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A balancing act…

August 15th | older posts

I have been inspired by handmade brass lately. Here are some playful earrings with a key, coin and bronze freshwater pearl hanging from a hammered ring. They hang about 1 1/2″ below the ear. I am trying to figure out how to display all my various wares online, keep my boutiques stocked, make enough jewelry to show at my open houses–and keep my sanity! The hand-stamped sterling jewelry has done so well (thank you!!) and I don’t want to overwhelm you all–or myself. So I’ll post the brass pieces every now & then until I get in a good groove managing everything! These are $24 if anyone is interested. Happy Wednesday!!

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  1. Ryan MacConnell says:

    This is an interesting problem on how to keep your online inventory up to date. I’ll see if I can think of some technical options that would be easy to maintain.

  2. chrissie says:

    beautiful, love them, great picture!

  3. Sarah Markley says:

    I love these. You are an awesome “balancer”!

  4. judi says:

    My life is a balancing act as well. Some days are worse than others but it’s worth it! I’m sure you feel the same.

    You’re jewelry is outstanding and I can’t wait to get my necklace! I’m going to wear it to our opening day…. I think it will bring me good luck since I am SO BLESSED!!

    We can tell you enjoy your work…… I always say it shows in ones craft whether they find it as a “job” or a love.

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