these amazing ladies!!

First, my friend Sue. She is genuine, easy-going and the best hostess around. She bakes, decorates, is a great listener and tons of fun! Also, she is a very talented speaker. If you are looking for a Christian woman to speak at your women’s conference you should definitely check out Sue. Her blog is well written and so inspiring. Love you Sue!!

Second the designers at Creative Design Solutions. Janet and Erika walked into this mess *so embarrassing* but didn’t even flinch. We just painted our spare room (also known as the dumping ground for anything we don’t know what to do with). They worked their magic…
and 5 hours later the room looked like this…

Isn’t it lovely?? They organized, tidied and redesigned. They used what we already had but completely recreated the space. They are so creative and affordable! I love it! This space has always been blah and cluttered and they made it sooo beautiful.
If you live in SLO county give them a call to help redesign your spare room, office or any space. 543-3151