the other evening at the park, david kept walking (or running rather) away from the play area and matthias would go over to him and lead him back.  although he would fight it a bit, david let matthias hold his hand and guide him back to us.  if david doesn’t want to walk, he’ll just drop to his knees and sit down–so that fact that he cooperated was huge!  i am so glad i was able to capture the moment.

matthias is entering into a new stage of wanting to be helpful with david. it’s so exciting (and sweet) to watch.  we are working hard on ‘being gentle’ when he helps.  david is more and more interested in what matthias is doing and playing.  i love seeing their friendship grow, but i also want to make sure matthias has time to be himself and flourish.


if you are raising kids where one has a disability, i’d love to hear about how you encourage the siblings to love each other/but also have independence.

if you were raised with a sibling who had a disability, i’d love to hear how your parents encouraged each child to be unique.  how much should siblings be expected to help with their disabled brother or sister?