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nobody said wishing was easy.

September 2nd | older posts


i mean, how bad do you really want it??


on my wish list today?


coffee, nice and hot.


some inspiration-maybe a great magazine or a new blog discovery??


energy (at least enough to get through bath time!!)


time to chat, uninterrupted with chrissie.


what’s on your wish list today??

22 Responses

  1. today all i am wishing for is grace. patience. and maybe a few moments of quiet to read another chapter of the book i’m reading. today, i’ll even just be happy with lukewarm coffee.

  2. Corinne says:

    Some chocolate. In any form… but I think we’re all out!
    And a long nap!

  3. Chantelle says:

    All your wishes sound perfect to me, especially the energy and coffee. I was up with my 21 month old from midnight till 6:00am. Its been a rough start to the day.

  4. Jessica says:

    pancakes. grilled cheese. food that doesn’t smell like fish…can you tell I’ve been working in Japan this past month???

  5. oh i am wishing that a fabulous little metal file box will still be at the thrift store by the time i get off work! i tried to buy it last night, but it wasn’t priced yet and couldn’t be sold, much to my dismay

  6. Suzanne says:

    sounds a lot like my wish list. I have a blog you can check out!! I hope mine is as inspiring as yours is to me. I am rather new to the blogging world, but am really enjoying it so far : )

  7. clare says:

    A full nights sleep, someone to tidy my lounge & do all my ironing, my hubby to get home a day early from work & a nice cup of tea in my fave china cup….

  8. Eilidh says:

    I always wish for:
    grace of God tokeep me on the right path
    happy times with my girls
    loving times with my husband
    hot frothy coffee with choc n cinnamon -yum
    I had all today (it is evening in the UK) – we had fun in the wind and rain at Dover castle, I had cuddles with my husband (with coffee in hand) this afternoon whilst girls played,
    A great day all round – shame it has to stop when my BIG girl goes to school for the first time next Monday -eeek!

  9. Eilidh says:

    ps I have your ‘wish’ necklace and love it!

  10. clare says:

    Also wishing my nephew a very happy birthday for tomorrow :)

  11. Holley says:

    Wishing I were in CA hanging out with you and Sarah M! (:

  12. lisa says:

    oh holley that would be so fun!! and vintage modern–i hope you get that metal file box!! fingers crossed!

  13. Kimberly says:

    Wishing all works out on a situation that is taking place
    Wishing to turn over a new leaf and focus on what really is important in life….family
    Wishing I will be able to get more involved with church in the upcoming months
    Wishing I can be the best mother possible to my boys.

  14. Jennifer says:

    Not really a wish…but a prayer for baby John (15 weeks old and having surgery Friday in Detroit Children’s Hospital to remove an 8cm tumor in his right kidney) Please pray for him.

  15. Robbin says:

    Wishing I had my friends near.
    Wishing I had a job…still looking.
    Wishing to get more involved with the church we are considering committing to…at least start.
    Wishing I knew this area better and felt more comfortable.

    And these things take time to get used to, to put time towards and to let God show you where He wants you. Still waiting and watching.

  16. Linda says:

    I have a picture of my one year old doing the same thing…I just love it! Wishing I could hold my husband today! He’s serving in the middle east and I will be there when he comes home. Wishing this year will FLY by! Wishing my 1 year old will remember his Daddy and Mommy!! :( Wishing my 10 year old will stay strong!

  17. Sherry says:

    Oh lovely photos!! and I love what you are wishing for when you wrote this..

    I am wishing that I find a great magazine today that will just fill my mind with joy and happiness, and I’m wishing that my 17 year old will get out of bed and go with me to run an errand we need to run (for him) without too much fuss (okay, that one should really be a prayer and not a wish!!!).

    Lovely blog–I read (in)courage but I really found you through Deidra!!

  18. Suzanne says:

    thanks for checking out my blog!

    XO, Suzanne

  19. Peggy says:

    On my wish list today… reading the booklet that came with my camera so that I can learn to take better pictures, getting past my writer’s block to figure out what I next want to post on my blog, and as an earlier post mentioned, chocolate….always chocolate! Isn’t that what makes the world go round??? Thanks for a wonderfully written blog, Lisa. And I just realized I need to go back and list your website on my blog post that shows a picture of the necklace made by you!! Hugs, Peggy

  20. JD in Canada says:

    Wishing to keep faith in God’s daily bread… not an abundance of bread, not a lifetime supply, just enough for today.

    In fact, that’s my wish… Wishing for “enough”… Enough patience, love, hope, energey, chocolate, food, work, giving… just enough of what we need. No more, no less.

  21. Jennifer says:

    I’m wishing I would have found your blog MUCH sooner! I can’t wait to have more time to read more about you and your family.

    My wish list:
    *My little ones were not sick.
    *Wish my sister were closer to home. Living away makes it hard to see her go after a long weekend visit.
    *I could stay more dedicated & focused on losing weight!!!!

  22. Bethany says:

    Well, I found your blog through Bring the Rain and I’m a few days late but…

    *I wish my children would go to bed so they can get up bright and early for their (long overdue) first day at school tomorrow!
    *I wish I could afford to go to grad school.
    *I wish I had a different work schedule so I could see my kids more.
    *I wish I had a Butterfinger latte and a triple chocolate frosted brownie – and that they were ZERO calories. =)
    *Oh yeah, and I wish I had a quarter for every time I’ve heard, “s/he’s touching me!,” “are we there yet?,” “why do I have to?,” “so-and-so’s mom let’s them!,” “I hate you!,” “you’re mean!,” “that’s not fair!” and “but mo-ooom!” over the past 11 weeks! I’d be filthy rich.

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