Most of us are on a budget, right? {meaningful necklace announcement!}

You asked and we listened! Most of us are on a budget, right? Things are tight and we’re watching every penny. But we still want to be able to buy that special gift for a friend who is celebrating their birthday, or who is bringing home a new baby. And we want to have a meaningful necklace hung close to our heart, with our kids’ names on it.

I’ve got good news, friends! We are launching a pewter line that coordinates with our sterling line. Our fine pewter feels like sterling and it wears like sterling {except it doesn’t tarnish}. Each piece is hand-cast and hand-stamped with your special names or phrase. They are handcrafted and seriously gorgeous–and they are AFFORDABLE. Which makes my heart very very happy. And I bet it will make your heart happy too!

I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but the cost of sterling has tripled over the last couple years–so while we have to raise our sterling prices, we are thrilled to offer a parallel line of custom, pewter pieces at very reasonable price points. Check it out…

This is the new itty bitty hearts necklace, hand-cast in fine pewter and so sweet. Only $46.

Our updated jumble of charms necklace–it’s hand-cast and full of charm! Starts at only $52.

Here’s my brand new jumble of charms with David and Matthias. Love.

Our tiny squares necklace–updated in cast pewter. Simple and perfect for every day! Only $48

Hope is the thing with Feathers. I love love this quote by Emily Dickinson. Only $48

I pretty much wear the molded heart bracelet on my wrist every day. Now cast in pewter, it can be yours for only $68.

Can I tell you in all humility how excited I was when I finished drawing this crest for our petite crest necklace? And now the petite crest is updated in hand-cast pewter. So much texture! Only $42

The open circle has been one of our best sellers for the last 3 years. Now in hand-cast pewter it’s only $58.

The dewdrops necklace was one of our first cast pieces. Gorgeous! Now in fine pewter it’s only $58.

The vintage frames necklace is now hand-cast and better than ever! You’ll find it here for only $46

Are you excited? And this week {just to make it THAT much sweeter} you can get free shipping. Use code pewterlove at checkout for free standard shipping on any order. Offer expires Friday, March 16th at midnight PST. Click here to see all of our new pewter pieces!


  1. I love your jewelry, it’s so gorgeous and unique! I’m just curious though, did the price of your sterling pieces go up recently? Some of your pieces seem a bit pricier than they used to be.

  2. I’m so happy to see this new line! There are so many things I love in your sterling line, but my wallet doesn’t let me get them. Love to have a lower-priced option!

  3. Hi, I’m new to following your blog 🙂 I just love your work & this new pewter line is beautiful!

  4. how exciting! just double checking about pewter’s safety as i’m not as familiar w/pewter … i’m assuming that this is lead free and non-toxic, right? hope you don’t think i’m crazy for asking …

    as always, love your designs!

  5. Would you ever consider adding a puppy paw to your Jumble of Charms necklace? My husband and I are unable to have kids, so our Golden Retrievers are our babies! I would order that in a heartbeat if you had a charm with a puppy paw on it. PLEASE wont you consider? Love your blog!

  6. I literally gasped with excitement when I saw that you’re offering the “hope is the thing with feathers” necklace in pewter!

    I’m wondering the same thing as Lori-Anne, does the code work for Canada too? And can we use the 15% off from the newsletter with the code?

    1. hi amanda! email customer service and they can help you! customer service at lisa leonard dot com! xo

  7. Love these Lisa! I’ve been wishing for one for some time and now know I’ll choose pewter! Please consider as on the “dewdrops” necklace more stone options versus pearls and a heart. I’m a “heart” gal…and would love that with a “sea colored stone”. Thank you so much!!

  8. Hi Lisa, I’m so excited about the new pewter line! I just opened an account to buy the Be Still necklace, which I have been lusting after for more than a year! But the pewterlove code isn’t working. Is it free shipping to outside the U.S. (i.e. Canada) too?

  9. I have always admired your work and secretly wished…I don’t usually buy for my self…but these are more resonable for me to ask for!

  10. Hello I love the new line! I want to buy the jumble of charms necklace but I see you don’t offer paypal (that is my extra spending money) How can I purchase these? Thanks

    1. hi cerrisse! email customer service and see if they have any creative ideas! customer service at lisa leonard dot com. xo

  11. Love all of these beautiful pieces! Thank you for being so thoughtful as to bring out a more cost effective line! I’ll be dropping some major hints to Hubby! 🙂

  12. I am afraid that the metal will lose their color witht he past of the time and get ugly. Is that possible to happen?

    1. Hi Betty! The charms are solid pewter and will never lose their color. The plated chains will eventually lose some of their shine, but can be replaced at a very reasonable cost.

    1. Amy, I think it’s just in the US–but you can double check at customer service at lisa leonard online dot com. Hugs!!

  13. Awesome news! Have one of these on my wish list with the hubby! BTW I have the same copy of Little Women which is my all time favorite book! My original copy was destroyed when we had a fire in my house when I was 19….later at a library book sale my little brother saw the book and got it for me for 25 cents! So it is now double special to me!

  14. Love love love!!!! The bracelet is my favorite piece—and I think it will just need to be a little gift to myself!! Thanks so much for this budget-friendly line. I love pewter!!

  15. I won one of your giveaways a few weeks ago and just got my ‘banner of love’ necklace. I love the sheen and weight of the pewter! I also love the new prices. Thank you very much!

  16. 🙂

    This just makes me happy, Lisa; it really is a win-win decision. Your business will grow out of your concern to offer your WONDERFUL products at a more affordable price.

    You’re one smart cookie, ya know??


  17. That’s awesome! Gets me that much closer to being able to afford one! Have to start saving my pennies now! 😉

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