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elfin forest

March 24th | older posts

check out our trip to the elfin forest. i used one true media to create this video montage. (thanks kelly!) i had david in the backpack (he was super silly) and matty ran around and had a blast. steve was on a bike ride. the wildflowers are starting to bloom. even though it was a gloomy day, the view was incredible!
View this montage created at One True Media
trip to the elfin forest

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  1. erika says:

    The silent blogger emerges! I did, however, have to create a whole other blogger account just to make this happen. I think that I, as a computer challenged individual, may need to ask for some help finally. Which is why I felt I just HAD to leave a comment for this one. This is soooo cool! I am quite impressed. What a beautiful day. A beautiful family. A beautiful mom.

  2. Kristen Borland says:

    what a fun idea! great music!

  3. Ellen says:

    The blog has gone video! Has security increased on this blog? It’s asking me for word verification every time I want to leave a comment. I’m a sister! I shouldn’t have to jump through hoops. =)

  4. lisa says:

    I added the word verification. Is it annoying?

  5. chrissie says:

    Love the photo montage and the music. You have two really cute kids!

  6. annie says:

    Yes, it is annoying! Although sometimes it gives me a word verification and other times it does not.
    The video was way cool – loved it!

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