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August 17th | older posts

Lose 10 pounds


Get an amazing haircut?

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  1. Monica says:

    Lose 10 pounds!!!! That would be nice! =)

  2. Becky says:

    Lose 10 pounds…I’m hopeless about maintaining a haircut once I get it.

  3. Miracles says:

    Oh now this is a tough one

  4. judi says:

    Lose 10 pounds? More like 30!

    Good hair days are awesome but good body days…… pricess!

    I was skinny once for like a week. The week my husband met me!!!! He, heee, he!

  5. Carrie Haughey says:

    oooh, toughie…..

    I think I will have to go with losing 10 pounds.

    I love a good haircut, but they usually require maitinence and I am just to lazy to maintain it. If I could finally lose 10 pounds… I would work so hard to keep it there or lower!!

  6. cindy b. says:

    Man…this is a tough one. My first thought was “lose 10 pounds” and then I thought, “I’m having serious weight issues lately and 10 pounds would be GREAT?!! And then I thought, “I’m having serious hair issues lately and a great haircut would be wonderful!!” And then I thought, “I can gain 10 pounds with PMS!” And then I thought, “I need some kind of STYLE with my hair!” And then I thought, “losing 10 pounds would at least be a jump start to the tonnage I NEED to lose.” And then I thought, “I can put my hair in a ponytail for another month or so.” … GIVE ME THE 10 POUND WEIGHT LOSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-)

  7. Diane says:

    Lose 10 pounds! I have a head of curly, corkscrew hair that I am finally coming to accept.

  8. Sarah Markley says:

    10 lbs – for sure

  9. Kristen Borland says:

    oh dear. i’d rather lose 10 lbs!

  10. Joy says:

    totally lose 10 lbs! see my blog later today. :)

  11. Jacquelyn says:

    Can I choose 5lbs and a decent haircut?

  12. Tayasmama says:

    Lose 10 pounds!!! You can always wear a hat 😉

  13. june august says:

    I was going to say “Lose 10 pounds!” but then noticed everyone else did, so… I’ll go with the good haircut just to be different 😀

  14. Ani says:

    my hair looks the same no matter what, so hands down – lose 10 pounds!!!!!

  15. Jennifer says:

    lose 10 pounds, hands down!

  16. rita says:

    Lose 10 pounds!

  17. erika says:

    I know I’m not remembering ALL the details, but I do remember a survey I read in (People magazine?) about a year ago. ANYWAY, one of the questions in the survey was, “Would you rather have a MILLION DOLLARS or lose 20 pounds”……… I THINK.. I’m not absolutely CERTAIN on the dollar amount and weight loss. BUT, I can remember reading it, and seeing that more people would rather lose NOT THAT MUCH weight verses a HUGE sum of money, and I was really struck that there were so many people who REALLY wanted to be thinner. Anyway, my point is you can buy a good haircut.. weight loss usually means larger sacrifice … may not be a fair comparison…….Unless you are one of those more rare naturally thin individuals. Listen to me ramble! And yes, I vote 10 pounds :)

  18. Miracles says:

    Okay I thought long and hard. Good hair would be more important. I have lots of clothes that hide very well. I don’t however own any hats.

  19. Kate says:

    loose 10 pounds for sure!

  20. Robin says:

    Haircut for sure. Sorry to be the odd one out.

  21. Stephanie says:

    10 lbs–again and again and again….

  22. Lara says:

    Get an amazing haircut! I’ve been longing for an amazing haircut for so long. Why does it have to be so difficult to look cute? I’m seriously lamenting. *sigh*

    p.s. these little “would you rather” things that you do are really fun. =)

  23. baby james says:

    Lose 10lbs. for sure.

  24. Rojas' says:

    I think a haircut – what good would 10 lbs less be if you looked like a worn out rag mop???? hummmm, I think I need a haircut soon. Shannon

  25. Denise says:

    GREAT HAIR CUT! Not that I wouldn’t want to lose a little here and there (mostly there), but a great hair style always makes me feel pretty. Besides all the mirrors in my casa begin at the waist, I can avoid seeing what is there:-)

  26. DawnMarie says:

    Lose 10 pounds. I can work with a nice ponytail. I cannot however, work with this small belly that just won’t seem to go away. I never have given birth, so I don’t even have an excuse.

  27. Ellen says:

    Honestly, I’m pretty happy with my hairstylist and I don’t really want to lose 10 pounds. What I would like is to have a firmer stomach and a make-over. Someone to show me new hairstyles and makeup!

  28. SumoSquirrell says:


    Ask me something hard.

    Lose 10 lbs.

    I already have the amazing h/c 😉

  29. Jeannett Gibson says:

    Can I vote for losing 30 pounds???

  30. Anonymous says:

    i actually 10 pounds to go! and i’m actually liking my haircut these days !

  31. KJ says:

    Actually I have 20 left to go! Even though Scarlett is 4 weeks old on Tues. I am soooo ready to get back into shape! I can’t wait to start playing soccer in Sept. I can’t stand having extra weight on me even though I know, I know, I do have an excuse! I don’t like excuses! So needless to say, my hair could look horrible and I’d rather lose the weight!

  32. Alina says:

    I say lose 10lbs, because I usually only keep the new haircut styles for like 1 week and then I just let it air dry :(

  33. Kell says:

    Really tough because I am never happy with my hair but recently it is not bothering me too much soooo def 10lbs although I have lost a few recently so another 10lb would be ace!

  34. Liz Moss says:

    I’d go for the haircut especially if it included the perfect color.

  35. Shawna says:

    Well I just got a great haircut, but it would look even better on me if I lost 10lbs! So how’s that for an answer LOL!

  36. ROBYN says:

    A good haircut can distract people from seeing your extra chub….HOWEVER, a 10lb. weight loss might distract them from zoning in on your bad hair?? Hmmmm….hair–weight, hair–weight??? Well, Whichever is easier to obtain i guess!!!

  37. Karen says:

    Lose 10 lbs. That was an easy one.

  38. Elaine Bittencourt says:

    Loose 10 pounds!

  39. Anonymous says:

    I would pick to lose 10 pounds!!

  40. rohanknitter says:

    10 pounds, no doubt about it.
    Then I’d only need to loose about 5 more.
    Where do I sign up??

  41. Wendee says:

    This is a no-brainer: Lose 10 lbs!

    A good question for the guys would be would they rather keep the weight off, or keep the hair on? (speaking of themselves, not us! LOL) 😉

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