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April 1st | older posts

we recently got some new brown microfiber couches that are so comfy and great. we have a huge window in our front room–love the light, laugh at the run down stables across the road.
our dining room table is the one i grew up with. sea blue placemats from target and a cheap candles from michaels.

michaels had these shadow boxes on clearance (martha stewart’s line) in december and i finally put some photos, shells and other found objects in each one.

here’s a close-up of one.

and a huge painting in our master bedroom from etsy. love it!
what are loving around your house??

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  1. Chel says:

    oh wow… I loved the little glimpse at the things you love in your house. I think we have the same taste in style :)
    What Etsy shop did you find that painting at? I LOVE IT!
    Don’t you love those great finds? Those shadow box frames are delightful.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I am so inspired to make some shadow boxes now! I am loving big black and white (and inexpensive) posters of my children being silly and funny in inexpensive black poster frames for our family/playroom basement!

  3. Lisa Leonard says:

    The painting is Hilary Winfield. She has so many darling pieces. I drool of her work!!!

  4. lindsey cheney says:

    love love love the new couches! and is the dresser new too? i’m loving the storage system in the playroom right now. so nice to have all the craft stuff in one place!

  5. Angie says:

    WOW. I LOVE what you did with the shadow boxes!! Ummm, I don’t have anything to love in my house right now. :(

  6. Kristen Borland says:

    so lovely! i love the shadow boxes.

    around my house these days… well, it wouldn’t be cleanliness. i think what i love the most right now is it’s full of babies and more babies.

  7. Joy says:

    the new couches look great, or wait, is it sofa? so pretty is your house. that sounded like yoda speak. i’m also loving our “new couch.” i’ll blog on it soon, we bought it on craig’s list. oh and pics on the wall are so lovely, aren’t they?

  8. Mrs. Ben Lanier says:

    You are VERY talented! I love what you did with your shadow boxes! I have a couple of things I love in our house. One is a wall where I have various photos of each family member hunting, sledding, showing animals at the fair, playing, laughing, etc. from almost the ceiling down to almost the floor. I have each picture (mostly 4×6’s some 5×7’s) in its own frame. None of the frames match, they are just kind of thrown together up on the wall. I also have another wall with antique farm tools such as a horse collar, antique hay hooks, and various other farm type things. I love the farm stuff because we are farmers and our heritage is precious to me. Again the farm things are all thrown together up on the wall…I definitely do not have your talent for arranging things! I hope reading your blog will tutor me some in that!

  9. Dena says:

    loved everything! but I’m loving my new necklace that my sweetie just gave me yesterday. He was saving it for Mother’s Day, but after I had a sad day, I came home to find it waiting for me. It’s gorgeous, thanks! :o)

  10. Tammy says:

    Lisa–your home is as I would’ve imagined it to be! Beautiful and cozy. You inspired my own blog today–I even ‘lifted’ your title. check it out!

  11. Tammy says:

    I thought my name was a hyperlink for my URL, but apparently not! It’s!

  12. chrissie says:

    Your house looks incredible. I can’t wait to come visit and see it in 3D. Beautiful!

  13. ladybug12 says:

    There is a lot of craft and a lot of talent in your home. I love the personal touches – so simple and yet so personal and sweet. Very nice. What is around my home? Lots and lots of photos combined wih a lot of books and more dust some days than I would like.

  14. Ellen says:

    Wow! Love all the shots of your house. Your style is comfortable and inviting, yet sophisticated. Love it!

  15. Amanda says:

    Loving a “new” kitchen table I got at my favorite antique store in a small town not far from here. If I could attach a pic, I would. it’s adorable, and the price tag was nice too. That helps.

  16. Jac says:

    love that painting. love the way it fits your house :) u’ve got great taste. I’m loving the electronic photo frame that changes picture every minute, the storage system we have going on around the house & i’m loving the fact that hubby is home early nowadays to spend great time w me everyday :)

  17. Angela says:

    My son had heart surgery this month…I recently made a college of pictures from his first two years…a reminder of so many things to be grateful for. I often get teary walking past it. We’re so blessed.

  18. katarinasmama says:

    I’m in the process of painting all of frames in our hallway…white to match the walls…love those shadowboxes…oh and my quilts…love my quits shabby and never quite perfect…but always soft and warm.

  19. Kristen says:

    I love those shadow boxes – beautiful!!

    Your house is great – so fun! Thanks for sharing!

  20. Sarah Markley says:

    Yeah, well, I am actually just loving yours. Can I move in? We DID used to be roommates!

  21. Brianna Heldt says:

    i too am loving that house of yours! what fun new couches! (i’m blanking out on what you used to have.)

    right now i’m loving just being home. and realizing it won’t be home for much longer. even tho i’ve never liked our house overly much, it is home, and that goes a long way!

  22. D@nielle says:

    thanks for sharing those lovely spots in your house. The shadow boxes are so cute ! Hmmmm I’m not loving much in my house right know as we’ve been rebuilding everywhere for what seems like forever…..

  23. Amy says:

    can you please come and redecorate my house??? please!
    hugs amy

  24. pebblewood says:

    please! can we see close-ups of your other shadow boxes??? the one you have pictured is precious!

  25. Forever Greatful to be a Wife and Mommie says:

    I’m lovin’ my front door — it reminds me I’m home!

  26. iheartchocolate says:

    I wish I could hire you to be my personal stylist and HOME stylist! I love what you have done. You and your family are so so lovely. I have just purchased a new bedding set (on sale!) and can’t wait to get it in the mail. The link is here:

  27. Misty says:

    LOVE IT!! You have wonderful taste!!!!!

  28. Cassie says:

    I love the shadow boxes…They are adorable…and I want a microfiber couch…I have been eyeing one for a while now…chocolate brown to be exact….great blog…love it..Your jewelry is beautiful…

  29. Kim - ScrapToMyLu says:

    love the photo wall!

  30. Lauren says:

    Beautiful keepsake-mini-photo-collage of your sweet family! Thanks for sharing!
    Take care!

  31. Jackie says:

    Love your blog…so fun to read. What I love about my house is that it’s so cozy…lots of red and golds and browns, UGH…but our darn blue carpet (when all our decor was blue) just doesn’t quite fit in anymore, so we are looking at some “shag” carpet with browns and tans and creme colors..I can’t wait. Someone out there please reassure me it’s gonna be worth it to have them come in and “move everything” to lay down new carpet…YIKES !! I’m worried.

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