IL. If I don’t win the necklace, I’m ordering one. My step-daughter will love it.

  153. Jac says:

    F-U-N => Family Up North
    Hubby & I are gonna bring our ‘boys’ (a 7 month old hamster & a 5 weeks old guinea pig) on a road trip up north from where we are staying. :) It’s gonna be a family bonding time heh heh because the guinea pig just joined the us less then a week ago. it’s gonna be hilarious having them around. Their hay/snacks/pellets/etc alone will take up the whole boot space ha ha We are seriously looking forward to that :) You have a great April too! =)

  154. Kate says:

    That necklace is pure sweetness as always, Lisa! Yay, I LOVE LOVE your giveaways!
    Ok, my fun event would be walking in the March of Dimes walk with my sis/best friend for my (premie) nephews!! Plus, family photos taken at Picture People…if that doesn’t spell F-U-N then I don’t know what does!!! 😉 😀 Have a great day, Lisa!!

  155. Anonymous says:

    My grandfather’s 85th birthday, my son’s 7th birthday, and my 39th birthday are within 3 days of each other so we are celebrating with a huge blowout by our pond. There will be bar-b-que, cake, horseshoes, sand volleyball, and much celebrating with friends and family. I can’t wait!


  156. Jennifer says:

    A fun thing for me in April is meeting my 5 month old niece Hailey for the first time. Your jewelry is so beautiful!

  157. ~amy~ says:

    April…I have a trip to Canada planned…rest and relaxation…something everyone needs. Your jewelry is gorgeous!

  158. Anonymous says:

    I just adore your jewelry. Going to get a piece or two one day!!

    Fun thing in April… Going to an all day Women’s Conference and then going to a Teddy Bear sleepover with my daughter’s Girl Scout troop! Quality big girl and little girl time. :)

  159. Megan's Munchkins says:

    Yet another have to have!!
    My fun for April will be the digging of a large hole to build our new home!! April will be the start of a 12 month adventure!!

  160. -erin m says:

    Your designs are wonderful! I’m crossing my fingers to get one soon 😉 Fun event for april…what could be better than a wedding? My sister in law is getting married in two weeks!!

  161. Evidence of an Artistic Life says:

    Just found your blog yesterday. Gorgeous necklace! My fun April is going to be my son’s wedding on the 19th! So looking forward to the gathering of family and friends!
    chris p

  162. Holladay Family says:

    I am having my first daughter, Grace. That is scheduled too! April 7th will be a good day!

  163. Nancy says:

    My friend Heather directed me to your site… what great jewelry! I used to make some myself, but I haven’t done it in awhile… You inspire me to get started again!

    April is going to be a fun month for my family. The 16th is our 4th wedding anniversary, and later on in the month is my husband’s birthday. My husband was injured in Iraq a little over 2 years ago now and lost his right arm and left leg in an IED attack. Despite that we have managed to go to Ruth Chris for dinner every year (besides our first anniversary when he was overseas!) We are looking forward to this tradition again this year, but will have to hire a babysitter this time! We have a 10 month old daughter now- Whew! Life changes fast!

    If I were to win your generous give away, I’ve got to be honest… I’d give it to my friend Heather. She’s been talking about your jewelry for awhile now, and every great Mom deserves something pretty to represent her family! I hope your April is just as fun as mine will be! Sorry for the long entry and congratulations on your successful business! Looks like you have lots of people admiring your work… :)

  164. andrad says:

    Love my ‘teeny-tiny’ necklace – love this new one too!
    Great stuff, Lisa – always so fabulous!!

  165. Kristen says:

    love it – so fun!

    For April – my brother and his two boys are here and will be here into the beginning of April for a ski trip. This is the first time I have seen any of my family in 7 months – this is so nice!

    The rest of April, I am looking forward to warmth, sunshine, and hanging out with my kids. Our calendar is fairly wide open and I am so excited to have a month with not much on the schedule :o)

  166. Alice Wills Gold says:

    kite flying!!! Oh the joy to just take in some simple kite flying with the kids..they all love it.

    And, I would love a free necklace, or even one that I have paid for, I just think I could get a free one first :)

  167. tammy b says:

    We’re goin’ to the zoo, zoo, zoo
    How about you, you, you?
    You can come too, too, too
    We’re goin’ to the zoo, zoo, zoo.

    we’re going thursday!

  168. Rude Family Blog says:

    My fun for April… Visiting my sister in Florida to get away from all the snow in Utah and taking my three year old to Disney World for the first time. He is so excited!!!!

  169. TONYA says:

    gorgeous gorgeous, gorgeous. I love your jewellery.

    Fun thing for April: Tomorrow is April Fools Day right, so let’s start with a recipe I found to use pound cake, marshmallows and vanilla frosting dyed yellow to make ‘eggs & toast’ – the kids will love it. Then it’s off to see The Wiggles in concert. Yeah.

  170. Anonymous says:

    We are getting the sidewalk chalk out. Yep – all 24 colors! It’s a celebration since we haven’t seen the sidewalks (covered in ice and snow) in months! Love your work.

    Carrie M. in Iowa

  171. Hayley says:

    yikes…193 comments. Heres one more. Next weekend the women in my family are going on our annual shopping trip. We spend a small fortune, giggle like little girls, and eat way too much. It is perfect and lovely.

    This is darling, and I would love to have it around my neck!

  172. Marni says:

    Building a swingset!! Fun when it is finished anyway! :-)

  173. Nifer pifer says:

    April in Seattle – I’m hoping for blue skies and balmy winds, after a long, wet and cold winter.

    And if that doesn’t happen, we have family birthday celebrations planned that will be sure to chase the clouds away.

  174. Karen says:

    My husband was looking over my shoulder as I was on your website. He saw your design for April and commented that he likes it. Fun thing(s)for April? Vicariously, I will enjoy Disneyland when our 12 year old goes with our church’s youth group. I can hardly wait to hear about it. This weekend, we, as a family, will be going to a foster family retreat. It should be refreshing as well as a great time of networking with other fost/adopt parents.

  175. Zarna says:

    I’m a Stampin’ Up! Demo and here in Australia our catalogue runs April to March so today I’ve put in my first catalogue order and now I get all the fun of waiting and unwrapping the parcel when it arrives!
    It doesn’t sound like much to other people but to me it’s like a Christmas everytime i get a new order in the mail!
    So hurry up mailman and bring me Christmas in April!

  176. Linda Z says:

    My hubby is going to do a getaway with the guys and I’m hopefully going to get to do one with the girls.

    Love the little charms! :)

  177. Tracey I. says:

    Our fun event for me and my kids is in early May. We are traveling to Nebraska for my oldest nieces high school graduation. Yes they are out of school May 3rd! Will be fun to see lots of cousins we haven’t seen in awhile! Love the new necklace and I can’t wait to see your website! I’m still waiting for you in Mission Viejo!

    Tracey I

  178. Cass says:

    Looking forward to April? Yes, indeedy, I am!
    In 3 weeks my hubby and I finally get to meet our Little One {by ultrasound} for the first time, which is immensely exciting. We had been trying for a number of years to get pregnant and so this baby is especially meaningful and hoped for.

  179. Gro says:

    Oh – you are so sweet!

    My fun thing for April isn’t really for me. My parents are traveling to China, which is kind of a big event for the whole family. They are both hard working, so they really deserve this break. And me… I’m just happy being able to sit outside reading in the sun after the long winter:)

  180. Lucky Red Hen says:

    The Tulip Festival north of Seattle is our April outting. Beautiful petals, fields of color and appreciating the beauty all around.

  181. Dawn says:

    My sister and her family are heading out here to spend a week with me. I am so excited to see my niece and nephew Saturday – you would think I am a kid too! (Btw, your jewelry is beautiful).

  182. mari says:

    that is so kind of you!!

    We have several fun things planned for April:

    *I am heading up to Bergen in Norway, to take Celine Navarros class!jeeeej!! I can’t wait!

    *One of my friends is coming to our town to have aa class, and I get to hang with her!!

    *We are leaving to Prague, from Saturday til tuesday, with almost all of my co-workers and spouses.

    Hope you have a lot oplanned for april too:)


  183. trinawalker says:

    My fun event is a trip to Aruba that I earned for free for me and my husband with my business. This is a HUGE event in our household, as my husband and I have not been away since our honeymoon just about 10 years ago. :) WOW!

  184. Jenna says:

    thursday night farmer’s market downtown, hiking in the park with all the wildflowers, picnics at the park, yard sales, getting dirt under my fingernails, sewing, and begging my husband for one of your necklaces for mother’s day! :)

  185. Lappesola says:

    I’m going on a mini break this week-end. All on my own. Something I’ve beein waiting a loooong time for.

  186. Simply Pink says:

    What a cute & sassy necklace! I just love it :) This April I am going to do the thing I look forward to the most all year long.. Spring Clean. I just love to take the time to organize my life :) It seems to be the only downtime for me all year long :)

  187. Elizabeth says:

    LOVING this necklace! I have a couple of of celebrations planned. Both my husband and oldest daughter (14) have birthdays and my mother-in-law is coming to town to see our new baby girl (three weeks old today) – YAY!

  188. Stacey says:

    Necklace is spectacular! Fun thing for April – weekend away with my husband! Off to Sydney to see Billy Elliott and the Princess Diana dress exhibit at the Powerhouse Museum. Time for us, cannot wait!!

  189. Strawberry_Lamb says:

    Fun activity for April … I’m going to …
    Work like I don’t need the money, love like I’ve never been hurt, and dance like no one is watching (and keep reading one of my best blogs …

  190. Yvonne says:

    That is a beautiful necklace. Love it.

    I’m heading off to Utah and then to Arizona to visit family and meet some new friends and then back to Utah for a daughter’s university graduation. Can life get any better than that?!?

  191. Leezard says:

    What a great necklace! This month is a busy one…next weekend is a wedding shower for my cousin, the following weekend is a baby shower for my sister-in-law and the weekend after that is my cousins wedding which I’m singing in. No rest for the wicked I guess 😉

  192. traci in virginia says:

    Fun for me in April will be lots of Baseball! Baseball practice for my daughter and my son followed by games! They love it!

  193. Anonymous says:

    My fun this month is Inspired Artist Workshop that Donna Downey is hosting. Can’t wait. The necklace is fabulous. Great blog. Thank you!
    Sherry Mescher

  194. Anonymous says:

    My fun thing planned is watching and supporting my sister as she runs The Boston Marathon on April 21st. She has been raising money for the Dana Farber Cancer Institute. She will be running towards the ultimate finish line….a world without cancer!!!!!!!

    -Gretchen mom to W& L, proud sister of MB

  195. Jill says:

    Hooray another contest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We have our first baseball game of the season planned for April 15! Indians vs Red Sox! Should be a very interesting game! We have treated our family this year and have tickets for every month of the season, plus we want to get to some other cities to see our team play!

  196. Kenna says:

    What a great necklace! We will be flying a kite, going to the park and enjoying being outside without snow pants (hopefully soon – we received 6 more inches of snow yesterday).

  197. Paige says:

    What a beautiful necklace! Our fun event in April is to see the Cherry Blossoms in DC! What fun!

  198. rae says:

    What a lovely give away. Although I would love to report some exciting upcoming adventure in the works… there is none. I can promise that April showers… make mud puddles and mud puddles make little boys wild with delight. So since I have 3 boys… we will do some puddle stomping with baths immediately following. Doesn’t April sound glamorous ?

  199. Judy says:

    Love this necklace too.
    My daughter is turning 9 so big celebration for her..usually a few days because of her gotcha day too. Then soccer games, kite flying, and enjoying the warm weather.

  200. Jogirl says:

    Something fun for April, oh yes I know, it is my birthday on the 7th.
    So the absolute best thing in April will be my wee ones, my daughter (Ruby-Star) 6 will help her daddy cook me breakfast in bed, at a ridiculously insane hour of the morning, and then my little man Hudson 2 aka baby bird, will then help me demolish it whilst being given some lovely homemade and bought gifts. I will then just hang with them and hopefully get a nap…what more could you ask for really…it is pure happiness!

  201. kris... says:

    There is only one thing scheduled for April around here… to FIND SPRING! It seems to have disappeared somewhere. BEE-autiful necklace!!!

  202. Anonymous says:

    April…baseball games, volleyball games and flag football games. Where has my life gone!?

    Not to the birds…but to the KIDS!!!

    Plano, TX

  203. Dana I. says:

    Our fun plans for April…

    …planting seeds with my toddler daughter….

    …reconnecting with my two best girlfriends from college…

    …enjoying the dogwoods blooming in my yard with some macro photography to capture their beauty…

    …aaaahhhh, I feel so relaxed now!

  204. Penn Family says:

    I love this necklace!

    We are going to the Wisconsin Dells for family vacation in April! We try to do something fun on my son Miles’ Heaven day and decided the kids would love a waterpark vacation! (Ok, so maybe the parents are going to enjoy it more than them! LOL!)

  205. laura in sc says:

    Oh so cute!!! My birthday is April 09 and my fun thing planned is grilling out with family! No present is better than spending time with family, laughing and enjoying good food!

  206. tammyd says:

    Love the necklace, Lisa! Wow! So must everyone else by the number of posts by 9 am on April 1st! For fun this month, 20 of my college friends are meeting in Galveston, TX for a long weekend of fun and catching up. It has been 20 years since we entered college and I haven’t seen many of them in about that long!

  207. The Edgmon Gang says:

    Love the necklace!!! April for us means just spending time together outside enjoying spring. We do have a trip to the zoo planned for this weekend!

  208. Alice Faye says:

    My daughter and newly adopted granddaughter are coming home from South Korea to spend the whole summer with us. Her husband is in the Air Force and is stationed there for three years but his family gets to be with him. I can’t tell you how excited I am to have her here combined with the hopes of having all my children and grandchildren all together at some point. It’s family picture time again. There just is not a better thrill for Papa and Grammy.

  209. The Kellers says:

    The necklace is so cute! My fun event for April – is we’re moving! It’s going to be fun for my little one because he gets to spend a lot of time with Grandma and he gets a bigger room!

  210. Letti says:

    We have April traditions and they are going to the baseball games with the family and tailgating in the parking lot. GO ANGELS!!!!!!!!!!!

  211. Melissa says:

    So fun!!

    Highlight of our April is that we’re volunteering at a Steven Curtis Chapman concert. Our daughter just came home from Korea, and we’re volunteering at his concert because his Shaohannah’s Hope organization gave us a grant to help bring our daughter home.

  212. Adamzes says:

    Our big event/news for the month is announcing to everyone that we are having baby number 2!!!! We’re thrilled. You’re jewelry is exquisite.

  213. Andrea says:

    Our fun task for the month which Im sure will take us a month is getting our little guys nursery together.

  214. Anonymous says:

    My boyfriend and I are having our 3 year anniversary! So for my gift we’re going to see Hairspray on stage on the 19th. And for his gift we’re going to see a ballgame (he’s yet to settle an exact date for that though).


  215. Autumn says:

    My fun thing for April is getting full nights sleep–my 7 week old slept through the night last night. Should be a great month. I love your designs.
    Autumn S.

  216. Sara Moon says:

    My fun for April is getting to know my brand new baby girl, Natalie, and introducing her to her big sister, Lily (2.5). I have maternity leave the whole month so I plan on being in mommy mode showering my 2 girls with love.

  217. Rachael says:

    My most fun thing for April is getting my 2 1/2 year old son evaluated again and probably started on speech therapy. This probably doesn’t sound like FUN, per se, but I’ve seriously been looking forward to the re-test for 6 months! It’s a long story, but I’m hopeful that this will be our chance to get some help for our little guy.

    I am also growing little seedlings and delighting in watching them grow. I think of my kids growing as quickly and remember how much TLC and patience both need. I’m looking forward to repotting them and maybe even moving them outside this month – if it stops snowing around here! :)

  218. The P*dunc's says:

    This necklace is so sweet! Thanks to Alice for sending me your way!

    My schedule usually consists of taking my son to speech/occupational therapy four times a week. But this month we get to take a 10 day brake!!!

    We are driving down to Florida to see my Grandma, parents, and sister! On the drive home, we are stopping by Alice’s to say HELLO!

  219. Angela says:

    Love the squares!! We’re looking forward to a wedding this April…time to see all of our family members in one room for the first time in a long time!!

  220. Laura says:

    My fun thing? Hmmm. My sweet baby boy turns One on April 11th! Love your necklaces, but with so many comments my chances of winning one seem slim! :-) Good luck to me!

  221. Chel says:

    I LOVE that necklace. My friend told me about this giveaway because I had just done a post about desiring a hand-stamped necklace. What a coincidence!
    April is a fun busy month for us! But our most important thing scheduled this month is a 7 hour road trip to St. George, UT to see my grandma and my grandpa. My grandpa isn’t doing too well and I have been very close to him my entire life. It’s extremely important for me to get there and visit with him and take a lot of pictures of him with me and my kids.

  222. Anna Willett says:

    my fun plan for April is THE END OF TAX SEASON. as an accountant, april 16th is even better than my birthday! only 15 more days!!! then i can start doing crafty things again. watch out, fabric store!

  223. breanna says:

    oooohhhhhhhh the necklace…gorgeous and simple!

    well i’m a very new mommy who hasn’t had a split second to myself since the baby was born, so my fun thing for april is getting a PEDICURE!! i’m so excited, i’ve got it all planned out, including a quick stop for coffee to sip on while my toes get done!

  224. Anonymous says:

    Such a beautiful necklace. You are so talented.

    Our fun event for April (other than celebrating 2 birthday and our wedding anniversary) is attending the National Cheer competition in Greensboro, NC for my 13 year old daughter. This is her first national competition and we are so excited. The whole family will be going to make it into a mini vacation. Cant wait. We have never been to greensboro.

    Thank you,
    Stephanie M.

  225. Brittany says:

    Fun things for april….my sis gets to find out this week what the sex of her first baby is (& we are very excited) and I will turn 25 this month. April is always exciting as it grows closer to warmth!

  226. Mia says:

    We are so excited for Spring! My mother-in-law and sister-in-law are coming for a visit in April which has us all thrilled. We are looking forward to some picnics at the park.

  227. Becca says:

    Getting to play outside again!!

  228. Rebecca says:

    HOLY COW! You have 229 comments! Whew!

    The main thing we have scheduled for April is the MS Walk on the 19th. My Mom was diagnosed with MS with our first child was born. She was stranded in a hospital thousands of miles from home unable to hold her new grandbaby. That was 5 1/2 years ago but her MS still has the best of her. My kids will never knew the Mom I knew. We love her all the same, but raising money and awareness about MS is a top priority! So, we will be walking for a cure on April 19th!

  229. dreamingBIGdreams says:

    Oh I love this necklace!

    Our fun thing for April is putting our house on the market.

    Right now it is not so fun getting it ready, but I will be so happy to see that sign in the yard!!!


  230. Wildingkids says:

    Lisa, I love your jewelry!

    Our fun for the month of April was supposed to be going to Disneyland with grandma and grandpa, but grandma is extremely ill with cancer so for spring break we will bring a little Disney to her!

  231. Meredith says:

    My husband and I are going away together for the first time in almost a year! We’ll be in Palm Springs reconnecting and laying by the pool. Hopefully it will be warm but if it rains we’ll find something else to do!


  232. heather says:

    taking our little guy to the zoo –before it gets too hot here in sunny Florida. :)

  233. Becky says:

    Lisa, these are beautiful! Something fun for April….well, we’re headed to Cabo with our entire family…10 kids and 8 adults…wahoo!

  234. Anonymous says:

    Love, love, love this necklace Lisa! Our fun event for April is celebrating my daughter’s 1st birthday! She is our miracle-born premature at 3lbs. and now weighs 17lbs. Would love to have her name on a charm on this necklace and wear it close to my heart to remind me how precious life truly is.

  235. Anne says:

    What a darling necklace, Lisa. You are so talented. I’d order one of everything you offer if I could!

    I live in Texas (near Dallas) and one of the things that we look forward to doing this time of year is taking pictures of the kids in a patch of bluebonnets (our state flower) on the side of the road/highway. The flowers are so pretty and it’s fun to compare the pictures each year to see how much the kids have grown. We haven’t gotten around to doing in the last couple of years for one reason or another, so this year I’m determined not to let the window of opportunity close on us!

  236. Ann says:

    I’m taking my two youngest daughters to Dallas to visit family, and we have lunch reservations at the new American Girl Bistro there! I can’t wait! I have a feeling I may have more fun than they do!! :)

  237. Silvergirl says:

    I love your work and enjoy your blog! Thanks for the daily inspiration.


  238. this is us says:

    believe it or not, my april plan was to share the birds and the bees with our two oldest (7 and 9) before they got some major misinfo at school! managed it tonight at dinner and it was truly FUN! we laughed and i can’t tell you how many times I said “I know this sounds weird, but…..”


    – Jennifer

  239. Audrey says:

    My fun thing for April? I’m graduating from college!!! April 24-25 is going to be the best two days ever for me because these last 5 years working to get this degree has been the hardest thing I have ever done and I pushed through and I can finally celebrate!!!

    Audrey P.
    – soon to be alumnist from Brigham Young University!!

  240. Ginger Dougherty says:

    The lines of your jewelry are stand out gorgeous…i love lurking on your site and one day i will purchase one of these lovelies. As for a wonderful April fun event i like to take the boys camping…last week we camped on the Russian River near Jenner, CA. Little cold but well worth it.

  241. Cindy B. in Montana says:

    Love the necklace! I’m taking art lessons (oil and watercolor painting) and will be going to my first “paint out” with other artists this month! And…we’ll be visiting tulip fields at the end of the month!

  242. Stephanie says:

    a fun thing —-well my first born turns 12 on the 11th — we will celebrate with a little league game followed by a huge pool party!!!

  243. {jennie} says:

    Love it! My twins, Connor and Chloe, will be baptized April 12th. And, their names would look great on this necklace {wink}.

  244. KMR says:

    As a mom of 3 boys ages 14, 11 & 5, it is hard to find fun for all. Next week I want to take my 5 year old strawberry picking. Fun is all about perspective! He will LOVE it. We will do it. Just him & me. What fun! A special field trip before kinder starts next year. Your jewelry is so special, Lisa. I’ve been admiring it for a while.

  245. Joyful Weddings & Events says:

    some quality time with my hubby! we’re going to our church’s couples conference and the baby is staying with grandma :) I’m both excited and nervous about that last part!

  246. Beth and Jared says:

    My daughters first birthday! I can’t believe she will be 4!! LOVE the necklace!

  247. julesu says:

    Love the necklace! One fun April event we have planned is meeting my inlaws in the Magic Kingdom. Our 3 year old can finally ride Big Thunder Mountain Railroad…watch out, world!

  248. Jen says:

    The kids are going to grandma’s for the day on a Saturday….fun break for me! Your necklaces have such character! Thanks for doing this give-away.

  249. Jackie says:

    Your jewelry is beautiful! My fun event for April is redecorating my daughters room.

  250. ailie says:

    So beautiful! We’re expecting our first child in September, so we’re trying to take some fun trips before that time. This month we’re going to New York City and Las Vegas. (Not that life ends when you have children, but you have to pack a couple more things when you go somewhere!)

  251. Jill says:

    My husband is an accountant and so April 15th is always the BEST day of the year when we finally get “Daddy” back. But this year it is an even better month because we are also having baby girl #3 at the end of the month! Yeah – we are loving april!
    I LOVE the necklace!

  252. Tanya says:

    I don’t have anything extraordinarily fun planned for April. I am recovering from a trip to Disney World with my sister and her kids (got back last week). I’m also trying to recover from all the crap life has dumped on me lately.

    So my fun for April will consist of playing with my 9 month old puppies. They bring me so much joy and love, they make everything fun.

  253. Jeannie says:

    Fun?? Taking my son out for his birthday… WITH the girlfriend. Fun? I think it will be since this is his first girlfriend. But my husband and I realized that it will show us how old we’re getting. 😉

  254. Kim Sue says:

    Love, love the new design

    I have made a challenge to myself to become a tourist in our own city. Up in April is the new Curious George Exhibit at our Children’s Museum and the ducks in the lobby of the Peabody Hotel.

  255. bethany says:

    My April Fun includes a three day road trip to Pittsburgh (for training for a summer missions project), hiking every free warm afternoon and evening, playing ringmaster to a preschool circus (sans lions and flying trapeze due to liability), dancing barefoot in the rain with 10 of the best four year olds I have ever met, planting flowers, and watching butterflies hatch. I may also throw in some face painting, lots of bubbles, some good drumming sessions to Kiddie Rock, and lots of swinging.

  256. Sarah says:

    Love those charms!

  257. WanderingWayne says:

    I love your items and have fun checking in from time to time to see what new designs you’ve come up with!

    My fun thing for April is a drive from Dallas to the Hill Country (Austin) for a baby shower. I’m driving my new convertible Mini Cooper (yellow!) with my sister and it’ll be a girls’ weekend!

  258. k.smith says:

    In April I will be:

    1. awaiting the site to be up and running, so i can order a necklace for a second-time mom (my sister in law), and a new mom (my friend) who is due in april!

    2. finishing up my junior year in nursing school.

    3. enjoying time outside with my husband and our 5 year old daughter Flynn, as the snow FINALLY begins to melt here in chilly Vermont!

    4. speed training, running, hills…for a race in run in may.

    5. attending a luncheon to thank the families that gave scholarships this year. check out my blog to read the incredible story of Gods grace and blessings Hes given our family!

    many more things im sure. thanks for your blog, i enjoy reading your posts. cant wait for that site to be ready!

  259. k.smith says:

    In April I will be:

    1. awaiting the site to be up and running, so i can order a necklace for a second-time mom (my sister in law), and a new mom (my friend) who is due in april!

    2. finishing up my junior year in nursing school.

    3. enjoying time outside with my husband and our 5 year old daughter Flynn, as the snow FINALLY begins to melt here in chilly Vermont!

    4. speed training, running, hills…for a race in run in may.

    5. attending a luncheon to thank the families that gave scholarships this year. check out my blog to read the incredible story of Gods grace and blessings Hes given our family!

    many more things im sure. thanks for your blog, i enjoy reading your posts. cant wait for that site to be ready!

  260. Anonymous says:

    I’ll be finishing Liz Gilbert’s great read “Eat,Pray,Love”
    Very inspirational!

  261. Obama Mamas says:

    Lisa you get better each creation! I am looking forward to my first event created for our Obama Mamas here in North Carolina April 10th. 😉

  262. Cassie says:

    LOVE the necklace!! My fun thing for April is simply getting ready for Spring…this seasonal affective disorder was getting me down…so Spring is in the air…and I am cleaning, and loving the sunshine, blue sky, and blooming trees…YIPPEE!!! An awesome necklace would even make me happier!!;)

  263. dana says:

    well the fun event on behalf of the house is spring cleaning. it always feels brand new after that. doesn’t prevent me from making a change or two.

    i will be heading off with my best pal to ride bikes and take pictures in canyonlands.

  264. Cindi says:

    I love your sweet designs and I am a daily reader of your blog.
    April will be the month of Spring spruce up for my studio and making new designs for my website.


  265. Julia says:

    We are going on the March of Dimes Walk for Prematurity at the end of the month. THis will be the 5th time we have walked for our little boy Mason who passed away from Prematurity 5 years ago. So that is our special thing planned for this month and we will never miss a walk for the rest of our lives just so we can do something in his memory and show that he was here, oh so briefly but he was here!!

  266. angelaandconnor at says:

    Connor’s first birthday is in April!! What is more fun than that?


    I add this to prizeatron today too.

  267. Robin says:

    Fun thing scheduled this April: The ultrasound for my fourth baby. This pregnancy was unplanned as we have an eight month old right now, so we have been hiding this pregnancy until the ultrasound to make it more fun for all. I can’t wait to finally tell the news, we’ve never waited this long before.

  268. Sondra says:

    I must find time to visit more often. For April, I am planning on planning our wedding. How’s that for a plan?! Ha…we’ll see how far we get!

    Loving the give away…when does it end?

  269. Alina says:

    We have planned to just be outside as much as possible, now that spring seems to have started showing :) I love your jewelry.

  270. Becky says:

    Family coming to visit and some fun outings to the park. We just had baby #3 so we are taking it easy for a while!

  271. windycindy says:

    Happy Sunday! You are giving away a wonderful necklace. I love that look!
    Actually, my fun thing for April is with a few of my closest friends. We are traveling to another state for a “Flower Show!” It is outdoors and the displays are gorgeous. There are all kinds of vendors with hand made items of every type! I have to save for a year in order to take this trip! There are also several building you can choose to go in and see flower artist’s particular designs and setups. Thanks,Cindi

  272. Mommy Instincts says:

    you’re right…they are so perfect…i would love to hang one of these around my neck.

    something exciting happening in april? well, i am hoping to get a new job at our church. i am currently pretty unhappy where i am working (well unhappy that i have to work at all, i would love to stay home with my babe 7 days a week, but financially…that is just not possible right now), and hope to get a chance to work at our church. i think i will be MUCH HAPPIER there!

    thanks for the contest!


  273. Ginny says:

    Not much fun going on, my oldest daughter does have a Science Olympiad competition & another dance competition that we are excited about.

  274. nor_lou says:

    My mom is coming for a visot and we will go to the zoo and the local spring fair

  275. Rachel says:

    This is beautiful!! Our plan for this month is to look for a new house!

    wiredalive at hotmail dot com

  276. Nancy Thompson says:

    Turning off the computer, cell phone and going off to a local farm to feed the chickens, pick fresh flowers, and pick strawberries. We ended the adventure by eating some of the farms fresh homemade ice cream. Who would know this farm is in the middle of Austin, Texas. Boggy Creek farms with my husband Howard, daughter Luci and son Curt. Now that was the “Little things” and fun thing to do in April in Texas.

  277. Jessie R. says:

    I am going to start looking for a new home in Co. so my daughter has a better home to play and live in! Thanks

  278. Brooke says:

    My fun April event is that we can start going to the farmers market again! YAY!

  279. Stephanie says:

    Well it is my 30th birthday some wouldn’t condsider that fun but I DO! I hope my hubby plans something romantic if not maybe I will win this beautiful necklace!

  280. Milk Mama says:

    They’re beautiful!!! So far nothing really is planned for April… with the exception of moving, paying off a credit card (wooooo!) and visiting my sister and the coast! I guess I did have something good planned!

  281. gunzie says:

    Waaw, I love this contest, hopefully I win. Well, my son (6) has joined the swimteam and will be swimming his first home swimmeet together with his big sister, who knows the ropes already!!!
    Thanks for the great give away!

  282. Uniquely Yours says:

    This week is spring break for us and we are headed to the beach in a couple of days for some fun in the sun.

  283. jbubolz-miller says:

    a wedding shower for my cousin ashley!

  284. Amy says:

    From palm trees to pine trees. We are moving from California to Georgia. We are looking forward to enjoying the journey ahead.

  285. KitKat says:

    What a beautiful design! I love the rounded edges of the squares…softens it, but the squares still give it a bit of “backbone” and structure. (: My exciting April adventure will be a trip into The City with friends (San Francisco, about an hour’s drive south of me) on the 13th for the 2nd Annual SF Chocolate Salon at Fort Mason. All the chocolate I can taste! I can’t wait. I’m a huge chocoholic. Sending you spring flowers and sunshine for your week!

  286. Betsy says:

    Fun for me is to be able to go outside, now that the weather is changing, and go walking and work in my yard!

  287. Debbie says:

    lovely jewellry – one fun thing that I am doing is going to a quilt retreat!

  288. Ellinghouse says:

    April for me will be a month of reconnecting with family. I’m looking forward to celebrating Earth Day with a festival downtown.

    I really love your jewelery designs. My best friend lost her 3 month old baby boy suddenly to SIDS (2 weeks ago)and I think this would be the most amazing little gift for her. I’ve been looking for something small to give her…I would give it to her if I won. Thanks!

  289. Jessica says:

    Love your jewelry. My fun event for April is the March for Babies Walk(used to be March of Dimes)to Help fight Premature Birth. As a mother of BBG triplets born at 27 weeks 5 days, this event is near and dear to my heart. It’s a great cause and a fun day. I look forward to it every year, as my way of giving back.

  290. Robin says:

    You create such lovely things! Our fun thing is that I’m taking my 2 grown girls and my wee granddaughter to Cali (we are in the midwest) to visit my parents whom we see once a year. It will be the first time that my mom and dad will meet their 4mo old great granddaughter (their first gg’daughter!) — so that’s a very fun thing! lol. My grandmother will be there also (M is her gg-granddaughter of course and also her only one). Very exciting!
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  291. Jackie says:

    Our fun April event will be…It’s our daughter’s birthday this month, so we will head over to Disneyland and then SURPRISE the kids (she has a brother)…with a night at a hotel near Disneyland, even though we live only 45 minutes from there, a stay at a hotel is always loads of FUN !!!!Can’t wait, I’ll pack the night night before and hide the suitcase in the trunk…SHHHHHHH !!!!

  292. Doreen says:

    Lovely jewelry!! Hmmm something planned for April? Not much other than maybe a movie or two in the theaters. :(

  293. Mama Zen says:

    LOTS of birthday parties!

  294. Jeanette says:

    My husband and I are celebrating our 9th wedding anniversary this month–that is “my something fun” scheduled for April. I think it will be a simple event like going out to a nice, quiet dinner. It is our tradition to celebrate special occasions at Gardens of Avila (Sycamore Mineral Springs) in Avila Beach, CA.

    It will really mean a lot this year since we now have TWO small children ages: 3 years and 6 months. Since the baby arrived, we rarely get a moment for the two of us to spend time together–Plus, my husband just finished working a 60+ day outage at Diablo Canyon power plant, (meaning LOTS of overtime!) and we are starved for some quality moments.

    As the years go by, we realize how important it is to pour into our realationship and make that special time for eachother. How blessed I am to be married to my best friend!

  295. angelaandconnor at says:

    The most exciting thing I can think of is happening this month.. my beautiul baby boy is turing ONE.. i am so excited but almost in tears at the same time… he is growing too darn fast!!!

    I added the giveaway to Prize-a-Tron as well!

  296. Jennifer says:

    The necklace is beautiful.

    Our family is going to see Walking with the Dinosaurs this weekend. We’ve heard great things about the show and are excited that it came to our town!

    tigerjennv at yahoo dot com

  297. Paige says:

    Besides soccer (which pretty much takes over the month of April), we have spring break. I think I’ll take my kids to a play, to the tulip festival and maybe a museum.

  298. Krista says:

    We’ve already done some fun for April, we just got back from Arizona, visiting friends and the Grand Canyon! Other than that our fun will probably include visiting Grandma and Grandpa and playing in the park with friends (my son is 1).

  299. Stacey Moore says:

    we are on spring break this week so that is really fun considering my husband and i are both teachers!! also, we live in kentucky so during the last two weeks in april we are surrounded by kentucky derby festivals!! love, love, love the necklace!!

  300. Don and Lisa Osborn says:

    It’s Fiesta Time in San Antonio. Hoping to make a few events this year with our adopted daughter…

    Thanks for the chance to win!

    A big fan of your work…


  301. lace says:

    Starting the garden. This is my nieces favorite thing to do. She can’t wait to start digging in the garden for worms and planting seeds and eating strawberries.

  302. BrineS says:

    Lovely! I’m thinking hard of something fun scheduled for April…well, I’m going with my Mother-in-law to a Craft show at the end of April beginning of May…Hooray!


  303. ariane says:

    this necklace is fabulous. i planned my April summer to spend with my boyfriend at beach and go to tourist spots in some places we never been to. hope i’ll win! yanyan_140[at]yahoo[dot]com

  304. TheAngelForever says:

    Seeing lots of family for Passover. Good food, fun and matzah :)

    Thanks for the beuatiful giveaway.

  305. Shelly says:

    April in the desert is time to enjoy being outside. And a trip to visit friends we left behind when we moved here. And The Wiggles in concert!

  306. Kim B says:

    Hands down the most fun part of my April is my trip out of town with my toddler to visit my twin sister. I miss her so!

  307. ~love says:

    opening the windows, sidewalk chalk, bike rides, fresh flowers & friday family fun nights. =)

  308. Anonymous says:

    I just found your new website and blog and I’m enjoying every bit of it. Your family is “beautiful” and your blog actually made me cry. You are a true inspiration! One fun thing planned for April is that our business (ran by my husband and me) was nominated for “Small Business of the Year”. We will find out at the end of April at our local business expo if we will win. We feel blessed to just be nominated and consider that an honor in itself. I look forward to reading your blog and learning about the new jewerly you design. Keep up the wonderful work. I’m working on an order for my Mom and Grandmother for Mother’s Day. I’m trying to find the best words that describe them.
    Thanks again for the inspiration!

  309. Sarah Fischer says:


    I’m having my annual garage sale! I look forward to it. And going to everybody elses early garage sales.


  310. Lauri says:

    I love this necklace! My fun thing this month is to plant a garden with my kids. They love to play in the dirt.


  311. bison61 says:

    We will travel to Minn/St Paul with our Grandchildren

    tiramisu392 (at)

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